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1970 Ferrari 246 GT Serial Number 00874


Lead photograph of 1970 Ferrari 246 GT Serial Number 00874


Make   Ferrari Model   246 GT
Year   1970 Serial #   00874
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   Tipo 236 E Chassis Type   Tipo 607 L
Build Sequence #    Number Built   358 L models built
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   Germany Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Colorado


The “L” model Dinos featured knock off wheels; alloy door skins, engine lid and trunk lid; a lockable trunk button on the face of the rear lid; door opening lights not fitted to later cars; outside door locks in the recessed air scoop, not on the door panel face; heater and defroster controls on the center console near the gear lever; a wide glove box door; seat back adjusters as well as fore and aft adjustment on the seats.

The “L” models also have two back up lamps, one under each bumper; head rests fixed to the rear bulkhead, no parcel boxes on the doors; a passenger grip handle on the inner sill next to the passenger, a deep passenger foot well, and many were fitted with a folding foot rest in the passengers foot well. The “L” models were built from s/n 00406 GT to 1116 GT.


246 GT s/n 00874. Euro “L” model.

1970, 18 June, to Auto Becker, importer, Dusseldorf, Germany.

1979–80, with Mr. Kellogg, US Forces, Holland. Red.

19??–93, with Mr. Greenshields, Colorado Springs, CO. Said to have owned many years.

1993–2002, with current owner, Westminster, CO. Yellow/black vinyl.

2000, 1 Dec., as per e–mail from the current owner re: his Dino,

I still own 00874, and yes it will be the most killer (i.e. expensive) 246GT in the world. Seriously, the car has undergone a very serious restoration. Every part was either NOS or rebuilt. It’s the right colors, a great fly yellow with black vinyl and grey carpets. An enormous amount of time has been spent on authenticity on this car. Car is 85% from being complete. All parts are there, restored and ready to bolt on. Motor is done (other than final detailing), and was running on stand last I was there. Suspension is all restored (off the car as you can see in the pictures), and ready to go back on. Underside is completely detailed and ready to go, including engine area. Interior is complete other than bolting the dash back in place after the windshield gets placed (brand new, perfect). All new tires, wheels are complete. …Basically, the remaining items:
1) put motor back in.
2) put suspension back together
3) put in windshield
4) finalize interior
5) final paint spray (bodywork complete on minor final dings, just needs to be sprayed).
6) connect everything and go.
7) the one thing that’s not perfect is the steering wheel. (I had it recovered 5 years ago and I’m not happy with the job, so a new one needs to be located or this one recovered.
EVERYTHING else is there, complete, restored and ready to go. An inordinate amount of time, effort and $s have gone into this car. Virtually all panels from waist down have been replaced or rebuilt (All lead). Every part I located was NOS or platinum–level restored, but virtually every part was as perfect as can be found. The restoration level was instructed to be on the platinum level.

2002, June–July, as per various conversations with the owner, I’ll never get around to finishing the car. Time to sell the car.

2002, 10 Aug., offered for sale in the Ferrari Market Letter by Michael Sheehan’s European Auto Sales, Inc. Page ad.

Euro “L” model with knock off wheels; alloy door skins, engine lid and trunk lid. In restoration with all work, to date, done to Platinum standards.Almost completed with new fly yellow paint, new black vinyl with grey carpets, engine tested, suspension rebuilt, ready for assembly. If you want to win a platinum at next year’s Cavallino or the FCA National Meet, this is your car. Pay for part of the restoration bill, get the car for free! Priced to sell at $67,500.

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