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1972 Dino (Ferrari) 246 GTS Serial Number 03998


Lead photograph of 1972 Dino (Ferrari) 246 GTS Serial Number 03998


Make   Dino (Ferrari) Model   246 GTS
Year   1972 Serial #   03998
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   236 E Chassis Type   607 E
Build Sequence #    Number Built   1,274
Body Type   Spyder Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner    Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   South Dakota


1972 USA model 246 GTS s/n 03998. March 1972 Production. A Platinum scoring USA model 246 GTS. Restored in the late 1980s and again in the late 1990s. Shown at Cavallino, scoring Platinum in 1998. Mechanically maintained and detailed in excellent mechanical condition. A time capsule Ferrari with excellent syncros, a strong engine and everything working as it should. Complete with the leather pouch, owner’s manual and parts book, complete tool set, tool roll, jack and tire chalk. Equipped with air, power windows, power antenna and has the original top cover for the targa top. It also includes an album documenting the latest restoration and service records back to the mid–80s. A cosmetically and mechanically superb Ferrari. Would need only minor detailing to be back on the show circuit.


S/n 03998 GTS. Dino 246 GTS. USA model. March 1972 production. New in fly yellow with tan leather. Power windows, air conditioning and Daytona seats.

1972, unknown first US owner.

1985, July, purchased by Don Gienty, Colorado Springs, CO.

1988, March, sold by Don Gienty to J.M. Motorsports, 13950 W. 32nd Ave in Golden, CO.

1988, June, offered for sale by Fine Car Store in San Diego, CA. Yellow with tan leather.

1988, December, with Ken Owen in Sarasota, FL. Still yellow with tan Daytona seats. Price $175,000.

1989, 07 Jan.–21 Jan., for sale in FML by Ken Owen, Sarasota, FL:

Fly yellow with tan Daytona chairs. Air, p/w, Absolutely flawless. 2,700 miles. $175,000.

1989, August, owned by Brett Joiner, MI, Yellow with tan. Offered for sale for $195,000.

1989, 05 Aug.–02 Sept., for sale in FML by Brett Joiner, MI:

Yellow/tan. Ground-up restoration. $200K.

1990, 03 Mar.–31 Mar., for sale in FML by Brett Joiner, MI:

Fly yellow with tan and black Daytona seats. Fresh chrome, carpets, paint and leather. Premier example. $225,000.

1990, to Jerry J. Moore, Houston, Texas.

1995, June, sold by Jerry J. Moore through the Kruse Auction, Tulsa, OK, to Dan Guterman, Tulsa OK.

Dan Guterman then embarked on a quest to find minor parts and trim to restore the car to “Platinum” level.

1996, July, invoice from Dennis McCann Ferrari Parts, Westerville, OH: levers, switches, pipes, hoses and emissions components. Total: $2,709.00.

1996, 12 July, invoice from Dennis McCann Ferrari Parts, Westerville, OH: electrical components. Total: $1,888.70.

1996, 22 July, 3 page work order from Rennsport Werkstatt, LTD. in Tulsa, OK. Major service, work including an engine reseal and electrical components. Total: $1,621.08.

1996, 31 July, final bill of sale from Jerry Moore, Harris county, TX, to Dan Guterman for $58,500.00.

1996, 16 Aug., invoice from T. Rutlands, Inc., Tucker, GA: full suspension bushing and ball joint kit. Total: $1,089.53.

1996, 18 Oct., invoice from PartSource, Camden, ME: air pump package. Total: $2,255.00.

1996, 20 Oct., service invoice from Ken’s Auto in Sand Springs, OK: R&R dash, rear suspension, muffler, rear exhaust manifold, bushings, and bead blasting “A” arms, sway bar, rear coil springs. Total: $662.50.

1996, 26 Oct., service invoice from Ken’s Auto in Sand Springs, OK: work on suspension, choke cable, water valve cable, front header, R&R front suspension bushings. Total: $645.00.

1996, 21 Nov., service invoice from Ken’s Auto in Sand Springs, OK: re–assembly of exhaust. Total: $1,480.00.

1997, 25 Jan., Cavallino Ferrari Classic. Class Five, scored 87 points because of minor flaws in plating, upholstery and external engine appearance.

Dan Guterman then stepped up his quest to correct minor parts, trim and other components problems.

1997, 1 Apr., service invoice from Rennsport Werkstatt, LTD in Tulsa, OK: overhaul the AC and rebuild the water pump. Total $1,825.96. Mileage: 28,258.

1997, 21 Mar., invoice from Dennis McCann Ferrari Parts, Westerville, OH: new windshield. Total: $1,134.50.

1997, 9 Apr., invoice from Wheel Collision Center, Columbus, OH: refinish all wheels. Total: $449.84.

1997, 17 June, invoice from T. Rutlands, Inc., Tucker, GA: four new front and rear shocks. Total: $537.18.

1997, 04 Aug., invoice from Tillack & Co, LTD: new carpet set. Total: $1,242.00.

1998, 31 Jan., Cavallino Ferrari Classic VII. Palm Beach, FL. Class 5–Dino. Scored “Platinum”. Dan Guterman, Tulsa, OK.

1998, June, sold to Bennet, Tulsa, OK. Purchased from Dan Guterman.

2004, January, sold through Barrett-Jackson Auction, Scottsdale, AZ, to current owner, South Dakota.

2004–2007, regularly serviced and maintained by the current owner, South Dakota.

2007, April, on consignment with Michael Sheehan’s

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