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1936 Austin 7 Supercharged Special Mk3 Serial Number 006


Lead photograph of 1936 Austin 7 Supercharged Special Mk3 Serial Number 006


Make   Austin Model   7 Supercharged Special Mk3
Year   1936 Serial #   006
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type    Supercharged flathead 4 Chassis Type    Wragg Special
Build Sequence #   6th Number Built   12
Body Type   Grand Prix single seater Body Builder   Wragg
First Owner   Sutton family Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   California


1936 Austin 7 Supercharged Special Mk3 s/n 006, the best priced vintage Grand Prix car and best priced entry into the driver’s seat at the Monterey Historics or the Wine Country Classic you’ll ever get! As the 6th of 12 Austin Special racers built by Alan Wragg of Sherwood Restorations, Nottinghamshire, England, Austin 7 Special s/n 006 has a massive race history. Originally owned by the Sutton family, s/n 006 was built by Wragg in 1984-86 and was very actively raced in England, Holland, Belgium and France before coming to California in 1994. As a California-based racer, s/n 006 has been faithfully run at the Monterey Historics, the Wine Country Classics and virtually every well-known California track for well over two decades. As a Mk3 Supercharged Special, s/n 006 was built to replicate the original 1930s Austin works racers. S/n 006 features a rebuilt and updated supercharged engine by Tom Colby of Speedwell Engineering and has been serviced and maintained through over two decades of continuous vintage racing in California. It features a forged crankshaft, full pressure lubrication system, hydraulic brakes with stainless steel lines and a 4-speed transmission. Its prior exploits include many races in England at such famous places as Brooklands, Silverstone, Oulton Park, Wiscombe Park and Brighton and has been extensively proven in competition at both the Monterey Historics and the Wine Country Classic. Many of the numerous scrutineering tags and stickers are still on the dash and windscreen. Each Special is unique: a singular variation based on the vision and skill of its specific builder, and the Mk3 Specials built by Alan Wragg of Sherwood Restorations were amongst the best built, best known and fastest. Needless to say, s/n 006 is extremely well sorted, and has a well-documented, well known and very detailed ownership and maintenance history. As a well-known car on the west Coast Vintage Racing circuit, Austin 7 Special s/n 006 has been featured on the cover of The Vintage Voice and the Wine Country Classic Magazines.

Cosmetically, the car is in extremely nice condition and very “period correct”. The body and paint are very nice for a car that is actively raced. The suspension is detailed and well sorted. The tires are period Dunlop Racing items, and the Brooklands windscreen adds a nice touch. The interior is tidy and clean, with all the right gauges and an easy to read tachometer. The dashboard is engine-turned aluminum and s/n 006 has all the right look and feel of its correct vintage, nicely set off with a large period correct 4-spoke steering wheel. The interior is surprisingly roomy, with more than enough space for the average sized pilot. The supercharged engine has had decades of competition preparation, yet the entire car has the feel of mechanical simplicity, affordability and offers a user-friendly driving experience. Even better, s/n 006 comes with a complete spare race engine and supercharger. Austin 7 Supercharged Special Mk3 s/n 006 is well proven and is entered and accepted into the 2017 Monterey Historic races where it will run against far much more expensive machinery. Thanks to its light weight and diminutive size, it is surprisingly competitive and grin-inducing, for both driver and spectators.


1984 July – 1986 Apr., serviced by Sherwood Restorations. Completely disassemble and rebuild body, paint car, rebuild front and rear axles, modify rear cross member, make parts for braking system, modify steering and gear change, alter steering ratio. Total invoice £12,239.51.

1988, 23 Feb., serviced by Richard Hutchings Ltd., Automobile engineering. Work on Austin single seat race car gear change, clutch pedal, front axle, steering, shock absorbers, etc. up to 21/2/88. Total invoice: £116.00.

1988, 24 Apr., serviced by Richard Hutchings Ltd., Automobile engineering. Work on Austin single seat race car from 22/3/88-21/4/88. Total invoice: £264.70.

1988, 22 June, serviced by Richard Hutchings Ltd., Automobile engineering. Work on Austin single seat race car from 22/5/88-21/6/88. Total invoice: £76.00.

1988, 22 July, serviced by Richard Hutchings Ltd., Automobile engineering. Work on Austin single seat race car from 22/6/88-21/7/88. Total invoice: £174.35.

1990, 22 Jan., serviced by Richard Hutchings Ltd., Automobile engineering. Work on Austin 7 single seat racecar up to 21/1/90. Total invoice: £126.00.

1990, 22 Mar., serviced by Richard Hutchings Ltd., Automobile engineering. Work on Austin single seat race car from 22/2/90-21/3/90. Total invoice: £594.42.

1990, 30 Mar., serviced by Richard Hutchings Ltd., Automobile engineering. Spray to nose, o/s panel and lower tail, nickle-plate gear change and rear shock parts. Total invoice: £350.35.

1990 August, parts purchased from Austin Seven Services. High compression head gasket, manifold gasket, top water gasket. Total invoice: £63.00.

1990, 30 Aug., application for Carnet De Passage, countries to be visited: France, Belgium, Holland.

1990, 21 Oct., supercharged A7 crankcase, block and cylinder head purchased from Aspirations. Total invoice: £1,600.00.

1991, 28 Mar., serviced by Rees Bros Car Restoration. Track test car upon arrival to improve poor running and investigate gear change problems, remove engine and gearbox, re-engineer remote change and clutch toggle, track test, piston picked up during test, strip top end of engine, fit new pistons and hone bores, track test again, big end fails during test, remove engine and box and rebuild bottom end with re-ground crank, trued rods, ground cam bearings and numerous other problems relating to engine and oiling systems, track test again. Total invoice: £3,527.44.

1991, 28 May, serviced by Linstone Classics. Collect supercharged engine from Richard Hutchins, remove original engine and gearbox, strip engine for diagnosis of lack of oil pressure, check main bearing, found to be oval, make special flywheel puller, remove rear body panel, remove fuel tank, fit larger fuel feed connections, run new 3/8″ diameter copper fuel lines, rebuild selector mechanism in gearbox including enlarged stud fixings on lid of gearbox, fabrication of additional steady plate, fabricate new induction manifold. Total invoice: £808.00.

1991, 24 July, fitting supercharged engine, re-line clutch with iron lining, make clutch pressure plate spacers, cut out existing engine mounting bolts and drill mountings for re-positioned engine mounts, prop shaft shortened by half an inch, new radiator manufactured, re-make top water manifold, fit engine and gearbox to chassis including realigning gearbox bolt holes.

1991, 09 Sept., serviced by Linstone Classics. Rebuild carburetor including new spindle and seals, fit boost gauge with mounting bracket and manifold connection, fettle blower manifold to fit engine and fit new cap head screws, make and fit new rear exhaust pipe support, fit rev counter cable with temporary rev counter, fit new oil lines to timing gear and front bearing housing, fit ignition switch and wiring to magneto, refit engine side panels with support brackets for front straps. Total invoice: £480.72.

1991, 09 Sept., serviced by Linstone Classics. Transport car to and from Mallory Park Race Circuit. Total invoice: £483.84.

1991, 17 Sept., serviced by Linstone Classics. Hire of Defense Research Agency test track on 23 August 1991. Total invoice: £124.88.

1991, 24 Sept., serviced by Linstone Classics. Hire of Defense Research Agency test track. Total invoice: £40.97.

1991, 27 Sept., serviced by Linstone Classics. Build up center main bearing housing and have checked for alignment and line bore by specialist, re-assemble crankshaft in crankcase with new shell bearing, re-assemble rest of engine, check compression ratio. Total invoice: £389.75.

1991, 15 Nov., serviced by Linstone Classics. Supply and fit second hand clutch assembly, fit engine/gearbox to chassis with new engine bolts and mountings, make new water header to suit new radiator, supply and fit new top and bottom radiator hoses, supply and fit new oil filter, make new exhaust/inlet manifold, re-fit body side panels. Total invoice: £733.05.

1992, 17 Feb., serviced by Linstone Classics. Fit new exhaust manifold and carburetor, run engine, remove flywheel cover, cut hole for timing mark, check gear ratios, run car with cooling fan, adjust ignition timing and carbs, check oil pressure with new gauge, fit boost gauge in panel, raised steering column, fitted rain warning light and switch, change jets and test run. Total invoice: £457.07.

1992, 23 Mar., serviced by Linstone Classics. Hire of test track on Feb 18, 1992. Total invoice: £99.88.

1992, 23 Mar., serviced by Linstone Classics. Fabricate inlet manifold for single 1-1/4″ SU carburetor for normally aspirated Austin 7 engine, fit new throttle cable, supply SU carburetor correctly jetted, set up and road test. Total invoice: £189.17.

1992, 24 Mar., serviced by Linstone Classics. Strip engine, machine gear to fit camshaft and make spacer, cut keyway to make key for camshaft gear, lapped flywheel to crankshaft taper and make special washer, machine end of crank to clear clutch, machine back of flywheel to clear rear oil seal and main bearing, re-tap cylinder block to replace stripped head bolt, make new key for locating flywheel, machine bolts on bearing carrier behind flywheel, machine bolts behind crankshaft gear, check crankshaft and bearings, weld damaged timing gear cover, clean all machine surfaces and reassemble engine. Total invoice: £1,015.79.

1992, 29 Mar., raced by Julian Sutton at Mallory Park, organized by the 750 Motor club.

1992, 31 Mar., serviced by Linstone Classics. Delivery of car to Richmond, attendance at Mallory Park on 29 March. Total invoice: £127.48.

1992, 23 Apr., serviced by Linstone Classics. Attendance at race circuit, preparation for Rotherham. Total invoice: £170.08.

1992, 22 Dec., serviced by Linstone Classics. Dismantle front axle radius arms, remove existing locating dowels, machined and fitted offset dowels to increase caster action, re-bushed distributor and reset timing, fitted SU carburetor and manifold. Total invoice: £944.00.

1994, 10 Mar., purchased non-stocked gauge to recondition own gauge from Cox and Buxkles Spares. Total invoice: £50.53.

1994, 11 May, purchased starter motor from Holmesdale Sevens. Total invoice: £37.20.

1994, 13 July, purchased by Mr. Richard Dorris from Memorable Motorcars, Porters in Kensington.

1994, 31 Aug., shipped by Cosdel International from England to California. Total invoice: $625.00.

1994, 18–20 Nov., raced at the Palm Springs Chrysler Grand Prix.

2000, 08 May, serviced by Don Rawson, Vintage Car Engineer. Start work building Austin 7 supercharged engine, sort out suitable crank case, clean, reconstitute all threads, fitting helicoils as required, sandblast crank case, sort out cylinder block and re-bore to size, carry out major machining of flywheel and clutch cover to lighten whole assembly, machine off damaged ring gear, lap flywheel onto crank shaft and send flywheel, crank, and clutch cover out for balancing. Total invoice: $1,830.

2000, 22 May, serviced by Don Rawson, Vintage Car Engineer. Work to cylinder block, drill out all broken studs and reconstitute all threads fitting helicoils as required, thoroughly clean block and skim. Total invoice: $526.00.

2000, 06 July, serviced by Don Rawson, Vintage Car Engineer. Modern high pressure oil pump, supercharger, clutch toggles, set timing case covers, supercharger drive shaft, fenner drive coupling, 15t s/c steel gear drive, 20t mag coupling, set steel timing gears, nosepiece complete, supercharger mounting brackets. Total invoice: $1,689.00.

2002, 20 Nov., parts purchased from Specialized Automobile Services. 2 5X15 steel rims fitted to S/h A7 centres, 36 5/7 swg. Total invoice: £406.00.

2002, 09 Dec., four new tires and four new tubes purchased from Roger Kraus Tires, Inc. Total invoice: $1,258.08.

2002, 12 Dec., 2 wheels mounted by Valley Wire Wheel Service. Total invoice: $30.00.

2003, 16 Jan., serviced by Specialized Automobile Services. Fit new 5X15 rims to A7 centres carriage. Total invoice: £410.00.

2003, this Austin 7 Special was on the cover of The Vintage Voice, Vol. 29 No 2.

2003, 27 Mar., serviced at Honest Engine. Remove old oil filter mount and fabricate new. Total invoice: $267.00.

2003, 28 May, serviced at Honest Engine. Race prep car for Wine and Country classic race. Change engine oil and filter, upgrade oil pump, repair hand brake case, replace battery. Total invoice: $716.39.

2003, 24 Aug., serviced at Honest Engine. Rebuild engine, rebuild water pump, machine heads, repair supercharger, drive gear mod. Total invoice: $13,997.73.

2003, 07 Sept., purchased vintage Austin 7 engine parts from Rawson and Rawson Motorsport. Total invoice: £857.00.

2004, 28 Apr., serviced at Honest Engine. Change oil, re-plate blower, Dyno car. About 35 hp. Total invoice: $788.09.

2004, 28 July, serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Compression test and leak down, r/r carb, replace worn throttle shaft, replace ignition coil, replace plastic line for boost gauge near exhaust with copper line. Total invoice: $670.45.

2004, 03 Aug., Dynotested by Evanspeed, Mobile Chassis Dynamometer service. Total invoice: $520.00.

2005, 28 Mar., serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Disassembled front suspension, remove and sandblast front spindles for magnaflux, welded left wheel stud, replace copper cyl. to brake lines, sandblast and paint front brake back plates, inspect rear brakes, lube all steering box and steering related items, reassemble suspension, adjust and bleed brakes. Total invoice: $1,796.51.

2006, 04 Apr., serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Machine new reverse lockout device, disassemble front suspension and brakes, machine new upper and lower locating pins, ream spindles to fit, disassemble steering arms and clean out debris, weld the new lower pins to steering arms, hawket battery, remove right rear bearing hub and inspect, make new felt seal, reassemble, add oil to diff, electroless nickel-plating of left and right hand steering arms and special bolt, re-assemble front suspension, set toe in, replace tranny oil, run engine, add anti leak. Total invoice: $3,796.83.

2006, 04 June, this Austin 7 special was on the cover of Jaguar Wine Country Classic Magazine.

2006, 12 May, serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Replace battery, replace bearing sealed type for driveshaft torque tube, ignition condenser, repair damaged oil drain plug, change oil and filter, re-phase distributor to keep condenser from hitting body, make new plug wire. Total invoice: $2,311.60.

2006, 04 June, this Austin 7 special was on the cover of Jaguar Wine Country Classic Magazine.

2006, 26 June, serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Gears for distributor drive, bearing for pinion shaft, compression test, remove distributor and drive assembly for inspection, match new gears to fit dist. drive casing, assemble rotor, points, condenser, and low tension lead, re-install, set timing, replace worn or missing nut inserts for body panels and replace all 10-32 body panel screws, fabricate and install throttle pedal shield to prevent sticking, install felt strips for hood to nose cone. Total invoice: $2,491.19.

2006, 17 Aug., four new tires and four new tubes purchased from Roger Kraus Tires, Inc. Total invoice: $1,151.26.

2007, 20 Aug., machine parts for rear shocks and mounts, assemble rear shocks and install, remove axle hub to repair right rear axle leak, reseal and reassemble, rebuild master cylinder, brake plumbing work, brake pedal conversion, adjust pedals, rebuild all four front wheel cylinders, bleed, reassemble, replace battery, repair fuel shut off valve. Total invoice: $8,570.18.

2007, 26 Oct., serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Remove grill shell to allow disassembly of front springs and shocks, clean and sandblast cracked front shock mount/re-inforce with thicker material, clean and re-assemble front shocks, re-fit radiator, made new radiator fan mount brackets, install side panels, grill shell, hood. Total invoice: $1,628.29.

2008, 16 May, serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Pre-race check over, change oil and filter, make collars for engine cover hold down screws, drill brake adjustment holes in rear brake drums as per front drums, check and adjust brakes, check fuel filter, repair shift tower extension stud that is stripped, torque wheels, safety wire engine oil drain plug. Total invoice: $677.62.

2008, 23 May, serviced by Pico Wheel Service Inc. remove tire and repair bent rims as needed. Tune and true wheels, remount tires, re-tape and computer balance. Total invoice: $540.00.

2008, 29 July, serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Check over car for Monterey, steering idler support casting worked loose, remove drill and tap extra hole for added rigidity, adjust brakes, check trans fluid, points set to .014, fabricate two new missing spacers for left side engine cover, remove exhaust, remove broken stud, fabricate new stud and reassemble. Total invoice: $621.24.

2008, 01 Aug., serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Uncrate engine, start partial disassembly to find cause of seizing, remove head and cylinders, pistons and rods, blown head gasket. Total invoice: $640.00.

2009, 11 Mar., serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Nickel-plate exhaust pipe, fabricate new reverse lockout mechanism, check over car, compression and leak down test, change engine oil and filter, change transmission oil. Total invoice: $1,210.15.

2009, 08 Apr., serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Remove supercharger, magneto assemblies. Total invoice: $510.00.

2009, 09 May, serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Remove engine to inspect for water leak, stud broken on rear of cylinders at block jointing, inspect clutch, replace clutch bolts, repair/weld broken spot welds on sheet metal brace between front frame rails, machine proper spacers for engine mounting between block and frame mounting tabs, replace front and rear freeze plugs, repair stripped-out threads that hold aluminum side to water outlet on cylinder block, repair coolant catch tank, re-install engine, make new mounting for rear catch tank, make new delrin washers and oddball pieces to help prevent side body panels from tearing apart, install hood, re-solder boost gauge fitting on inlet manifold. Total invoice: $2,878.87.

2010, 02 May, serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Pre-race check over, change oil and filter, replace fuel filter. Total invoice: $542.89.

2010, 07 May, serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Check for oil and coolant leaks, pressure test and PNG test cooling system, re-epoxy front timing gear chest, strengthen torn up cowl on right side, change engine oil and filter. Total invoice: $862.73.

2010, 17 Aug., serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Disassemble front suspension, strip nickel from st. arms, magnaflux front spindles, remove broken steering arm off car while on trailer, weld, re-install to get car off trailer, remove left and right front spindles and brakes, inspect components, take steering arms to VN plating for nickel-plating removal, take spindles and kingpins to Lee for magnaflux, repair broken and bent fins on left front brake drum, check bottom of car for damage, check brake fluid level and linkages, reassemble car and set toe in. Total invoice: $3,320.00.

2010, 07 Sept., serviced by Pico Wheel Service Inc. 15X5 30 spoke Austin 7 bolt on 3 hole wire wheels, remove tires, tune and true wheels, re-mount tire and balance front bolt pattern, re-tape spoke ends, strip and repaint wheels. Total invoice: $908.75.

2010, 04 Nov., serviced by Speedwell Engineering. JE custom pistons/wristpins/piston rings/wristpin bottom idler gear, roller bearing, water pump shaft inside timing gear chest, surface cylinder head, bore/hone cylinders, valve job, repair main stud threads on piston liner block, resurface tappets, remove camshaft and oil pump, re-attach timing chest to main block, check/measuring gear mesh of all gears in timing chest, check clearance of piston-to-bore. Total invoice: $4,724.26.

2010, 22 Nov., parts purchased from Austin 7 Club Spares. Total invoice: $383.69.

2011, 10 May, serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Remove steering box and inspect, right front radius arm bent, remove/straighten/reinstall, re-assemble steering box using a fresh 120 degree section of worm gear sector per Austin 7 manual, hand lap gears, re-shim steering gears, set clearances, clean and reassemble, steering box binds at various mounting locations, modify areas to remove bind, repair crack on left hand side steel panel to frame rail, machine spacer for steering wheel hub, disassemble and re-shim left hand steering ball joint, make thicker shim for steering box mount pillow joint, perform leak down test, approximately 23% on all four cylinders. Total invoice: $3,527.44.

2012, 21 Dec., serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Remove engine and disassemble, take cylinder assembly to machine shop for honing and valve job, clean ancillary engine parts, prep and paint pieces, timing gear bearings and water pump seal research and assembly, seal timing chest shaft to blower, clean and paint cylinder assembly, fabricate new side cover knobs, assemble cylinder block to crank case, drop off and pick up connecting rods, install rods and pistons to engine, install all new timing gear bearings and seals, resize connecting rod big ends, adjust valves, inspect, clean and install oil pick-up and oil pan, distributor coil assembly and head studs, finish engine assembly, install cylinder head, make new oil lines for oil filter assembly, install engine, starter motor threads stripped in bellhousing, remove engine and install helicoils, re-install engine, disassemble distributor drive and re-shim assembly, set timing, fabricate new fuel line, install radiator. Total invoice: $10,073.25.

2013, 23 May, serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Check over braking system, adjust brakes, polish exhaust pipe, nickel plate exhaust header and inlet manifold, modify supercharger bracket to allow re-installation with engine in car, install supercharger, intake system, and exhaust system, replace battery, reassemble and install nose, side panels, replace ignition battery, fabricate hold down brackets for new electric cooling fan battery, fabricate and weld exhaust pipe bolt tab that had cracked, install assorted rubber plugs to cover various open holes. Total invoice: $3,667.76.

2014, 28 Oct., purchased by current owner from Dick Cup.

2015, 12 Jan., serviced by Speedwell Engineering. Remove and disassemble engine, machine and hone cylinders, perform valve job, fit new/used valve springs, mount and align new pistons to connecting rods, surface cylinder head, magnaflux block, change oil and filter, make plug wire set, clean out carb. Total invoice: $5,416.57.

2015, 15 Aug., participated in the pre-1940 sports racing at Laguna Seca Raceway, Monterey Historics.

2017, 14 Apr., serviced by Enzo Motors. Repair third and fourth gear. Total invoice: $5,865.00.

2017, May, on consignment with Ferraris-online LLC.

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