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1960 Ferrari 250 GT PF Cabriolet Series II Serial Number 2077 GT


Lead photograph of 1960 Ferrari 250 GT PF Cabriolet Series II Serial Number 2077 GT


Make   Ferrari Model   250 GT PF Cabriolet Series II
Year   1960 Serial #   2077 GT
Engine #   2077 (numero interno 542F) VIN   
Engine Type   128F Chassis Type   508F
Build Sequence #    Number Built   202
Body Type   Cabriolet Body Builder   Pinin Farina
First Owner   Malago Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   Yes Current Location   Arizona


1960 Ferrari 250 GT PF Cabriolet s/n 2077 GT, finished in a gorgeous red with tan leather, tan carpets and a black canvas top. This beautiful 250 Series II PF Cabriolet was restored by Antique Auto Restoration, Seaside, California from the bare tub and frame up in 2002–2007 at a cost of $250,000. All work is well-documented with over 100 pages of invoices and a photo album with over 250 photos. Comes with copies of the original build sheets confirming the matching engine, transmission and differential numbers and the Ferrari Heritage Certificate. The restoration was done with great attention to detail and the gauges were rebuilt and refaced by Mo Ma, the best in the business. Comes with a show-ready full leather tool roll with all tools and the jack.

Sold in 2008 and further sorted and serviced by famed Ferrari mechanic Bill Rudd with just over $50,000 in service invoices. The gearbox shifts perfectly, up and down, even when cold. The overdrive works well and shifts into and out of overdrive instantly, complemented by full rebuilt brakes and a suspension with everything working well. No smoke, no oil leak issues, great oil pressure. Finished in very high quality Ferrari red over a freshly restored body with all new tan leather with tan carpets. Excellent panel fit. Fitted with the correct Marchal driving lights, 16″ Borranis and 16″ Michelin X 185R400 tires. Chrome trim and panels all fit better than new. New black canvas top with a new back window. Proven and perfect for the Colorado Grand, California Mille and other touring events. All service invoices over the last ten years on file. An unusually nice 250 GT PF Cabriolet that has just over 2,000 miles since completion of the restoration in 2007. Last shown at the 2012 Dana Point concours and competed in the 2012 California Mille. Just completed a pre-sale inspection by Sports and Collector Car Center with excellent compression.


S/n 2077 GT. 250 PF Cabriolet II. PF job number: 29769. Grigio fumo MM 16672, vinyl and leather, nero 8500. Destination: Malago. Engine internal n° 542F

1960, 24 June, entered PF, finished Sept. 03, 1960, on job no. 29769. Now repainted red, beige interior. Tipo 128 F engine, outside plugs, Houdaille shocks, internal engine no. 542F.

1976, owned by Kenneth M. Wall, friend of Jim Campbell in Atlanta, GA. Wall was moving, car being kept for him by Campbell. Red with black interior & black cloth top.

1979, 08 Apr., offered in the L.A. Times by the VIP Toy Store at 213-473-0847 (CA). Red with black interior. As new.

1979, offered in the Ferrari Market Letter, issue # 0421, by the VIP Toy Store at 213-473-0847 (CA). Red with black interior. As new.

2001, May, in Monterey, California, & has been partially disassembled for the last 14 years. The current owner appears to have lost interest in continuing the restoration. He has owned the car for 15 years & there is approximately 48,000 km on the car. It was last totally functional 14 years ago but the engine, which is still in the chassis, was run periodically for a while but not in last seven years.

2001, 10 Aug., owned by Denny Paul, Carmel, CA. Recently purchased.

2002, 27 Nov., Certificato di Identificazione Heritage Certificate issued by Ferrari.

2002, 07 Nov., restoration started with invoice from Antique Auto Restoration, 1975 Del Monte Blvd., Seaside, California 93955. Invoice # 1618, Mr. Denny Paul, Ferrari 250 Cabriolet. Dash disassembled and assembled, parts, repaired heater motor and core, repaired heater box, cleaned, repaired and painted interior trim black, repaired wiper parts disassembled suspension. 49 hours @ $65.00, Total: $3,432.23.

2002, 10 Dec., invoice from Antique Auto Restoration. Invoice # 1630. Disassembled suspension front and rear, removed fuel tank, pulled engine, transmission, drive shaft, harness, brackets, lines, etc. Mounted on cart, sent to blaster, cleaned and prepared parts for paint, repaired brackets and steering housing, cleanup hoses and fittings and prepared for assembly. 785 hrs @ $65.00 Total $5,565.34.

2002, 19 Dec., Invoice # 10367, Mo Ma 1321 Second St. NW Albuquerque, NM 87102. Bill to: Antique Auto Restoration 1975 Del Monte Blvd, Seaside, CA 93955. Ferrari 250 #2077, Speedo, tach, oil pr, oil temp, water temp, clock to quartz: senders for both temps incl, new. Total: $3,222.00.

2003, 12 Jan., invoice # 1667 from Antique Auto Restoration. Cleaned small parts, blast prepared, painted and assembled heater and miscellaneous small parts, cleaned shocks, machined head puller, disassembled rear end, cleaned and blast prepared for paint. 60 hrs @ $65.00. Total: $5,092.31.

2003, 13 Feb., invoice # 1694 from Antique Auto Restoration. Blasted and cleaned interior, suspension, engine compartment, and parts. Sealed and painted, sort coils, cleaned and plated suspension. Parts: ordered suspension bushings and kingpins. Front disassembled, rear end cleaned and prepared parts, painted and blasted. 72 hrs @ 65.00 $4,680. Total: $8,422.51.

2003, 12 Mar., invoice # 1689 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts: $705.58, Cleaned and prepared chrome parts. Repaired over-riders, disassembled engine, cleaned parts, inspected, measured and prepared for machining. 45 hrs @ $65.00. Total $5,350.50.

2003, 03 Apr., invoice # 1637 from Antique Auto Restoration. Clutch cover: $175.00, intake valves and exhaust valves: $1,328.12, rod bearings: $293.60, main bearings: $844.67, valve springs: $680.00 and gasket set: $538.48. Total Parts: $4,547.36. Cleaned and polished grill, prepared crank and parts and delivered. Cleaned and prepared or fabricated interior aluminum, prepared chrome and nickel parts and shipped. Removed lead from body seams and openings, built spit jigs. 83.5 hrs @ 65.00. $5,425. Total: $10,530.81.

2003, 30 Apr., invoice # 1777 from Antique Auto Restoration. Total parts $1,307.88. Disassembled interior parts for chrome plating and polishing, cleaned prepared and painted miscellaneous parts, interior components and suspension brackets, disassembled differential and rebuilt gears and bearings. 32 hrs @ $65.00 $2,080.00 Total: $6,600.66.

2003, 08 June, invoice # 1707 from Antique Auto Restoration. Total Parts: $1,214.11. Packed and shipped chrome, cleaned and prepared engine parts, assembled, prepared and painted differential parts, sorted and cleaned seat frames, fit body to spit for floor work, stripped undercoat, cut out floor panels, cleaned and blasted. Machined dies for floors. Fabricated panels and prepared for welding. 104 hours @ $65.00. $9,079.37.

2003, 03 July, invoice # 1843 from Antique Auto Restoration. Rebuilt differential and rear axles, broke down transmission and ordered parts. 26 hrs @ $65.00 $1,690.00. Total: $6,179.22.

2003, 01 Aug., invoice # 1833 from Antique Auto Restoration. Rebuilt transmission and replaced bearings shaft. Machined floor dies, stamped floors, fabricated lower floor panels and welded. Repaired and transferred seat parts to used frame. Prepared and painted small parts. 60 hrs @ 65.00 $3,900.00. Total: $5,537.13.

2003, 26 Aug., invoice # 1822 from Antique Auto Restoration. Total parts: $341.36. Sealed and painted miscellaneous parts, rebuilt overdrive, completed transmission unit, fabricated lower floor panels, welded and sealed, fitted upper floor panels, prepared for installation, repaired seat frame and fit to floors. 84 hrs @ $65.00 - $4,095. Total: $4,493.45.

2003, 01 Oct., invoice # 1805 from Antique Auto Restoration. Fabricated floors, heat shields and inside braces, reinforced seat mounts and welded. Fabricated tailpipe pockets, outside corners, battery box and trunk main floor. Fabricated miscellaneous patches to fender bottoms, wheel wells and braces to weld. 31 hrs NC/Bind 128 @ $65.00. Total: $5,483.40.

2003, 03 Nov., invoice # 1790 from Antique Auto Restoration. Fabricated and installed trunk panels, exhaust shields and frame braces. Cut, blasted and cleaned body braces. Installed new covers, cut and fabricated new miscellaneous replacements for rusty and distorted frame sections. 106 hours @ 65.00 $5,167.50. Total: $6,025.29.

2004, 14 Feb., invoice # 1915 from Antique Auto Restoration. Total parts and paint supplies: $1,070.84. Fabricated, fitted and welded quarter panel passenger side. Fabricated patches and fitted corner valance, tail pipe cover, rear valance and fender well. Fabricated patches and fitted driver side fender well and quarter panel, rocker panel, channel and door opening corners. Fabricated nut plates, mounted and fitted door for rocker fit. Prepared parts for nickel plating. 120 hours. Total: $5,621.94.

2004, 10 Mar., invoice # 1947 from Antique Auto Restoration. Metalwork supplies: 489.95. Welded rocker and lower quarter panel, cut front fender and hinge panel, blasted rust and fabricated left point and hinge braces and weld, fabricate and weld fender skin – metal work. Set door to body. 74 hrs, 42 hrs @ $65.00 - 2000, 32 bwmp, Total: $3,025.47.

2004, 07 Apr., invoice # 1956 from Antique Auto Restoration. Metal supplies $856.47. Finish left fender metal work, fit door – cut out door corner, fabricate inner bracing and hinge mounts, weld, refit and align, fabricate skin and weld, seal repairs p/up engine block and crank, inspect machining and send for boring. 45 hrs @ $65.00. Total: $3,784.31.

2004, 15 Apr., invoice # 1921 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts and materials $1181.06. Prep hoses and fittings for plating. Clean and prep small parts for paint. Repair air cleaner and handles for plate. Repair mechanisms, heater and door locks and switches. Prep drawings for fabrication check, inventory and research. 19 hrs @ $65.00 = $926.25. Plating machine work $1,274.00. Total: $3,466.93.

2004, 27 May, invoice # 2010 from Antique Auto Restoration. Total Materials $576.97. Driver’s door fabricate skin and hinge panel (rust. repair), r/rocker pane and inner bracing, and inner fender cut out and rust treat. Remove nose panel. Fabricate inner tube framing rad. support –; light and fender and bumper bracing. Weld in Fabricate 1/4 panel and lift bracing and rocker panel. $2,437.50. Total: $6,634.96.

2004, 26 Jun., invoice # 2006 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts: 5674.69. Fabricate R/S rocker, blast inner rusted areas, fabricate inner structures, 1/4 panel and rocker. Fit skin cutout, front fender and inner stucture and hinge panel. Fabricate and weld, fit door and weld hinge. Metal work, skins and tack in. 97 hrs. 30 bmwp 67 hrs @ $65.00 = $3,266.25. Total: $6,397.36.

2004, 27 Jul., invoice # 2020 from Antique Auto Restoration. Fabricate. Repair panels l/rocker, hinge panel and pillar, front fender jack point - fit tack and weld, metal work same, align and mount door, layout and fabricate belly pan, test bolt to frame, blast all inner panels for final seal, clean and repair misc. switches, order bumper. Total: $6,085.70.

2004, 15 Sep., invoice # 2065 from Antique Auto Restoration. Total supplies and materials $696.16. Clean gauges and misc. parts, prep for assembly, install front bumper brackets and weld, sort and decide irregularities, fit nose pos. metal work grill opening to fit nose and grill surround, fabricate fender corners and metalwork and weld. 48hrs = $2340.00. Total: $3,086.63.

2004, 15 Oct., invoice # 2074 from Antique Auto Restoration. Total materials $475.54. Work chrome parts and taillight lenses. Install trunk repair latch captured nuts, gas door rear bumper fit and lead body lines to fit and weld front panel and weld in, fit front bumper to panels cut, out grill and fit body to grill, weld in corners, ship chrome for stripping. Total: $5,077.02.

2004, 03 Nov., invoice # 2113 from Antique Auto Restoration. Finished details, misc. parts, knobs, lenses, small chrome etc.. Cut tank, cleaned and ream welded plate. 22 hrs $1,072.50. Total: $4,111.50.

2004, 15 Dec., invoice # 2078 from Antique Auto Restoration. $313.75 – Parts. Lead work, grill opening, repair fender braces and front fender corners. Repair h/light openings, install capt. Nuts. Mount and gap door. Fitted trunk and gapped, fitted rear bumper, cut down and welded, fitted and sorted hood hinges, metal prepared and sealed misc. areas. Total: $1,709.99.

2005, 11 Jan., invoice # 2135 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts: $597.84. Fit mord, sort hinges and springs, fit trunk, sort latch and hinges, fit doors, move hinges up, cut and weld to move hood lines, fit bumpers and cut to match silver solder to fill and send for chrome, send grill surround to strip finish fit and prep for bodywork. 60 hrs 25hrs @ $65.00. Total: $1,319.18.

2005, 17 Mar., invoice from Bruce Terry specialty Metal Fabrication 555 Charles Avenue Seaside, CA 93955, Fit new bumper for 250 Ferrari (mid-section only) with all original hardware style to fit supplies bumper ends (R_C) estimated time 21 h = $1,512, actual 23 h = $1,656. Mats $58.00. Total: $1,714.00.

2005, 4 May, invoice # 2358 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts and paint materials $725.67. Lead and file fender lip, cut and shrink h/light nacel, lead and file h lights w/fixtures, fit deck lid and lead opening, fit bumper rear and trim to fit bodywork l fender, door 1/4 panel block out. 72 hrs @ $65.00. $3,510.00. Total $4,336.60.

2005, 16 Jun., invoice # 2174 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts, body work supplies $785.71, Final small details metal work, head lights, grill, weld trunk lid, cut and weld hood corner body work, lead and all metal body work, left 1/4 panel door, front fender hood and cowl grill bodywork opening, and fit, 90 hrs @ $65.00 = $4,400.00. Total: $5,242.67.

2005, 02 Aug., invoice # 2316 from Antique Auto Restoration. Finish body work – grill w/ fit, fit windshield and finish cowl, fit hood – lead and bodywork opening and finish lines – weld alum. cracks – bodywork fenders, fit headlights, adjust corners, finish body work – work doors lines to fenders and rockers, finish rockers front valance hood outside – block all areas assembled hood doors fenders 1/4s rear valance. Total $5363.53.

2005, 20 Sep., invoice # 2381 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts, body and paint materials $709.20. Block-out body work all body in 80. Fit all fixtures lights, w/s, etc.. Prime high build and block 120 – Prime and guy coat. 88 hrs @ $65.00 $4,290.00. Total: $6,456.01.

2005, 12 Nov., invoice # 2187 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts, body and paint materials $2,738.79. Block body in 120 complete, prime block body in 180 complete. Final sand all inner surfaces, hood doors, trunk, jambs, dash, etc.. Finish work lines (fender tops, sides). Block 240 plus seal for paint. 101 hrs @ $65.00. Total: $7,875.40.

2005, 28 Dec., invoice # 2277 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts, Body and paint materials: $922.61. Final block 320 body sand or scuff underside, eng comp., trunk, cabin, inside, doors etc., seal undercoat as necessary and paint. Mask and paint interior, mask prep color and clear ext. weld and repair dash prepare and paint. 89 hrs @ $65.00. Total $4,350.00. Total: $9,120.46.

2006, 27 Jan., invoice # 2286 from Antique Auto Restoration. Paint materials: $352.69. Color sand and buff w/ 800 then 1000, prep and paint doors, trunk, hood and small parts. 72 hrs @ $65.00: $3,510.00. Total: $7,314.26.

2006, 25 May, invoice # 2492 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts: 2 Rebuilt kingpins: $1,000.00, 4 Sway bar links: $208.00. 4 Bushings: $448.00, 4 upper and lower cross: $398.00. 120 bearings: $174.00. 2 strong bearings: $36.00, 4 motor mounts: $620.00, 4 kingpin thrust covers: $291.04. 2 sway bar mounts: $188.36. 2 thrust washers: $120.76, 2 washers slider: $182.02, spring liners: $48.00, nuts and bolts: $85.00, inserts and kit: $56.49, upholstery material: $89.00, Panel Boars: $62.50, Door seal T. $16.00, Rear spring bush: $628.82, Arp studs and nuts: $135.10, saddle leather: $2,531.25, Paint Materials: $426.01. Prep and paint springs and misc., assemble rear springs and wing windows, chase parts. 23 @ $65.00. Total Labor : $1,121.25, Total Parts: $7,744.35. Leather dep. $3,500.00.

2006, 2 Aug., invoice # 2400 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts: exh system, stain: $3,500.00. Total parts and materials: $4,660.37. Assembled front suspension, bushings. Machine sm parts. Assemble leaf springs, rear axle, links stops etc.. Gas tank and send, install front a arm and kingpin and misc lside, fit leather to dash, assemble gauges, switches, wind wings, fit front bumpers, trim as necessary. 152 hrs @ $65.00. Total Labor $7,410.00, Total Parts: $4,660.37. Total: $12,684.13.

2006, 19 Sep., invoice # 2416 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts: $213.57. Repair 1 seat back – remake 2nd seat back to match 1st. Disassemble, clean, service electrical fuse panels and light control, paint and start harness assembly. Polish grill panels, fit gas gauge and dash panel assembly. Fit bumpers and fabricate mount covers, disassemble and machine screw pivots, conv. top, assemble front suspension w springs and complete. Total Labor $4,382.00. Total Parts $213.57. Total: $5,016.50.

2006, 25 Sep., invoice from Andy and Me Upholstery, 475-B Olympia Avenue, Sand City, CA. 93955. 831-899-3311. Balance: $2,319.03.

2006, 10 Oct., invoice # 2446 from Antique Auto Restoration. Mechanical Parts: $1,891.8, water pump deposit: $800.00. Prep brake calipers, clean and rebuild, prep brake hydraulics, parts lines, fit or fabricate and fit brake lines , sort fuel parts, fit lines, fabricate hoses, clean and prep engine parts, order timing components and fuel kits, build wiper motor, fit harness thru car, fabricate brackets, sort elect. switch and fit find water pump parts. Total: $7,928.29.

2006, 14 Dec., invoice # 2540 from Antique Auto Restoration. Mechanical parts: $3,885.68. Assemble crank, rods, pistons, oil pump and p/u timing and idler gears, fuel pump, heads, cams, front cover, set valves – cam timing. Rebuild carbs, rebuild shifter tower, fabricate 2 water tube assemblies (stainless). 81 hrs @ $65.00: $3,950.00. Total: $8,010.64.

2007, 19 Jan., invoice # 2538 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts: fuel filter: $12.00, stainless tubing water: $266.73, nuts slotted: $67.62, bearings T. Cover: $55.34, misc. parts and materials: $884.01. Zinc carb linkage, machined banjo bolts 12x14x35. Installed fuel lines, rear and eng comp. Install eng. Transmission assembly, fit carbs and lines, fit b/u light fixture and prepared for paint. Install h lights, taillights, rebuild dist w/ new igh parts, time and sync on sun machine, 57 @ 65.00. Total Labor $3,300.00. Parts: $884.01. Total: $4363.14.

2007, 14 Feb., invoice # 2547 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts: $246.75. Installed lights. Reflectors fitted and welded water pipes, machined fittings and powder coated. Fitted to car, prepared bumpers and took to plater. Prepared and painted small parts and fitted to car reverse light etc., assembled hoses, starter, generator, distributors, fog lights, heater fan and oil lines. 57 hrs @ $65.00. Total labor: $2,780.00. Parts: $246.75. Total: $4,339.64.

2007, 13 Mar., invoice # 2552 from Antique Auto Restoration. Installed oil line with fittings, plug wires and numbered, installed dashboard and started wiring to gauges and switches. Repaired turn signal switch and contacts. Installed column prepared and painted seat frames. Machined parts for sun visors, sorted heat connections, fitted water tubes, sorted switch (lights) send headers for coating. 66 hrs @ $65.00. Total Labor: $3,217.50. Total Parts: $338.58. Total: $3,580.64.

2007, 25 Apr., invoice # 2607 from Antique Auto Restoration. Total parts: $593.43. Worked on sun visor parts, machined mold and holders and fabricated 6 each. Installed driveshaft and bumper fabricated. Heat Shield, coated, and installed headers and shields unfit tack weld R&R finish welded and prepared for coating exhaust system. Cut and fitted padding and carpet, bond cover balance of interior panels, fitted prepared and painted inner fenders, gas covers, etc., machined exhaust nuts. 150 hrs @ $65.00. Total Labor: $7,300.00. Total parts: $593.43. Total: $10,446.35.

2007, 10 May, invoice # 2564 from Antique Auto Restoration. Paint exhaust barbecue black. Fit convertible top hooks, gas tank covers, tank and exhaust system. R&R calipers, prepared and painted. Solder and wire headlights, tank and backup light. Fitted inner fenders. Sorted fuel pump operation. Fitted trunk panels and hinge, finished fabricating visor bar and mount bracket, machined plastic for inner spin for oil pressure. Started engine and momentary idle. Installed bumper guards front and rear. Total Labor: $5,400.0. Total: $5,521.68.

2007, 13 June, invoice # 2620 from Antique Auto Restoration. Parts: $1,058.59. Get running. Final details: engine completed, dashboard gauges fitted, fitted interior, made trunk panels, sorted bind, trunk detailed, final chrome parts sent. Fitted grille and trim, welded corners, and fitted bumper. Fitted glass etc. Fitted hood, trunk and many many items fit sorted and mounted. 185 hrs. Total Labor $9,000.00. Total Parts $1,058.59. Less Glass $1,200.00. Total: $9,055.11.

2007, 25 July, invoice # 10007500 from Coker Tire Company 1317 Chestnut St. Chattanooga, TN 37402-4418. Ship to Paul Denny. Previously paid: $1,275.28.

2007, 30 July, Antique Auto Restoration. Finished wiring dash and trunk. Installed seat belts, bumpers, emblems, trunk pads, hood, screen windshield, belly pan, mirror, door seals and latches. Fitted seats, run, tune top and cover. Disassemble top for chrome canons assembly. Sun visors machined screws start top installation. 180 hrs. $8,000.00. Parts: $1,913.06. Total $13,787.82.

2007, August, shown at the Ferrari Club of America Pacific Region Vintage Concours at Concorso Italia, Seaside, CA. Silver award.

2007, 14 Sep., final invoice # 2656 for finishing work from Antique Auto Restoration. Finished convertible top, installed and fitted defroster. Final dash wiring, ducts etc., sorted exhaust leaks, finished sun visors and installed finished door sills. Sorted switches, tested all electronics, test drove and detailed. 90 hrs. Total Labor: $3,510.00. Total Parts: $517.94. Total: $4,163.55.

2007, 29 Nov., sold to Robert Harris, part of his major collection, Salt Lake City, Utah. Sold for $575,000, then the highest price ever paid for a 250 PF Series II Cab.

2008, April, for sale with Mark Ketcham, Ketcham Imports, Mill Valley, CA.

2008, May, Robert Harris sold 250 PF Cab s/n 2077, 250 SWB California Spyder s/n 4137 GT, 250 Series I PF Cabriolet s/n 0737 GT and Enzo s/n 135264 as part of a package to a Silicon Valley collector.

2008, 21 Dec., serviced by Bill Rudd’s shop, Equus, Inc. 172 Laurel Street Redwood City, CA. Removed and disassembled the transmission. Removed the overdrive from the transmission. Sent main gear and synchronizer components to the lab for magnaflux and crack testing. Checked brakes, feel weak: $7,950.00. Removed brake wheel cylinders. Disassembled the vacuum booster. Checked broken wire at right side of distributor: $2,025.00. Checked cause of fuel leak under left front of engine: $225.00. Replaced fuel hose from main pipe to mechanical pump with correct 10mm. Brake discs were cut too small, ordered new: $2,325.00. Parts: $12,173.42. Labor: $24,600.00. Total amount: $39,259.45.

2009, 02 Feb., serviced by Equus, Inc. sublet to Bayonet Motorsports 299 E. McGlincy Lane Suite A, Campbell, CA 95008. Check carburetors synchronization: $3,075.00. Removed carburetors, disassembled. Checked cylinder head nuts torque. Inspected rollers, rockers and adjusting screws for correct operation. Checked camshaft timing against factory specifications and strobe light test adjusted ignition timing to factory specifications: $6,150.00. Labor $9,225.00. Sublet $1,081.00. Total amount: $11,155.20.

2012, 16–18 Aug., Russo & Steele 12th Annual Monterey, CA Auction:

”The 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina Series II Cabriolet, Serial number #2077 GT, offered at Russo and Steele’s Monterey auction this August 16–18, 2012, features a complete restoration by well-known authorities, Antique Auto Restoration, with extensive receipts and documentation of concours level workmanship. The platinum level restoration resulted in a beautiful Series II that is ready for the show field or a touring event. Additional receipts reflect work from noted authorities Equus Inc, and parts garnered from T.Rutlands, Lyle Tanner Ent., MadEnterprise, OKP, MoMa, Tillack & Co. among others. Indicative of the comprehensive level of documentation and attention to detail, the 2077 GT also has the Factory Build Sheets from Ferrari, verifying the “numbers matching” status of the correct factory 128F engine, this stunning Cabriolet is complete with a platinum required tool kit and most significantly, the original Heritage Certificate #0001061 issued by Ferrari.“

Sold post auction.

2012, November, on consignment with Michael Sheehan’s

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