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1965 Ford GT40 Serial Number 1083


Lead photograph of 1965 Ford GT40 Serial Number 1083


Make   Ford Model   GT40
Year   1969 Serial #   1083
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   289 Westlake Chassis Type   F.A.V
Build Sequence #    Number Built   84th of 87 built
Body Type   Coupe Body Builder   Ford, England
First Owner   C.A.I. Team, Brazil Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   Yes Current Location   


As per Ford Advanced Vehicles, First customer, Colegio Arte e Instrucao Team, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (c/o MRE). Carnival red. Black trim. Race specification with lightweight roof. 67/25 Gurney–headed 289 engine. NR1009 ZF 5–speed with 4.22:1 FD (+ I ratios). JWAE (BRM) 10 in. and 12 in. wheels. Firestone 10.20 and 12.20 tires.


1083 was originally built for a West German customer and scheduled for delivery in early May. However, the customer defaulted after buying a Porsche and 1083 then became the only GT40 to be advertised for sale new by the works, through Motor Racing Enterprises Ltd in nearby Bourne End.

1969, 02 May, tested at Truxton by David Hobbs. 1969, 01 July, To Royal Victoria Docks.

1969, October, sold to the CAI Team in Rio De Janeiro, owned by Sidney Cardoso. Probably raced in Brazil, 1970, 1971, but… no records exist.

1971, sold to Brazilian racing driver Wilson Fittipaldi, who modified it for intended use as a road car and then stored it for many years.

1982, 26 May, bought through Wilson’s brother Emerson by Adrian Hamilton in England, on behalf of George Stauffer in Wisconsin, USA. Then shipped direct to America.

1982, George Stauffer raced the car in the historic series in America, giving its engine and suspension a rebuild in mid–season.

1983–1984, it was given a thorough restoration by Jeff Simes in Wisconsin. Jeff worked for George Stauffer.

1992, early, from George Stauffer to current owner. Then a nice older restoration. Raced by current owner in many vintage events between 1992 and end of 1995.

1995, late, sent to Bob Ash, the American GT 40 expert, for a total “tub” rebuild. Well documented in photo album from Bob Ash. Motor done by Kinetics, Livonia, Michigan. Dyno sheets show app. 525 hp. Paint by Ford Motor Company who was going to use the car in a display with the new GT 90. Paint work done but the car was never shown with the GT 90. The owner’s race shop did the dissassembly, restoration and reassembly.1996, March, restoration completed.

1998, July, current owner closed his race shop.

1999, 29 May, for sale by M. Sheehan in FML, half page ad.

$445,000 o.b.o. This GT 40 is well sorted and race prepared to the highest standards. Fitted with a Ford S.V.O. (Windsor) block, Webers, Westlake heads and dry sump. Has all needed safety updates for vintage racing. Detailed photo album available of tub up restoration. Very fast, needs nothing.

1999, 12 June, for sale by M. Sheehan in FML, same half page ad. See Motorsport, August 1999, page 127 for 1/2 page ad, top of page.

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