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1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Series II Serial Number 8025 GT


Lead photograph of 1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Series II Serial Number 8025 GT


Make   Ferrari Model   330 GT 2+2 Series II
Year   1966 Serial #   8025 GT
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   209/65 Chassis Type   571/65
Build Sequence #    Number Built   460 (two-headlight)
Body Type   Coupe 2+2 Body Builder   Pininfarina
First Owner   DeLuca Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   Yes Current Location   Florida


1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 s/n 8025. Series II 330 GT 2+2 with air conditioning, power windows and Borrani wires with Pirelli P4000 tires. It also has the much improved late model “hanging pedal” brake system. Excellent patina with very nice older Ferrari red paint over a good body with very nice older light tan leather interior. Very detailed ownership and service history with over 60 pages of receipts. Engine overhaul by Bob Wallace in the mid–1980s at 52,713 kms. Now has 78,050 kms. Very nice underneath. Has the owner’s handbook, owner’s manual and copies of the original build sheets. Nicely detailed engine compartment. A very user–friendly Enzo–era Ferrari that runs well, drives nicely and makes good power.


S/N 8025 GT, 330 GT 2+2, Pininfarina 2+2 Series II, Chassis Tipo 571/65, Motor Tipo 209 No. 1292, Gearbox Tipo 571/1088 No. 190/65, Rear Axle Tipo 571/65 No. 187/65, Assembly Number 693; December 23, 1965.

Identified as 330 GT 2+2 Series II. Destinazione DeLuca, Italy. Assembly sequence no. 693, body no. n/a. (H. Raab "Ferrari Serial Numbers Part I, 2nd ed.").

1966, sold to DeLuca, Italy.

1974, December, offered by Capt. Julian Thomas, Parris Island, SC. Gray with blue leather. Two–owner car with air. Since purchase in Italy gearbox & differential have been overhauled. (FCA Dec 1974).

1976, July, owned by Fulvio Valsecchi, Hilton Head, SC. (FAF customer).

1978, 21 Oct., offered by Fulvio Valsecchi, Hilton Head, SC. Original paint. New rear end, clutch, pressure plate, carpet, door window seals. (FML 21 Oct 1978).

1978, 04 Nov., offered by Foreign Cars Italia, Greensboro, NC/USA. Silver with blue interior. Single headlight five–speed with air & wire wheels. (FML 04 Nov 1978). New paint. (FML 18 Nov 1978 & 13 Jan. 1979).

1979, offered by Jim Francis, Roanoke, VA. Silver with blue interior. Wire wheels. New clutch & exhaust, cold a/c. (FML 0415). Offered again 1980. (FML 0501).

1981, owned by John Reed, Atlanta GA.

1981, 23 Jan., FAF Motorcars, Inc., 3862 Stephens Court, Tucker GA 30084. Inspected for Wes Devoto. Compression: 1)145, 2)153, 3)154, 4)155, 5)149, 6)150, 7)148, 8)139, 9)142, 10)150, 11)152, 12)150. Mileage: approximately 44,000 km. Invoice #005806, total invoice $85.00.

1981, 08 Feb., Exhaust System Specialist, 787 A Clay St. S.E., Marietta, GA 30060. Repaired radiator, repaired alternator, replaced heater hose, installed brush kits, replaced door panels, set of Michelin "X" tires. Total invoice: $1,163.70.

1981, 13 Apr., Foreign Cars Italia, Inc., 4106 West Wendover Ave., Greensboro, NC 27407. Major tune up, checked speedometer cable, replaced left rear axle seal and balanced wheels. Invoice #53832, total invoice: $757.67.

1981, 06 May, Foreign Cars Italia, Inc., repaired speedometer cable. Invoice #53849, total invoice: $22.22.

1981, 15 Dec., Continental Coachworks Ltd., 1460 Iris Drive, Conyers, GA 30207. Replaced clutch, replaced bellhousing front seal, resurfaced flywheel, replaced spark plugs, adjusted carburetors, adjusted door handles and repaired broken speedometer shaft. Mileage: 37,447 km. Invoice #0633, total invoice: $1,272.47.

1982, 06 Feb., ordered Lucas fan motor kits, clutch and brake pedal pads, H4 bulbs, Knock-off hammer, Mylar shields and tach drive/speedometer. Invoice #04596, total invoice: $144.92.

1982, offered by John Reed, Atlanta, GA. Silver with blue leather. Air, AM/FM stereo, p/w. New clutch Jan 1982 by Mike Gourley; rebuilt rear end; complete tune–up; all manuals. (FML 0701).

1983, owned by J.R. du Gan, West Palm Beach, FL/USA.

1983, offered by Jack du Gan, West Palm Beach, FL/USA. Silver with blue interior. New leather front seats. Excellent appearance all–around. (FML 0804).

1985, owned by Jerry Hansen, AZ.

1985, 06 Mar., Bob Wallace Cars, Inc., 2310 East Magnolia Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034. Reprofiled cams, re–conditioned connecting rods, magnafluxed and polished crankshaft, surfaced and cleaned heads and fitted new piston rings. Mileage: 52,713 km. Invoice #19959, total invoice: $7,644.04.

1985, 06 Mar., Bob Wallace Cars, Inc., replaced water temperature gauge and repaired electrics. Invoice #20002, total invoice: $197.10.

1987, offered by Gerald Hansen, AZ. Red with tan interior. 57,000 miles. (LATimes 04 Oct 1987).

1987, by Gerald Hansen. Red with tan interior. 1,000 miles on major restoration, 57,000 miles total. (FML 1220).

1990, owned by James Adams, CA.

1990, 17 Feb.–12 May, for sale in FML by Jim. Red with tan interior. Air, Borranis, show quality and great driver. $139,000. (FML 1504).

1995, owned by Bruce Sozzi, Wilton, CT.

1995, 06 Jun., ordered fuel filter and slave cylinder boot from G.T. Car Parts Inc., 419 West Lone Cactus Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85027. Order #82567, total invoice: $15.64.

1996 01 Apr., The Last Detail, Inc., 2900 US Route 41, North Chicago, IL 60064. Storage charges. Total invoice: $ 120.00.

1998, 01 Apr., ordered brake hose and Bendix starter from G.T. Car Parts Inc. Order #103416, total invoice: $265.56.

1998, 12 Jun., ordered oil filters and bleed screws from G.T. Car Parts Inc. Order #100328, total invoice: $88.60.

1998, 15 Aug., Wilton Motors, 190 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT 06897. Mounted and balanced customer supplied tires, cleaned and detailed wheels, renewed brake fluid and greased front end. Invoice #CVC#52305, total invoice: $319.01.

1999, 05 Feb., Rennsport Automotive, Inc., 353 Adams Street, Bedford Hills, NY 10507. Compression test, replaced rear axle and transmission fluids, installed fuel tank bushings and installed fuel line (ordered from Blackhorse). Mileage: 62,992. Invoice #5941, total invoice: $557.66.

1999, 08 Feb., ordered fuel lines from Blackhorse Automotive Services, Inc., 555 North Washington Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06604. Invoice #1973, total invoice: $191.86.

1999, 04 Jun., ordered exhaust gaskets, water pump seal and gasket, bleed valve, front and rear brake pads and header downpipe gasket from Maranello Auto Parts, 5242 Royal Woods Pkwy, Suite 150, Tucker, GA 30084. Invoice #78447, total invoice: $239.09.

1999, 15 Jun., Rennsport Automotive, Inc. Installed starter motor solenoid, replaced brake flex hoses, rebuilt water pump, bead blasted and resurfaced heads, replaced radiator cooling fan switch, replaced brake fluid and painted right side manifolds and down pipe. Mileage: 63,096. Invoice #6345, total invoice: $2,300.80.

1999, 13 Jul., ordered brake line from G.T. Car Parts Inc. Invoice #10513, total invoice: $194.12.

2000, 05 Apr., Stonebridge Sports & Classics, Ltd., 186 Grassy Plain Street, Bethel, CT 06801. Storage charges and replaced steering wheel washers. Total invoice: $274.80.

2004, 29 Jun., bought by Sam Hallowell, Providence RI. Mileage: 66,612.

2004, 10 Aug., ordered jack plugs from Tom Shaughnessy Ferrari Parts and Sales, 1444 N El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672. Total invoice: $302.00.

2004, 15 Sep., ordered used ashtray and interior light pin switch from T. Rutlands, 5242 Royal Woods Parkway, Suite 150, Tucker, GA 30084. Invoice #55630, total invoice: $550.00.

2004, 22 Sep., ordered dead pedal pad from Re-Originals, 13601 FM 529 Suite I, Houston, TX 77041. Invoice #10199, total inoice: $102.00.

2004, 07 Oct., ordered used rear reflectors and door lights from Mostly British, 12101 NYS Rt 12E, Chalmont, NY 13622. Total invoice: $458.14.

2004, 07 Oct., I.F.S. Inc., 14 Bristol Drive, Unit F, South Easton, MA 02375. Oil service, Pre–Purchase Inspection, machined rotors, new brake pads, repaired rear calipers, changed front wheel bearings, serviced tie rod ends, electrical and interior repairs. Mileage: 66,617. Invoice #2913, total invoice: $8,590.10.

2004, 14 Oct., ordered reflectors and reflector gaskets from Maranello Auto Parts. Invoice #35640, total invoice: $140.23.

2004, 03 Nov., I.F.S. Inc., replaced front brake line seal, flushed brake system, replaced fan blower switch. Mileage: 67,281. Invoice #2961, total invoice: $238.00.

2004, 07 Nov., on Porsche Fall Tour & Brunch, Pomfret CT.

2004, 08 Nov., ordered used back–up lights from Mostly British. Total invoice $460.49.

2004, 10 Nov., passed Rhode Island two–year emissions and safety inspection.

2004, 22 Nov., German Motors, 879 North Main Street, Providence, RI 02904. Repaired radiator and refilled coolant. Mileage: 67,681. Total invoice: $509.13.

2005, 21 Jan., ordered a pair of used door switches from Mostly British. Total invoice: $510.49

2005, 04 Mar., I.F.S. Inc., stripped and painted valve covers, adjusted valves, replaced water pump seal and hose, stripped and painted wire looms and heat shields, replaced ignition wires, rebuilt distributor caps, replaced exhaust system, reworked "Y-Pipes", rebuilt door glass channels, replaced felt runners, replaced door glass (customer supplied), rebuilt window motors, reworked vent windows and repaired broken wires on fuse boxes. Mileage: 68,014. Invoice #2996, total invoice: $11,543.80.

2005, 08 Mar., ordered a set of twenty correct Cheney clamps from Ron Schmoll. Total price: $125.00.

2005, 29 Mar., ordered ANSA exhaust system and hangers from Partsource, 32 Hayden Avenue, Camden, ME 04843. Invoice #3562, total invoice: $3,465.00.

2005, 30 Mar., ordered a Amerex Chrome “Factory New” Halon fire extinguisher with vehicle bracket from H3R, Inc., 483 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, CA 94939. Invoice #4807, total invoice: $186.95.

2005, 01 Apr., ordered used telescopic trunk prop from Mostly British. Total invoice: $108.89.

2005, 07 Apr., ordered used left and right door glass from Mostly British. Total invoice: $465.47.

2005, 05 May, ordered a fuel pump repair kit from Dennis McCann Ferrari Parts, 10840 Fancher Road, Westerville, OH 43082. Invoice #379, total invoice $208.95.

2005, 10 May, German Motors, removed, repaired and re–installed radiator, miscellaneous hardware and thirty pints of coolant. Mileage: 68,718, total invoice: $380.64.

2005, 14 May, I.F.S. Inc., removed and rebuilt fuel pump (customer supplied parts). Mileage: 68,793. Invoice #3041, total invoice: $475.00.

2005, 20 May, ordered eleven rubber grommets from Lyle Tanner Enterprises, 4235 Power Inn Road Unit C, Sacramento, CA 95826. Invoice #6459, total invoice: $81.53.

2005, 22, May, at Tutto Italiano, Brookline, MA.

2005, 31, May, ordered one pair of road vent hoses from Madenterprise, 35325 Fircrest, Newark, CA 94560. Invoice #11548, total invoice: $111.54.

2005, 02 Jun., trunk gasket ordered from Re-Originals. Invoice #11907, total inoice: $153.00.

2005, 19 Jun., at 5th Annual Hartford Concorso Ferrari, Hartford, CT.

2005, 07 Aug., on Boston’s North Shore Bi–Weekly F–Drive, MA.

2005, 06 Oct., Providence Automotive Engineering Co., Inc., 773 Broad Street, Providence RI 02907, front end alignment. Invoice #80259, total invoice: $60.00.

2005, 06 Oct., at East Coast Party, Westbrook, CT.

2005, 10 Nov., I.F.S. Inc., rebuilt front suspension, replaced front shocks, replaced and adjusted brakes, replaced rear axle seals, installed period radio, repaired air conditioner, installed top door seals, repaired side window switch, replaced spark plugs, cleaned and tuned carburetors, installed seat chrome trim, oil service, greased gearbox, balanced wheels and a four wheel alignment. Invoice #3186, total invoice:$19,232.40.

2006, 26 Apr., Frank’s Auto Top Inc., 883 Elmwood Avenue, Providence, RI 02907. Repaired seat. Total invoice: $135.00.

2006, 28 Apr., I.F.S. Inc., cleaned and installed steering shaft U–joint and adjusted steering box. Total invoice: $157.50.

2006, 02 May, 330 tool bag, hammer, hub puller, grease gun and grease gun hose purchased from Kilimanjaro Designs, Ltd. 940 Warrenton Road, Vicksburg, MS 39180. Total invoice: $1,720.00.

2006, 10 May, traded by Sam Hallowell to RM Auctions on 365 GTC/4 s/n 14593.

2007, 10 Mar., at the RM Auction, Vintage Cars at Amelia Island, s/n 8025 66 330 GT 2+2 Rosso Corsa/Beige LHD lot # 209. Sold to current owner.

2010, April, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s

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