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1967 Ford Mustang “Eleanor” Serial Number 102105


Lead photograph of 1967 Ford Mustang “Eleanor” Serial Number 102105


Make   Ford Model   Mustang “Eleanor”
Year   1967 Serial #   102105
Engine #    VIN   7F025230239
Engine Type   Keith Craft 408 cid Chassis Type   
Build Sequence #    Number Built   
Body Type   Convertible Body Builder   Ford
First Owner   First Owner Current Owner   Ferraris Online LLC
Build Sheet   No Current Location   California


1967 Mustang “Eleanor” Restomod s/n 102105, which started life as a 1967 Mustang convertible before the “Eleanor” Restomod updates. Over the last five years s/n 102105 was built without regard to cost and was treated to the best of today’s performance updates, including a Keith Craft 351 Windsor engine bored and stroked to 408 cid with an Eagle steel crank and connecting rods, Victor aluminum heads, all topped off with an intake Edelbrock manifold and an Imagine Injection Products billet machined 8-throat throttle-body induction system, dyno tested by Keith Craft at 500 hp with 475 ft/lbs of torque at the flywheel. Cooling is through a lightweight and highly efficient A1 aluminum radiator and engine oil cooler. Engine management is handled by a Motec 8400 engine management system with dual lambda sensors and a Sakata Motorsports custom wiring system with individual coil pack ignition. Fuel comes from a stainless steel gas tank and all new fuel lines. Power goes through a Tremec TKO 600 5-speed Gear box topped off with a Hurst shift, and power is put to the ground through a Total Control Products push-rod 3-link rear suspension with a Watts link assembly and double-adjustable VariShock coil-over shocks, backed up with a 9″ center-section to control the massive horsepower and torque. Steering is by a Total Control Products rack and pinion power steering conversion which acts as a rigid front reinforcing cross member. The adjustable steering column is also from Total Control Products. The McPherson Strut front suspension is by QA1 Products and the front springs are Eibach. Brakes are Shelby fully vented discs with aluminum calipers and an ABS Systems electric power brake and booster. The power is put to the pavement through 8″ x 17″ front and 9″ x 17″ rear Unique Performance wheels and BF Goodrich G-Force T/A 245/40/ZR 17 91Y front and 275/40 ZR 17 98Y rear tires.

Under-hood accessories include ceramic coated headers, Global West front strut tops and control arms, Concept 1 serpentine brackets and pulleys and a Powermaster alternator and starter. Starting is through a fail-safe dual battery system. The engine bay is stiffened up with a Summit Products cross brace. All new white face gauges are by Shelby and modern A/C keeps the cockpit cool. 1967 Mustang RestoMod s/n 102105 was treated to a rotisserie restoration with all body work, paint work and interior work done by Don Berry Classics to a very high standard. The “Eleanor” body kit is topped off with Hella fog lights, a custom bar grille, hood pins, a Nascar style fuel door, racing seat belts and an integral roll bar. The Motec engine management system, all sorting work, dyno testing on the Dynapack rolling chassis dyno and detail work was done by Rod Drew’s F.A.I. at a cost of $32,909.74. Horsepower at the rear wheels on the Dynapack rolling chassis dyno was an impressive 376.9 hp with 395 ft/lbs of torque at 95 to 113 mph. Registered, titled and plated as an original 1967 Mustang, 1967 Mustang RestoMod s/n 102105 is smog exempt in virtually any state. This car is extremely well sorted, regardless of cost, and has the power and performance Muscle car owners could only dream of when new! Built at a total cost of over $225,000, 1967 Mustang RestoMod s/n 102105 is offered at far below the cost of construction (and also below the cost of just the hard parts).


1967, a standard 1967 289 V8 Mustang convertible.

2005, a 1967 289 V8 Mustang convertible with Don Berry Classics for a full “Eleanor” Restomod update.

2012, 20 June, serviced at Engine power by Performance Associates. Remove intake manifold and check surfaces, resealed with proper gaskets. Replace intake gaskets, upper radiator hose, spark plugs, and coolant. Test crank and cam sync sequence position. Found Hall Effect cam sensor incompatible with management system. Implement MSD Ignition with Hall Effect cam sync and re-calibrate to -1 - +1. After verification of crank and cam sync for sequential COP system, started vehicle with reasonable success. Very hard to start initially, uneven cranking and traces of backfire. Re-sync throttle bodies and re-engineer vacuum support to map sensor. Re-write calibration and re-start. Final sync throttle bodies and prepare for chassis Dyno. Work with cold start issues. Total invoice: $3,950.91.

2012, 14 Dec., serviced at Engine power by Performance Associates. Removed rack and pinion steering assembly, cross member, oil pan assembly and rear main cap. After removing the complete rack and pinion steering assembly to remove oil pan found that engine has a one-piece rear main seal. Found existing oil pan gasket was split causing oil leak around pan rails. Re-assembled with rubber/steel one-piece oil pan gasket. Performed oil and filter change. Eliminate existing toggle switch power circuit for Big Stuff 3. Necessary to fabricate new relay circuit from starter solenoid to ignition switch/P.C.M. switched power. Splice, solder and insulate wiring. Prove out system. Necessary to remove transmission and clutch assembly to properly install one-piece rear main seal. While transmission was out, re-sealed three oil galley plugs in back of engine block. Found bellhousing was too wide, necessary to trim both sides and top in order to re-install without taking the headers off. Cut out exhaust restrictors at tail pipe flanges for better flow and installed new flange gaskets at tail pipes. Re-build and re-seal clutch master cylinder as needed. Corrected ground at fuel pump circuit. Installed fuel pump relay and fuse under dash. Proved system, good. Total invoice: $2,764.77.

2012, 28 Dec., serviced at Glen’s alignment. Oil leak found at rear of engine, possible rear main seal. Remove steering assembly, cross member, oil pan assembly, rear main cap and replace rear main seal. Re-assemble components. Process necessary to facilitate ignition system and powertrain management system to operate using only the ignition switch. Eliminate existing toggle switch power circuit for Big Stuff 3. Necessary to fabricate new relay circuit from starter solenoid to ignition switch/P.C.M. switched power. Splice, solder and insulate wiring. Prove out system. Tachometer is non operable. Run Big Stuff green wire in loom and connect to tachometer. Verify signal is recognized. Replace batteries. Total invoice: $3,578.92.

2013, 03 June, serviced at Gran Prix Tire. Four new tires. Total invoice: $640.

2013, 21 June, serviced at Glen’s alignment. Charge battery and check no start. Check wiring for blown fuses or malfunctioning relay, check harness and computer charge batteries overnight on slow charge. Remove passenger seat and front carpet to remove and fix computer. Total invoice: $3,195.62.

2013, 19 July, serviced at Russo and Steele, LLC. Complete detail and prep, replace both tail lamp lens. Total invoice: $550.00.

2014, 05 Feb., serviced at JGM Automotive Tooling Inc, Motec systems USA. M84 ECU w/ log and single lambda, M84 1-LA UPGR SNGL to dual Lam s/n 29521, M CDL3 MX00 adapter loom. Total invoice: $1,087.40.

2014, 17 Feb., parts purchased at Sakata Motorsport Electronics, Inc., Injector, EV-14:051. Total invoice: $386.54.

2016, 10 Jan., serviced at Francorchamps of America Inc. Remove existing 2005 Big Stuff 3 engine management system system, wire in Motec, remove throttle bodies for rebuild, replace most of the front to rear fuel lines, rebuild throttle bodies, install check valve in fuel system, dyno car, replace brake lines with hard lines, replace master cylinder and electric brake booster, replace broken rear link, pull dash and replace speedo and water temp gauge have Shelby faces transferred, wire car for automatic fans, send out for alignment, install front tower brace, water jet engine compartment plate to expose vin, Replace batteries, find draw behind dash and remove unneeded relays, remove old and install new wiring harness, Labor. Total invoice: $38,659.14.

2016, January, for sale by Ferraris-online LLC.

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