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1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Serial Number 3387 GT


Lead photograph of 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Serial Number 3387 GT


Make   Ferrari Model   250 GTO
Year   1962 Serial #   3387 GT
Engine #   2222 VIN   
Engine Type   168/62 C Chassis Type   562C/62
Build Sequence #    Number Built   2nd of 39
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   NART Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Europe


3387 GT March 16, 1962. USA. Metal blue with white stripe–LHD. The second GTO. Same body details as 3223, same differential. Later modified and ungraded like 3223. Both cars retain the original modified differential casing. Like 3223 this GTO was used for tests by SF.


S/n 3387 GT. 250 GTO. 2nd car built. Scuderia Ferrari to Chinetti to Grossman.

1962, 16 Mar., Certificate of Origin issued.

1962, March, sold to Chinetti/NART for $9,700 with a trunk full of spares for 2643 GT, a Pininfarina.

1962, 24 Mar., Sebring, 2nd OA, Ist GT. P. Hill/O. Gendebien, #24. S. F.NART, but they were given 1st prize money.

1962, June, sold to B. Grossman for $13,600, including duty paid and preparation for Le Mans. Registered on NY plates 28790.

1962, 23 June, raced at Le Mans, 6th OA, 3rd GT, # 17, Grossman/F. Roberts. The Le Mans “costs” were $1,600,on the Chinetti invoice.

1962, 16 Sept., Bridgehampton Double 400, 2nd OA, Ist Class, # 17, Grossman.

1962, 22 Sept., Watkins Glen GP, # 17, 7th OA, 3rd in class, Grossman.

1962, 2 Dec., Tourist Trophy ‘Preliminary’, Nassau (BS), 4th overall, 4th in class, Grossman.

1962, 2 Dec., Tourist Trophy, Nassau (BS), 4th overall, 4th in class, Grossman.

1962, 9 Dec., Nassau Trophy, Nassau (BS), 6th overall, 2nd in class, Grossman/Mike Gammino III.

1962, Nassau, Governor’s Trophy race, DNF. Completed only 8 laps.

1963, 23 Mar., Sebring 18th OA, #32, Grossman/Mayer/Hayes/ThiemCar sold to Liberto Gerardi for Gamino with many spares. Paid $12,000.

1963, 25 May, Pensecola, Heat 1, 2nd overall, 2nd in class, Gammino.

1963, 30 June, Watkins Glen, 5th overall, Gammino.

1963, 21 July, Pacific Raceway, Race 1, 4th overall, Gammino.

1963, 21 July, Pacific Raceway, Race 2, 11th overall, Gammino.

1963, 22 Sept., Mid–Ohio, 8th OA, Gammino.

1963, 28 Sept., Mosport GP, 11th OA, #23, M. Gammino.

1963, 1 Dec., Nassau Tourist trophy, Ist Gt Race, 2nd OA, Gamino, # 23.

1963, 1 Dec., Nassau 2nd GT Race, 4th OA, Gammino.

1963, 6 Dec., Nassau Governor’s Trophy, 6th OA, 1st GT, Gammino.

1963, 8 Dec., Nassau Trophy, Nassau (BS), 1st in class, Gammino.

1963, USRRC Pacific Raceways, 11th OA, Gammino.

1964, February, crashed at Daytona when it broke a front wheel coming of the banking onto the front straight. Body destroyed. New body obtained by Mike Gammino by flying to Italy and buying a body directly from Scaglietti. Also bought a new engine block internal # 2222.

1964, 28 June, Watkins Glen, race no. 23, retired, Gammino.

1964, 25 July, Lime Rock Regional SCCA, Ist OA, Gammino.

1964, 2 Aug., Thompson SCCA. Production, Ist Overall, Gammino.

1964, 16 Aug., Thompson regional, 1st GT, Gammino.

1964, 7 Sept., SCCA Thompson Raceway, 4th overall, 2nd in class, Gammino.

Gammino sold 3387 back to Bob Grossman.

1965, sold to K. White. Sold to B. Stayman, Troy, Michagan.

Sold to S. Griswold, new US body made

Sold to M. De Friece.

Sold to G. Tatum.

1979, sold to R. Finger.

1979–80, Ferrari Owner’s Club Roster, listed by Stephen Griswold, Berkeley, CA, also listed by Marke De Friece.

1980, FOC Roster, listed by De Friece.

1990, car stolen by six men from the Savannah area. The mastermind was a Kawasaki motorcycle dealer who faxed various potential buyers on his own fax machine offering the car. Kirk F. White showed up to buy the car with a Cashier’s check for $4,300,000 in hand, was informed it had to be a fake since the real car was with Ron finger, and Kirk passed on the car and started the rumor that a fake was being offered. The F.B.I. picked the car up that afternoon. The thieves were sent to Federal Jail.

1995, March, spoke with Ron. He is definitely interested in selling the 250 GTO. He doesn’t use the car anymore.

1997, 27 Aug., spoke with Ron Finger. He turned down two offers for $3,750,000. He wants $4,000,000.

1997, 29 Aug., faxed the usual historians to clear up the history of this car.

1997, 29 Aug., Gerald faxed back, copy in file. He feels the car is very kosher.

1997, 30 Aug., Alan Boe faxed back, copy in file. He feels the car is a good car.

1997, 31 Aug., Ron Finger faxed with his updates on the theft.

1997, 2 Sept., potential buyer calls to offer $*,***,000. It is a start.

1997, 3 Sept., Gerald faxed back to Ron Finger, in detail, to explain how he feels the “fake” rumor started. Copy in stock file.

1997, 4 Sept., sent Fed–Ex “care package” to potential buyer. Will meet to work out potential tax trades with Ron Finger.

1997, September, sold to new owner.

1998, 22 July, seen at British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC) Track Day, Silverstone. Red/black w/blue seats. GA 84348. LHD. USA.

1998, 23 July, Brandon Wang’s 250 GTO Party, Oxfordshire, Bernie Carl.Plates 84348.

1999, 20–24 Apr., car at the Tour Auto 99. Plates: 250 GTO. Red/black blue seats.

1999, 30 July–1 Aug., Coys Historic Races, Siverstone. Red/black. Plates: 250 GTO.

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