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1957 Ferrari 250 GT Boano Serial Number 0661 GT


Lead photograph of 1957 Ferrari 250 GT Boano Serial Number 0661 GT


Make   Ferrari Model   250 GT
Year   1957 Serial #   0661 GT
Engine #   0661 GT VIN   
Engine Type   128 B Chassis Type   508 B
Build Sequence #    Number Built   69
Body Type   Coupe Body Builder   Boano
First Owner   Dormer Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Texas


0661 GT 250 GT Boano Coupe. Red paint, tan interior. Identified as 250 GT Boano Coupe in May 1975.


S/n 0661 GT. 250 Boano.

1957, 25 Apr., delivered new to Baron de Fierland Dormer by Garage Francorchamps of Belgium. Later traded to Garage Francorchamps and sold to Crevitz.

1960, 12 June, Cote d’Alle Sur Semois, R#87, 1st GT, Crevits.

1960, 3 July, Cote d’Andenne, R#? 3rd GT, Crevits.

1960, 10 July, Coupe Benelux, R#58, 1st GT, Crevits.

1960, 28 Aug., Cote d’Houqet, R#111, 1st GT, Crevits.

1960, Crevits bought 1960 250 SWB s/n 1811 and went on to be the Belgium National Champion, 1961.

1960, the car was then traded back to Garage Francorchamps and sold to Mr. De Beer.

The car then disappeared for many years.

1983, Classic Car Associates bought the car from a Dutchman, Merco Koudstaal. He had the car stored for years and it wasn’t in running condition and the engine was jammed. It had a very cheap paint job in black with still the original red paint on the dashboard and it still had its original tan interior. The car already had the large hood scoop, side fender vents and small taillights. The car carried Dutch registration plate JE–19–53.

1983, from Rudy Pas to David Cohen. Had large hood scoop, side fender vents, different rear lights. Complete car, all together, but needed restoration.

Later With David Cohen, car went to South Africa.

1985, shipped back to Rudy Pas on consignment.

1986, February, advertised in Classic and Thoroughbred Cars by Rudy Pas, Belgium, with unusual features such as a large hood scoop, and 410 SA type side grilles in the front fenders.

1988, July, as per Stephen Forristall he owns this car. Said it has side vents and a hood scoop like the early 410SAs (i.e., 0423 SA, 0479 SA, 0489 SA and 0495 SA). Said the car was still in Belgium at that time.

1991, 26 July, as per Barry Russinof this car is being offered to him by Forristall. Had a recent engine rebuild by Dennis McCann.

1991, offered in FML (1625) for $350,000 by Forristall’s G.T. Cars, Houston, TX.

Red with tan leather. Completely redone, matching number engine also redone to factory specifications. Raced under Garage Francorchamps banner extensively. Mentioned by S/N in Pourret.


1991, 7 and 21 Dec., for sale in FML by Forristall’s GT Cars.

Red with tan leather. Completely redone, matching number engine also redone to factory specs. Raced under Garage Francorchamps banner extensively. Mentioned by s/n in Pourret’s 250 GT Competition. $350,000 cash or would consider interesting partial street Ferrari trades such as 330 GTC, 375 GTB, 346 GTS plus cash.

1998, 01 July, as per Marcel Roks:

I still have the original Dutch registration document for JE–19–53. It mentions the car as Ferrari 250 Grand Turismo with chassis number 0661. The car was first registered in Holland on the 10th of July, 1964. The year of manufacture is mentioned as: circa 1957. On the 10th of July, 1964, the car was registered in the name of Mr. R. Van Nispen, Boeimeerlaan 86–B in Breda. We tried to contact Mr. Crevits to get confirmation and possibly further details about the car’s competition history. However, we only found out that Mr. Crevits wasn’t among us anymore. We sold the car shortly thereafter to David Cohen who took the car to South Africa to have it restored in a local shop.

Circa 1985, the car returned in restored condition and was advertised by us again and sold to Stephen Forristall. As we had the car in Holland on a special customs permit, it was exported out of Holland upon that sale. We delivered the car to a customs warehouse and from there we lost track. We still have pictures of the car when bought by us and when sold by us.

2000, 18 Sept., as per follow up conversation with Piet Roelofs this car is indeed of interest. He will speak to his clients.

2000, 18 Sept., sent fax to Rudy Pas, the world renowned Belgium Ferrari archivist, salesman, historical authority, and source of all knowledge as it related to 0661 GT. Will soon have a detailed and voluminous response with overwhelming amounts of highly detailed and accurate data.

2000, 19 Sept., Steve called. Yep. Still has the car. Yep, still sitting in his garage. Engine rebuilt by Dennis McCann about 10 years ago. Matching numbers. Runs great, but… has not run in 5 years. Brand new leather interior (tan w. red piping) that is still wrapped in plastic ready to go into the car. Paint is a good older paint job. Doesn’t need a repaint but not a show car. No rust.

2000, 13 Nov., as per call from client, yes, he did go to Houston on Saturday, the 11th of November, he did meet with Steve Forristall, and he did buy the car.

See Pourret’s 250 GT Competition car was “used extensively by the Belglan Roberts Crevits for hill climbing In the late 1950s”.

See Gianni Rogliatti’s book, Ferrari Ecurie Garage Francorchamps, page 79.

Fitted with a 128 B engine and a 118 Litre fuel tank. Hillclimbed by the Belgium owner, Robert Crevits.

See Ferrari 250 GT Competition cars, page 22, right side of page, second paragraph.

See Ferrari Market Letter Vol. 14, #4, 1989.

Note: The above vehicle information is complete and accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time it is posted to this website. Corrections or additional information is always appreciated.