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1972 Dino (Ferrari) 246 GTS Serial Number 04046


Lead photograph of 1972 Dino (Ferrari) 246 GTS Serial Number 04046


Make   Ferrari Model   246 GTS
Year   1972 Serial #   04046
Engine #   135c 000 9960 VIN   04046 GTS
Engine Type   236 E Chassis Type   607 E
Build Sequence #   1063 Number Built   1,274
Body Type   Spyder Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   Kaleth Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   California


1972 Dino (Ferrari) 246 GTS s/n 04046 GTS, an extremely well sorted and very well documented USA model Ferrari Dino Spyder; finished in excellent and traditional Ferrari red with brand new tan leather “Daytona” seats with black inserts, all new tan carpets and new “mouse fur” on the dash. S/n 04046 is documented back to the first owner and today has only 47,364 miles. In August of 2014, Fast Cars Ltd. installed a full set of new Michelin XWX tires; installed a new clutch and pressure plate; rebuilt the A/C compressor; installed new coolant lines; rebuilt all four brake calipers, painted the rotors, painted the coolant pipes, installed new drive belts, replaced all soft rubber fuel lines; rebuilt the distributor and changed and flushed all engine, coolant and brake fluids. In October of 2014 a rebuilt Becker Grand Prix vintage car radio (fitted with Bluetooth) was purchased for installation. In May of 2015, Fast Cars Ltd. repaired or replaced many items including fitting a new driver’s side rearview mirror; sent out the radiator for cleaning; fixed clogged window squirters; replaced a noisy speedo cable; replaced the passenger window lift motor; sent out the bumpers and other parts for chrome; sent out the gauges for calibration; sent out the starter for rebuild; refinished the steering shaft switches and shaft cover; removed the door cylinders to have new door keys made, repaired a warped dashboard and recovered the dash, the glovebox and the gauge cluster binnacle with new mouse-fur. Both door opening rubber seals were replaced; the Becker Grand Prix radio was installed; the throttle cable was adjusted; both door windows were adjusted to seal better; the brake master was rebuilt; new targa top seals were installed and the targa top roof was repainted in satin black. The interior was completely redone including all new leather door panels with new backing panels; the seat webbing was replaced and both seats were redone in the correct Daytona pattern; a complete new carpet kit was fitted; the center console was recovered; the fire wall behind the seats was recovered and the inner running boards or sill panels were recovered in new material. Only a month later in July of 2015, Fast Cars Ltd. repaired and spot painted minor road chips, made minor repairs to the lower quarter panels and color matched the paint on the doors, then color sanded, buffed; polished and then gave a final complete detail to 246 GTS s/n 04046. Total services, repairs, parts, labor and updates over the last three years was $74,875.09!

246 GTS s/n 04046 has excellent paint over an unusually straight body. The tan with black “Daytona” leather seats are new and the new tan carpeting is flawless. The dash features new mouse-fur and the center console, side panels and rear firewall all have new and correct coverings. The overall attention to detail is obsessive with all the right plating, detail paint finishes, decals and labels. Fitted with a new and correct set of Michelin XWX tires. From new with A/C and P/W. Has high level detailing in the engine and under-hood compartments. Fully sorted, all systems work as they should, runs and drives as-new. On our test drive, second gear synchro was excellent and the engine pulled strongly once warmed, making for a wonderfully driving Dino. 246 GTS s/n 04046 also comes with the tool roll and most of the tool set. 246 GTS s/n 04046 is a pride-of-ownership 246 GTS in the traditional Ferrari color combination. Thanks to $74,875.09 in services over the last three years, the paint, panel fit, interior and indeed every component are as-new or better. We have copies of all invoices from Fast Cars Ltd. on file.


S/n 04046. 246 GTS. December, 1972 build date. USA model. New in Blu Chiaro Mettallizzato - Rossa VM893. Body # 1063. Gearbox # 1052E. Engine # 135c 000 9960. Current Colors: Red – Tan Leather.

1972, 12 Dec., delivery date.

1972, 21 Dec., new to a Mr. Kaleth, Altadena, CA, 91001.

1973, 20 Feb., A/C clutch replaced under warranty.

1973, 23 Apr., radiator fan motor and seat belt buzzer replaced under warranty.

1973, 17 Aug., replaced water overflow tank and heater valve under warranty.

1973, 22 Sept., both radiator cooling fans replaced under warranty.

1982, with Foreign Cars Italia, Greensboro NC. Red with Black. 31,000 miles. USA Model, A/C, P/W, offered at 31,500.

1982-83, owned by Bob Tatum, Chevy Chase MD. Red with Black, 31,000 miles. Offered for sale at $31,500.

1987, sold at an Auction at The Daytona Civic Center. Rosso Corsa/Black.

2000, 28 Dec., purchased By Chris & Martin Shuster, Daytona, FL. Rosso Corsa/black.

2014, June, with, Dallas, TX. Rosso Corsa with Nero. 46,045 miles.

2014, 11 June, Brendel, Texas.

2014, 29 June, for sale on eBay by DriverSource. 46,142 miles.

2014, 03 July, sold to current owner.

2014, 08 Aug., serviced at Fast Cars Ltd. Modify the flywheel surface on the Blanchard grinder, shave down old drain plug to size and re-thread to fit, mount and balance tires, removed A/C compressor, drained all fluids and added new, sent rotors out for machining, re-installed clutch and flywheel, changed throw out bearings, installed new coolant lines, rebuilt calipers, painted rotors, painted coolant pipes, installed A/C compressor and new drive belts, removed old fuel lines at carbs and installed new, rebuilt distributor, bled brake calipers, charged A/C system, adjusted carbs,. Total invoice: $11,654.20. 46,157 miles.

2014, 25 Oct., Becker Grand Prix vintage car radio with Bluetooth purchased from Capeseer LTD T/A chrome London for £499.00

2015, 04 May, serviced at Fast Cars Ltd. Replace driver’s side rearview mirror, send out radiator for repair, fix clogged window squirters, replace cable on speedo, replace passenger window lift motor, disassemble car, send out parts for chrome, send out gauges for calibration, send out starter for rebuild, installed new top seals, refinished steering stock switches and shaft cover, removed door locks to have keys made, repair warped dashboard and recover dash, glovebox, and cluster hump, re-key all lock cylinders, clean and restore all gauges, replace door seal rubber, installed radio, rebuild relay, adjusted throttle cable, adjusted windows to seal better, rebuilt brake master, check for proper seal from targa top, roof repainted to satin black, sandblast vent windows and repaint, replace door panels and Daytona seat covers, replace complete carpet, recover center console, replace seat webbing, replace header guides, recover fire wall with stitching, recover running boards. Total invoice $46,576.89.

2015, 02 July, serviced at Fast Cars Ltd. Repaired and fixed road chips, fix edge of lower quarter where bobbling had appeared, fixed discoloration on doors to match vehicle, waxed and detailed car. Total invoice $16,644.00. 46,163 miles.

2017, April, offered on consignment at Michael Sheehan’s

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