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1972 Dino (Ferrari) 246 GTS Serial Number 03916


Lead photograph of 1972 Dino (Ferrari) 246 GTS Serial Number 03916


Make   Dino (Ferrari) Model   246 GTS
Year   1972 Serial #   03916
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   236 E Chassis Type   607 E
Build Sequence #    Number Built   1,274
Body Type   Spyder Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner    Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   California


1972 Dino (Ferrari) 246 GTS s/n 03916, double class winning and very well documented Dino Spyder. Two owners over the last seventeen years. From new in Argento Auteuil Metallizzato 106-E-1 (Anthracite metallic) finished with excellent tan leather Daytona seats with black Daytona inserts with black carpets. In 2014, Ferrari 246 GTS s/n 03916 was treated to a full strip and paint cosmetic preparation for the Cavallino Classic by Tom Papadopoulos, Autosport Designs, Inc. Dino 246 GTS s/n 03916 was disassembled, stripped and painted to Platinum level. In 2015, 246 GTS s/n 03916 was finished, sorted and mechanically prepared by Autosport Designs, Inc. The major service included all fluids, ignition timing, adjust carbs, a new clutch assembly, a four-wheel alignment, all new fuses, the vent glass was refinished, new door seals were installed, a period correct Becker radio was installed, all five Cromodora wheels were refinished, a correct spare was fitted, all seat hardware and slides were replaced, a new windshield wiper motor was installed, the original ANSA muffler was re-skinned and much more. Fitted with an excellent set of Michelin XWX tires. From new with A/C and P/W. Show level detailing in the engine and under-hood compartments. All systems work as they should, runs and drives as-new. On our test drive, second gear synchro was excellent and the engine pulled strongly once warmed, giving a wonderfully driving car. Complete with the full set of books with a period correct warranty card and the leather carrying pouch, the full set of tools and a jack kit as needed for a Platinum level finish. In 2015, on January 20-25, 246 GTS s/n 03916 was shown at the Cavallino Classic at the Breakers Resort, winning a coveted Platinum award.


S/n 03916. 246 GTS. USA model. Original color Argento Auteuil Metallizzato 106-E-1 with leather nero.

1972, May, sold new to first owner.

1970s, in Monterey, CA. for many years.

1992, sold to Bob Gagnard, Oregon, later fitted with a 308 QV engine mounted on the 246 gearbox. Bob Gagnard stored the original engine.

2000, June, offered in the Ferrari Market Letter by Bill Pound: red with black, fitted with a 308QV engine and 17″ Speedline wheels, asking $75,000.

2000, 08 Aug., sold by Bob Gagnard to current owner. Included the original 246 engine. Restoration begun and re-fitment of original engine.

2000, 25 Aug., Bill Pound Automotive, 18630 Collier, Unit “0”, Lake Elsinore, CA, 92530. Paint removeable hard top (wow Glass Black), change screws in door jambs w/ stainless polished, black out around roof rubber, black out underside rockers, scuff and polish car, paint 5 rims silver (custom match) and black mat wheel wells. Total invoice: $3,320.00.

2000, 30 Aug., install five new Michelin 205/70VR 14 XWX tires. Total invoice: $1,315.00.

2000, 07 Dec., body and paint by Drummond Coach, Labor 250 Hrs x $40.00 - $10,000.00; Paint and Supplies - $1,200.00; Wheels - $565.00; Labor to reinstall dash & interior - $400.00; labor to R&T glass - $250.00. Total invoice: $12,415.00

2001, 26 Feb., final paint by Z Best Paint, 1150 W. Flint St. Lake Elsinore, CA 92530. Invoice # 621830. Total invoice: $9,280.00.

2001, 13 Apr., steam clean the motor, remove the valve covers, remove the cams and heads, dismantle the water pump, complete upper end gasket and seak kit. Total invoice: $749.77.

2001, Early May–Late April, dismantle heads, degrease all parts, polish valves, cut seats, re-assemble heads, fit cams, check and reset valve clearances, remove cams, fit heads to motor and torque heads, refit cams and set valve timing. Remove flywheel housing, remove flywheel and clutch, remove back plate. Clean all parts, remove damaged ring gear, fit new gear, fit new disc, detail all parts. Total invoice: $2,381.23.

2001, 15 May, finish motor assembly, 6 exhaust gaskets (needed for US car), smog pump drive coupling, alternator belt, A/C belts, new thermostat housing, Marelli alternator brush holder, thermostat “O” rings; BP5ES NGK spark plugs, Ferrari thermostat, thermostat gasket and seal. Total invoice: $987.50.

2001, 26 June, rebuild alternator/ air pump, assemble and refit to engine. Total invoice: $575.00.

2001, 12 July, remove aluminum sheets from firewall. Detail wiring in engine area, remove radiator and A/C condenser, remove bolts from suspension and rear sway bar for black oxide, remove front radiator fan motors. New fuel pump, right side fuel tank, Dino wheel center emblems, Marelli ignition coil and throttle cable roller. Used Marelli Dinoplex unit. Total invoice: $3,395.21.

2001, 18 July, Bill Pound Automotive, install all new rubber kit, seats and dash recovered. Total invoice: $4,446.04.

2001, 29 July, Bill Pound Automotive, polish firewall plate, cut out plate to replace rubberized panel, take tanks to ZX Best for paint and texture. Remove steering column, take all column parts to Olympic for black wrinkle. Total invoice: $3,033.99.

2001, 06 Aug., Bill Pound Automotive, refit radiator and A/C condenser, remove rear exhaust injection tubes, remove starter, remove third member casing, bead blast and repair, send bolts out for Cadmium plating. Dismantle A/C compressor. Modify to install 308 compressor cylinder head. Get new fitting to adapt and detail compressor. Total invoice: $2,080.86.

2001, 13 Aug., Bill Pound Automotive, dismantle and bead blast grille and prime parts for paint. Total invoice: $615.00.

2001, 21 Aug., Bill Pound Automotive, move car in and out each day to cure paint, pick up Cadmium plating, inspect chrome and polished stainless. Total invoice: $1,989.00.

2001, 30 Aug., Bill Pound Automotive, assembly and repair. Cadmium plate all related bolts and nuts and Cadmium plate outer half shaft flanges. Detail up under front of car, remove A/C temp control, detail, paint lube and refit. Paint grille surround silver and grille semi gloss black, assemble grille, test fit to car. Cover car with plastic, mask off rain gutter around engine compartment and semi gloss black areas of over spray from repair behind rear window. Total invoice: $1,685.00.

2001, 06 Sept., Bill Pound Automotive, engine fitting, hook up pipes and connect gear linkages, fit fuel pumps and route hoses, fit oil separator, fit rear headers and starter, fit head shield. Make new fittings and hook up parking brake. Fit half shafts, hook up speedometer cable, oil filter and A/C temperature sensor. Dismantle carbs, dismantle distributor, make up coolant pipes, detail all parts, fit exterior lighting, make special bezel for left outer rear light. Fit headlights and hook up. Vacuum out interior, detail dash wiring, detail wiring inside doors and wiring for electric windows and interior light switches. Take parts to San Diego for Black Oxide and gold Cadmium, bend up rear heat shield. Make up ignition wires. New Weber DCNF carb kits. Total invoice: $2,017.97.

2001, 12 Sept., Bill Pound Automotive, new stainless Pininfarina door strip, motor mount bolt and 4 feet of window felt weather strip. New clutch spring retaining bolt and Eastwood glass polishing kit. Total invoice: $794.76.

2001, 17 Sept., Bill Pound Automotive, remove both doors, repair hinge pins, hand fit hinges on body to accept new pins. Mask off cables and parts inside doors, paint interior of doors with undercoating, clean lots of over spray from previous paint work off cables and pulleys for electric windows. Remove window motors, detail, check brushes, clean comutators and refit. Check window motor operation. Detail all the wires under the fuse box. Remove old decals from fuse box covers and fit new ones. Install window washers and fit front panel to car, fit battery and battery cover. Bag motor and other components ready to take to Z Best. New side glasses, top coolant hose and Pininfarina air vents. Total Invoice: $2,117.00.

2001, 27 Sept., Bill Pound Automotive, re-assemble right door complete, re-assemble door locks and fit. 6 feet Neoflex ventilation hose and new transmission fill plug. Total invoice: $1,532.57.

2001, 04 Dec., Bill Pound Automotive, install new motor mount bolts, fit breather hoses to vapor recovery tank, fill motor with oil, check for leaks, start and run motor, adjust, check timing. 3 new steel coolant pipes for US Dino, 2 high pressure oil hoses for US Dino, 2 Door still stainless threshold plates, 3 Dashboard ventillation levers and Veglia oil pressure sender switch. Total invoice: $2,614.70.

2001, 12 Dec., Bill Pound Automotive, sub-contract interior to Howard McKee Interior. Total invoice: $1,200.00.

2002, 04 Jan., Bill Pound Automotive, fit air box, adjust carbs, mount air filter parts, run engine, check for leaks, adjust gear linkage. Fit new ignition switch. Install new “U” Channel to left door and fit side glass, finish assembly on left door. New Ferrari floor pad rubber kit. Total invoice: $1,313.02.

2002, 31 Jan., Bill Pound Automotive, adjust shift linkage, adjust top, replace voltage regulator and fix wiring harness; Fit radio, wire up speakers, check operation, fit auto antenna and check operation. 2 new pedal pads, Marelli votage regulator, 12 door panel clips, 3 gallons rubberised paint and fuel. Total invoice: $951.27.

2002, 21 Feb., Bill Pound Automotive, remove all four wheels, remove shocks, remove springs from shocks, pack up and ship shocks to GT Car parts. Install new shock bushings to new units, re-assemble springs to shocks and refit to car. Remove air box, replace fuel fill neck hose and fuel gauge sender unit gasket. Remove carb tops, drop float levels 1mm, bore low speed jets out from .50mm to .55mmm. Replace air box and replace engine cover. Test drive car, remove instrument cluster, send tach and water temp gauge to Moma. 6 new NGK Spark Plugs and receiver/dryer. Total invoice: $1,871.40.

2002, 04 Mar., Bill Pound Automotive, polish scratches out of stainless wheel trim, removed left front bumper corrected the mounting brackets. Total invoice: $977.88.

2002, 29 July, Re-originals, 13601 FM 529 Suite I, Houston, TX 77041, new steering wheel, leather, includes hub and horn button. Total invoice: $1,760.00.

2008, 31 Dec., Invoice # 27940. Symbolic Motor Car Co. Mileage: 36,731. Disassemble car to strip paint to bare metal, strip car to bare metal, make minor body repairs. Total invoice: $6,800.58.

2009, 15 Jan., Invoice # 28032. Symbolic Motor Car Co. Mileage: 36,731. Prepare for paint, check fit panels. Total invoice: $5,920.10.

2009, 30 Jan., Invoice # 28127. Symbolic Motor Car Co. Mileage: 36,731. Complete bodywork and check panel fit, final paint, color sand, buff, assemble and check function of all controls. Total invoice: $6,536.70.

2009, 14 Apr., Invoice # 28659. Symbolic Motor Car Co. Mileage: 36,812. Major service, new hidden MSD ignition box. Rebuild distributor advance mechanism, new starter bendix unit. Total invoice: $5,247.33.

2010, 27 July, Invoice # 30649. Symbolic Motor Car Co. Mileage: 36,860. Go over engine and attention to detail project with customer, adjust and seal timing chains, check both windows and advise, overhaul door cables and regulator, adjust both doors to close and meet body lines properly, check operation of all lights and accessories, sublet repair turn signal stalk, check all fluids and replace gearbox oil with synthetic, engine bay detail total, replace bushing in steering rack, replace tie rod end, rebuild rack and perform alignment, remove old bushing from rack. Measure and design new bushing. Machine bushing and press into old sleave. Heat up rack and press bushing into housing. Drill small hole and tap for set screw. Check carb tuning - seems to pop slightly when running, perform compression test, perform engine leak down test, remove engine, bag and tag parts, begin restoration of valve covers, perform engine bay restoration, remove fire wall panel, restore gas tanks, prep and under coat gas tanks. Measure and begin firewall fabrication, rough cut out new firewall, repair wiring, replace hardware, glue fiberglass to firewall, trim and fit to firewall, install gas tank, motor mounts etc., drop in motor hook up linkage, new engine pad, hang A/C pump, disassemble clean and reseal motor, degree and adjust cams. Right hand inlet camshaft, left hand inlet camshaft, exhaust gasket, coolant hose, cv joint, alternator belt, plug wire, fuel hose and cv boot. Wet sand valve covers. Soda blast valve covers. Prep for motor install. Total invoice: $21,147.52.

2010, 27 July, Invoice # 31320. Symbolic Motor Car Co. Mileage: 36,875. Perform engine restoration, restore engine compartment with engine removed for oil leak repairs, R&R half shafts. Remove and disassemble water pump, install muffler and fuel tank crossover pipe. Connect engine hoses. Prep and assemble new water pump. Install water pump, coolant and oil. Set timing, tune and test drive. Inspect for leaks. Remove and rebuild water pump. Repair air cleaner bellows. Install header tank and air intake. Sync carbs and road test. Bleed cooling system and check levels. Removed engine and disassembled for oil leak repairs (leaks at cam covers timing chain tensioners and distributor seals) re-seal motor. Cams replaced. Compression and leakdown results after repairs are as follows: 1). 160 6% 2). 160 6% 3). 160 6% 4). 175 9% 5). 175 7% 6). 175 7%. Re-assembled engine and installed in vehicle. Installed correct stickers on air filter housing. Replate and repaint all engine compartment hardware and pieces with engine removed, fabricated new firewall panel, replaced front to rear coolant and vacuum hose. Replaced under bonnet air ducting with correct units. Replaced coolant hoses and fuel crossover hoses. Fabricated proper battery holdown and spare tire hold-down. Installed proper bonnet rubber and trim pieces. Replaced carpet with new old stock units. Paint and install headers. Fabricate belly pan. Install T-cable boot. Install fender wells, airbox etc. Locate and install correct tape for exhaust tips. Total invoice: $3,852.48.

2012, January, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s Sold to current owner. 36,941 miles.

2012, March, shown at Amelia Island Concours d″Elegance, Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island, FL. Won Amelia Award-Sports and GT Cars (1963 - 1972). Silver/gray with black carpeting and tan seats with black stripes. 37,231 miles.

2014, 21 Aug., cosmetic preparation for a Platinum Class entry at Cavallino by Tom Papadopoulos, Autosport Designs, Inc. Repaired/repainted entire car, stripped and repaired problem areas, disassembled and reassembled entire car for paint and body work. Total invoice: $69,356.58.

2015, 16 Jan., mechanical preparation for Cavallino by Tom Tom Papadopoulos, Autosport Designs, Inc. Performed service as needed, replaced oil, filter, gearbox fluid, fuel filter, spark plugs, adjusted ignition timing, adjusted carbs, flushed brake fluid, replaced clutch, installed blower switch, replaced cigarette lighter, 4 wheel alignment, compression test: cyl#1 - 135psi and 7% leakage; cyl#2 - 145psi and 8% leakage; cyl#3 – 150psi and 10% leakage; cyl#4 – 145psi and 10% leakage; cyl#5 – 150psi and 15% leakage; cyl#6 – 150psi and 9% leakage. Replaced all fuses with new, refinished vent glass, replaced door seal, installed period correct Becker radio, refinished all 5 wheels, replaced spare with correct type, replaced seat hardware so seats can slide, replaced windshield wiper motors, repaired worn ANSA muffler. Total invoice: $22,364.57.

2016, 20–25 Jan., shown at the Cavallino Classic 24 Concours d″Elegance at the Breakers Resort. Shown in Class 6: Dino. Platinum award for 95 points or better. 37,464 miles.

2017, March, back to Ferraris Online LLC as a tax trade. Offered for sale.

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