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1978 Ferrari 312 T3 Serial Number 034


This car was pre–sold. Many of the cars we sell were purchased to order; meaning that clients asked us to research our database and the market to find them an exceptional vehicle. Some of these “purchased to order” cars are posted as a courtesy to their owners, as a resource to historians and enthusiasts, and as examples of the many quality vehicles we supply to our clients.

Lead photograph of 1978 Ferrari 312 T3 Serial Number 034


Make   Ferrari Model   312 T3
Year   1978 Serial #   034
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type    Chassis Type   
Build Sequence #    Number Built   
Body Type    Body Builder   
First Owner   SEFAC Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   England


1978 Ferrari 312 T3 s/n 034, the 1978 Canadian Grand Prix winner driven by Gilles Villeneuve. The most significant Ferrari in Canadian racing history. T3 s/n 034 has a very extensive race history with Gilles Villeneuve including the Long Beach GP; Monaco GP; Belgium GP: Spanish GP; Swedish GP; British GP; Austrian GP; Dutch GP; Italian GP; US GP East; the win at the Canadian GP on 08 Oct., 1978 and the Brazilian GP. It has been with one owner since 1985 and hasn’t been offered since 1985.

Designed by Mauro Forghieri and was the weapon of choice for SEFAC Ferrari from 1975 until 1980. The 312 T3 featured a mid-engine 180 degree flat twelve with four valves per cylinder, iron cylinder liners, four main bearings tuned to give 515 bhp @ 12,200 rpm. The 312T series won twenty-seven races, four constructors’ and brought Ferrari three drivers’ championships. 312 T3 s/n 034 was completely rebuilt by the F1 department at Ferrari SEFAC 1994-1995.


1978, 02 Apr., at the U.S. West GP, Long Beach, DNF due to accident, G. Villeneuve. Race #12.

1978, 07 May, at the Monaco GP, DNF due to accident, G. Villeneuve. Race #12.

1978, 21 May, at the Belgian GP, 4th, G. Villeneuve. Race #12.

1978, 04 June, at the Spanish GP, 10th, G. Villeneuve. Race #12.

1978, 17 June, at the Swedish GP, 9th, G. Villeneuve. Race #12.

1978, 16 July, at the British GP, DNF due to drive shaft, G. Villeneuve. Race #12.

1978, 13 Aug., at the Austrian GP, 3rd, G. Villeneuve. Race #12.

1978, 27 Aug., at the Dutch GP, 6th, G. Villeneuve. Race #12.

1978, 10 Sept.,at the Italian GP, 7th, G. Villeneuve. Race #12.

1978, 01 Oct., at the U.S. East GP, DNF due to engine, G. Villeneuve. Race #12.

1978, 08 Oct., at the Canadian GP, 1st, G. Villeneuve. Race #12.

1979, 04 Feb., at the Brazilian GP, 5th, G. Villeneuve. Race #12.

Sold to UK collector Michael F. Vernon of Acton Trussell, Staffordshire. Michael Vernon’s collection focused on single seaters and he owned a remarkable collection of F1 Ferraris between the 1970s and the late 1980s.

To Don Walker, Dallas, Texas.

1985, January, sold to Nick Mason, drummer for Pink Floyd, (GB). During the early part of Nick Mason’s ownership, the car was loaned for a display in Canada.

Restored by Bob Houghton Ferrari in the 1980s.

1987, 04 Oct., displayed at Ferrari Club Italia Meet, Imola, Italy.

1989, 1-10 Dec., 22nd International Motor Show, Essen, Germany.

1992, 25-26 July, Ferrari Owner’s Club meet, Silverstone, England, Nick Mason.

1994, 20-21 June, at the Festival of Speed, Goodwood.

1994, 21 June, damaged hitting hay bales at Goodwood, driven by Mike Wilds.

1994-1995, completely rebuilt by Ferrari SEFAC.

1997, 25-27 July, Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone, Nick Mason.

1999, 18-20 June, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Nick Mason.

2007, 16-25 Feb., shown at Retromobile.

2007, at the International Motor Show, Essen, Germany.

2012, 06-10 Feb., shown at Retromobile.

2012, 29 Feb., listed and offered by Mike Sheehan’s

2012, 05 Mar., sold by Mike Sheehan’s to a Canadian client.

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