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1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Serial Number 10669


Lead photograph of 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Serial Number 10669


Make   Ferrari Model   275 GTB/4
Year   1967 Serial #   10669 GT
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   226 Chassis Type   596
Build Sequence #    Number Built   330
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   Davis Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   


A well documented Ferrari with just three known owners. Only 28,245 miles on the odometer. US delivery. New to Miles Davis.


S/n 10669 GT. 275 GTB/4.

New to Miles Davis the musician.

1979-80, Ferrari Owner’s Club Roster listed by Darryl Greenamyer, a famous test pilot, Verdi, Nevada.

1980, FOC Roster, listed by Greenamyer.

1987, to Al Allin, race car and airplane mechanic. Stored in his airplane hanger in you–can’t–get–there–from–here Texas, the town too small to be on a map.

2001, July, still with Al Allin. Inspected by a very reliable contact. Described as straight inner structure and inner fender panels. Good body gaps and panel fit. Has straight eared knockoffs with five Borrani wires wheels. Has good XWXs with good tread but old with some dry rot. 28,245 miles showing. US delivery. New to Miles Davis. Minor items such as the knob for bonnet release is missing. Front bumpers show some bumps and grind marks under rechrome. Rear bumper also shows some grind marks under rechromed.

Headliner and rear inner sails panels are exceptionally nice.

No books, no tools except for knockoff hammer.

Engine was oiled internally before being put into storage and turned over frequently.

Not a drop of oil under the car. No oil leaks visible anywhere. Oil in the sump was new looking and honey clear.

All fluids will have to be changed, clutch hydraulics will have to be rebuilt. Carbs will have to be rebuilt. Brakes are up and feel good but will be rebuilt because of age. Exhaust is correct and appears to be okay. Under hood area is presentable and correct. Needs the mother of all details.

Has an extra set of headlight covers in the wrapping.

2001, 11 Sept., the car arrived at Tim Stanford’s shop in Fort Lauderdale for major service work.

As per Tim, as it arrived, no battery, air cleaner is off but with the car. As per Tim the car was pickled properly. A very good unrestored car.

Paint has some cracking in the nose area. Chrome on front and rears bumpers has been redone but only okay. Tires are XWXs but are old and cracking. Still has the original Pirelli heater hose with the original clamps, but… need to be replaced, of course.

2001, 24 Sept., as per call from Tim Stanford, they expect to have the compression check completed and the car running and driving by this weekend. Will speak with him at the end of the week to coordinate.

2001, 27 Sept., as per conversation with Tim Stanford, there was some corrosion in the gas tanks, so the gas tanks have been boiled out, have come back, but now are at a fabricator having part of the gas neck area and a few small problem areas repaired.

Once the fuel tanks are repaired they will go back to the test shop and be leak tested, the fiberglass work will be repaired, and they will be ready to install.

The carburetors were removed from the car and boiled out, are being rebuilt, and were less gummed up than expected.

The engine does spin freely. Not a problem. Once the carbs are on and the fuel tanks are back in place it will be a driver. They hope to have the car done by the second week of October.

2001, 3 Oct., spoke with Tim. They have rebuilt the carburetors. They have cleaned out the fuel tanks. The engine spins freely and runs well. Fuel tanks are now expected back later this week, since some welding work needs to be done on the filler necks. Then the car will be ready to drive.

2001, 12 Oct. car runs and drives well, but as expected the brake system has to be done through. Now expected to be completed end of Oct.

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