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1970 Dino (Ferrari) 246 GT “L” Serial Number 00744


Lead photograph of 1970 Dino (Ferrari) 246 GT “L” Serial Number 00744


Make   Dino (Ferrari) Model   246 GT Model L
Year   1970 Serial #   00744
Engine #   000.5506 VIN   
Engine Type   236 E Chassis Type   607 L
Build Sequence #    Number Built   358
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   Italy Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Canada


1970 Dino (Ferrari) 246 GT “L” Model s/n 00744, a proven Platinum winning Euro model 246 GT. The “L” models feature unique body features including knock-off wheels, alloy door skins, outside door locks in the recessed air scoop, a lockable trunk button on the rear lid and door opening lights. Has a known ownership history from the day it was built on April, 1970. Restored in its original Blue Chiaro mettalizato (Silver-blue metallic) with 106-A-38/Beige 430 (tan) interior. First shown at the FCA Nationals in Watkins Glen, winning Gold in 1996. Shown at Meadowbrook in 1997 and again at the Ferrari National meet in Toronto in 1998, scoring Silver. In 2003-2008 this 246 GT was treated to a down-to-the-bare-chassis and tub restoration, bare-metal-up paint, and a full engine, transaxle, and suspension rebuild. Fitted with an all-new leather interior, carpets and dash. Shown at the Ferrari Club of America National meet in Toronto in 2008, scoring the elusive “Platinum”. An instant entry onto the lawn at the National meet or Cavallino and the only collectable of the 246 GT-246 GTS series. If you want to go for another “Platinum” at the Nationals or Cavallino, this is your Dino. We welcome a detailed inspection. Restoration invoices and copies of the ultra-rare build sheets on file, ask for copies.


S/n 00744. 246 GT. Euro “L” model. From new with knock off wheels; alloy door skins, hood engine lid and trunk lid; a wide glove box door; seat back and fore and aft adjustment on the seats; head rests on the rear bulkhead, a passenger grip handle on the floor next to the passenger and a folding foot rest in the passenger’s foot well. The “L” models were built from s/n 00406 to 01116 so 355 cars built. From new with engine # 000.5506. Original color Blue Chiaro met. 06-A-38 with Beige 430.

1970, April, build date. Engine # 000.5506. Original color Blue Chiaro met. 106-A-38/Beige 430.

1970, 27 Apr., sold to Sig. Pasi, first owner, Ravenna, Italy.

19??-83, unknown owner, Milan, Italy.

1983, exported to the Great White North, A.K.A. Canada.

1983, with Goran Skalin, Willow Lane, Meadowvale Village, Mississuga, Canada. Headlight covers fitted.

1983-88, owned by Brian G. Szucs, Chatham, Canada. Black/black. Plates: ENVY.

1988-98, owned by Peter J. Davidson, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.

1990, repainted to Rosso Chiaro with black. Plates: 522 FHT.

1996, entered National Ferrari Concours, Watkins Glen, NY by Peter J. Davidson, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. Gold class award.

1997, invited to and shown at Meadow Brook Concours by Peter J. Davidson, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.

1998, entered FCA North American Field & Driving Concours by Peter J. Davidson, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. Silver class award.

2002, April-August, offered for sale in the Ferrari Club of America bulletin by Peter Davidson. Red on black. Early model with aluminum opening panels. Excellent condition throughout, all rebuilt, good driving show car, has been at Meadow brook Hall and won numerous awards. In Toronto, Canada.

2002, 28 Aug., sold to current owner. Subject to a multi-year total down-to-the-bare-frame and tub-up restoration by current owner.

2003, 25 July, restoration begins at Lamborghini Toronto, 580 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 1970 Ferrari 246 GT, Vehicle ID No 00744, tow in by customer, check trans syncro/gear, remove & report, check engine & report. Total invoice: $731.54.

2004, 31 Mar., restoration continues at Lamborghini Toronto. Overhaul engine, remove crankshaft, degrease block, jet clean crankshaft & cylinder heads, pressure check cylinder heads, jet clean & glass bead cylinder head castings, machine valves, seats & set valve heights, remove & replace valve guides & hone fit valves, weld repair fire check surface, surface cylinder head, supply, drill tap & install heli-coils, assemble cylinder heads less camshafts & followers, remove cylinder sleeves, machine, fit & install cylinder sleeves, bore block, hone cylinders, machine cylinder block deck surfaces, balance rotating assembly, micro polish journals, remove & replace pin bushings and pin fit. Supply cylinder sleeves, machine stepped flywheel, micro polish 4-camshafts, restoration hardware, zinc nuts. Parts Clearing Charges: $501.39. Make up complete console, fabricate center console 3 piece. Total invoice: $39,359.07.

2005, 23 Feb., restoration continues at Lamborghini Toronto. Fire wall insulation, custom paint, misc. parts clean, dipped & painted. Frame attachment fabrication for rotisserie. Stripped down under chassis, sandblast, primer and painted parts, $14,612.72. Engine, carburetor cleaning, assembled bottom end of engine block, assembled cylinder heads with new valves and adjusted, assembled cylinder heads on block, rebuilt complete carbs, $3,461.71. Cleaned and re-painted gearbox $650.00. Total invoice: $21,538.44.

2005, 13 May, restoration update from Lamborghini Toronto. Engine work completed, gearbox work completed. Total invoice: $0.00.

2005, 18 Oct., restoration continues at Modena Sports Cars. Powder coat suspension, install new rubber suspension bushings, water pump bearing & seal. Locate two new exhaust headers. Estimate total $5,021.42.

2005, 18 Nov., restoration continues at Modena Sports Cars, Total 138.5 labor hours = $9,002.50. Total Parts: $4,404.75. 7% Goods and Services tax = $938.51. 8% Provincial Sales Tax = $1,072.58. Total invoice = $15,418.34.

2007, 26 Apr., restoration continues at Modena Sports Cars. Two new tie rod ends; two new steering rack boots; inner, upper oil line; lower oil line; 30 feet heater hose; 115 feet vacuum hose; 2 meters 80mm defrost duct tube; two meters 60mm defrost duct tube; four sway bar bushings; new speedo cable; ceramic coat headers. Total labor hours, this invoice = $21, 482.50. Total parts = $3,917.90. 7% Goods and Services tax = $1,778.03. 8% Provincial Sales Tax = $2,032.03. Total invoice = $29,210.46.

2008, 8 Feb., restoration continues at Modena Sports Cars. New air horns with compressor $400.00. Differential side bearings $240.00. Special paint for valve covers $300.00. Elbow hose for thermostat housing $347.66. Three new front to rear stainless steel water pipes $1,134.91. L/R heat shields for gas tanks $500.00. Alternator terminal box $370.00. Trunk latch $292.00. Chrome, wiper squirks $320.00. Repair/engrave/chrome wheel, caps & knock-offs $2,000.00. Two new front signal lenses/bulbs $260.00. New headlight switch $3,200.00. New exhaust manifold $1,148.00. Total 272 Labor hours = $ 17,680. Total parts = $8,011.97. 7% Goods and Services tax = $1,696.07. 8% Provincial Sales Tax = $2,055.36. Total invoice = $29,443.40.

2008, 9 July, Diamond Trim Complete Upholstery Services, 10 Furbacher Lane, Toronto area. Total new leather interior.

2008, 26 July, as per the Ferrari Market Letter, Vol 33 no. 15. At the Ferrari Club of America 2008 International Meet Field and Driving Concours — Toronto, Canada — 13 July, 2008 Class Awards. All Ferraris receiving 95 points or better receive a Platino award. The single Gold award requires a minimum of 90 points and the single Silver award requires 85 points. Class 3: 365 GTB/4 / 246 Dino Platino 1970 246 GT S/N 0744 Current owner.

2008, 31 July, restoration continues at Modena Sports Cars. Ferrari Dino 00744. Steering wheel and horn button $1,200. Wiper arms and blades $600.00. Total 276.5 Labor hours. Total labor $17,972.50. 7% Goods and Services tax = $1329.96. 8% Provincial Sales Tax = $1773.28. Total invoice = $25,269.29.

2011, 15 Nov., test drove car for 30 minutes; no breakdown.

2011, 15 Nov., test drove for 50 minutes; runs well. Total labor $3,657.50. Total Parts $4,727.53. Total before taxes & miscellaneous charges $8,385.03. Canadian Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) 13% $1,090.05. Totals $9,475.08.

2012, 30 Jan., restoration continues at Alfa Motorsports Service. Ignition and charging system diagnosis and testing, labor to check over entire vehicle and tighten up clamps for coolant and engine pan bolts, tightened oil plugs and cam covers on heads for oil leaks. Issues noted under car: battery tray welds and bracket around rad frame are poorly done $475.00. Set-up new ignition system, remove and replace components as required to access and install materials, and/or perform needed service, adjustments as required. Re-test and verify repair as required. Perform final road test where applicable. Alternator – replace. Alternator rebuild Ix 4004 regulator. Labor Sub. $908.00. Additional work on Ignition System. Check for voltage drops on ignition wire, power all the time wires in the back of the car, run the car for 20 minutes. Sub. $1,377.50.

2012, 19 Sept., on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s

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