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1960 Ferrari 250 GT Pinin Farina Coupe Serial Number 1659 GT


Lead photograph of 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Pinin Farina Coupe Serial Number 1659 GT


Make   Ferrari Model   250 GT
Year   1960 Serial #   1659 GT
Engine #   1659 GT (numero interno 150 F) VIN   
Engine Type   128 F Chassis Type   508 F
Build Sequence #   57th Series II Number Built   151 Series II
Body Type   Coupe Body Builder   Pinin Farina
First Owner   Johnson Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Michigan


1960 Ferrari 250 GT Pinin Farina Coupe s/n 1659 GT. Well researched and documented back to the original owner. Treated to a valve job by vintage Ferrari expert Terry Myr in 2000 and re-sprayed in silver with new dark red hides and carpets in 2002. Comes with 15x7 Borranis with XWXs and original 5.5 x 400 Borranis with 185 x 400 Michelin X tires. In 2008 Terry Myr serviced the electrical, plating, brakes, radiator and did major suspension work.

Only 9,000 miles on a rebuilt engine and just 34,758 miles from new. No smoke, overdrive rebuilt, excellent synchros and suspension. A time capsule car perfect for the Colorado Grand and other touring events, or detail it for the preservation award at Cavallino or the FCA National meet. Complete with all service invoices over the last decade.


S/n 1659 GT, 250 PF Coupe. Body no. 57. Bottom: Grigio Argento MM16003 (silver). Top: Nero Tropicale IVI (black leather). Plastic and leather: Nero 8500. A second series car with the outside plug engine, disc brakes and overdrive transmission. Entered PF on November 09, 1959 on job #27857. Completed on January 22, 1960.

Destination: New to Luigi Chinetti motors but picked up in Europe by R.W. Johnson, a serviceman from the Chicago suburbs. From new in Grigio Argento MM16003 body with a Nero Tropicale top and black roof.

1960, 22 Jan., build date.

1960, new to R.W. Johnson, a serviceman from the Chicago who picked it up in Italy.

1976, sold by R.W. Johnson to John D. Keller of Evanston, IL. Keller repainted the car in silver and had the leather seats and chrome redone. Engine rebuilt, brake, exhaust, fuel pump and new clutch by John Hajduk of Motorcraft.

1977, offered by John D. Keller of Evanston, IL at $11,800 when painted silver/black.

1979, 02 Jun., offered in Ferrari Market Letter by John D. Keller for $13,800.

1979, sold to Dave Korn. He had the carpets replaced, the wheels rewired and re-chromed and a few chrome pieces replated. Dave Korn also detailed the engine compartment and replaced the expensive braided fuel and oil hoses with new ones from FAF.

1983, sold by Dave Korn to Rick Mancuso, Lake Forest Sportscars.

1984, sold to Q. B. Gustin of Evanston, Illinois.

1984, 15 Oct., new Illinois title issued to Quentin B. Gustin, Evanston, IL, 60203.

1990, 28 Apr.-07 July, for sale in the Ferrari Market Letter by Walnut Creek Ferrari, 415 947 1800. Silver with black interior. Disc brakes, electric overdrive, excellent original interior. Drives beautifully. Two owners. 31,000 miles. $275,000.

1990, 27 Oct.,-08 Dec., and 22 Dec., for sale in the Ferrari Market Letter by Walnut Creek Ferrari. Part of display ad [October]. $259,000.

1991, 05 Jan.,-25 May, for sale in the Ferrari Market Letter by Walnut Creek Ferrari. Silver with black interior. Borrani wire wheels. A very good repaint, a lot of originality. Looks and drives excellently. Asking $259,000.

1991, 25 May,-20 July, for sale in the Ferrari Market Letter by Walnut Creek Ferrari. Silver with black interior. Very original, has been painted. Borranis. Excellent condition, great driver. Asking $210,000.

1991, 02-03 Nov., no sale at The Auction held in Las Vegas, NV for $105,000.

1992, sold to R. Mummery of Miami, Florida.

1998, to Barry Russinof, FL.

1998, sold by Barry Russinof to Mike Farmer, Rockford, MI.

1998, 16 Mar., serviced for Mike Farmer by Foreign Cars Inc, 235 S.W. 32nd Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 33315. Rebuild overdrive unit, flush fuel system. Total invoice: $2,665.95.

1998, 19 Nov., Michigan title issued to Mike Farmer, Preferred Distribution & Sales, 300 Byrne Industrial Drive, Rockford, MI, 49341.

2000, 10 Oct., serviced for Mike Farmer by Terry Myr, 6811 Sparling Road, Smiths Creek, MI, 48074. Remove and refit cylinder heads, grind valves and seats, re-assemble and tune. Total invoice: $6,019.00.

2002, 02 Nov., offered at RM’s Novi auction.

2002, to Fox Motorsports, MI. Sold to a local collector. That collector had the interior tastefully refinished in dark red hides/carpets and had the exterior re-sprayed in silver. Fitted with a set of 15x7 Borrani wire wheels with Michelin XWX tires (proper 5.5 x 400 Borrani wheels with 185 x 400 Michelin X tires are included) and upgrades were made to the exhaust.

2006, back to Fox Motorsports.

2007-2008, serviced by well known vintage Ferrari expert of Michigan, Terry Myr, where over $25,000 was spent taking care of electrical items, re-plating trim bits, rebuilding the brakes, radiator work, major suspension work, and other mechanical updates necessary to keep the car in excellent driving condition.

Page #1/ Electrical work, overhauled generator, cleaned headlight switch contacts, complete rebuild of front suspension and brake calipers. All new bushings, kingpin bushings, suspension pins, painted or plated all components, new sway bar bushings, rebuilt brake equalizer, all new rubber hoses, R&R radiator and re-cored, rebuilt radiator fan, rebuilt water pump, modified for a 308 pump seal, rebuilt brake master cylinder,

Page #2/ rebuilt and reset front and rear shocks, repaired horn, replaced bushings in rear suspension, transmission and differential fluid service, re-sealed rear differential, new water hoses.

Page #3-4/ parts page list [3] and rebuilt heater system, re-cored heater box, overhauled heater motor, setup heater control cables, new battery. Total invoice all four pages: $2,431 + $15,360 + $1,936 + $5,566, total: $25,293.

2010, 31 Oct., serviced by Fox Motorsports. Fluid service, oil and filters changed. cooling system and brakes flushed. Rebuilt fuel pump and fitted new fuel pump diaphragm. Fitted new suspension bushings, pressed out old bushing, painted steering arms. Total invoice: $1.912.65.

2011, January, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s

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