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1967 Ferrari 330 GTS Serial Number 10113


Lead photograph of 1967 Ferrari 330 GTS Serial Number 10113


Make   Ferrari Model   330 GTS
Year   1967 Serial #   10113
Engine #   10113 VIN   
Engine Type   209 Chassis Type   592
Build Sequence #    Number Built   100
Body Type   Spyder Body Builder   Pininfarina
First Owner   Europe Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   California


S/n 10113. 38th of 100 built European model. Per Pininfarina records job no.175246. Body no. CO302. Now red/tan/tan carpets/tan top. Documented ownership going back thirteen years. Very nice recent restoration. No A.C. Has wire wheels.


S/n 10113. 330 GTS.

1981, July, listed in FOCUSA as owned by Laird Cleaver, Milwaukee, WI.

1982, 04 Aug., being worked on by John Bodelik, IL area. Gerald Roush called to question water pump configuration, which he claimed was 365 GT 2+2, not 330 style. Engine type was 209 numero interno 1740.

1982-1984, Listed in FOCUSA BY Cleaver.

1984-1985, FOC Roster, listed by Laird C. Cleaver, Milwaukee, WI.

1996, 28 Aug., engine and transaxle done by Wayne Obry at Motion products. Only 2,000 miles since mechanicals done. Suspension was done approximately ten years ago but not driven. Sat in Utah at a winter home for about seven years. Never used. The paint is about 17 years old and is very good but certainly not Pebble Beach. Has no books, no tools but has a jack bag. Has receipts for the mechanical work. Exhaust tailpipes were just replaced 26 August, so... new. Has new exhaust.

1998, June, Purchased from Laird Cleaver. Sold by Mike Sheehan to Gary Honbarrier, North Carolina.

2001, July, offered for sale by M. Sheehan on behalf of Gary Honbarrier.

2001, 02 July, as per Gary Honbarrier 15,585 kms. It had 6,766 kms when he picked it up. It was advertised in 1989 “ish” with about 70,000 kms so true mileage is unknown. Borranis were redone by James. Knockoffs also rechromed. New Michelin XWX tires. Painted in Rosso Corsa. Absolutely rust free. Reupholstered in beige including truck and new top in tan and new carpets tan. New taneau cover in tan. No oil or fuel leaks anywhere on the car.

2001, 14 July, for sale in FML by M. Sheehan. $245,000. Half–page ad on p. 25.

2001, 28 July, or sale in FML by M. Sheehan. $245,000. Half–page ad on p. 25.

2001, 30 July, as per call from current owner, his agent has inspected the car in detail and liked the car.

2001, 31 July, e-mail from current owner:

“Subject: 330 GTS

Hi Mike. I have had a chance to talk with my agent and review his very extensive pictures and notes on the 330 GTS. He was very impressed with the car and spoke very highly of the car and the owner. I am very interested in, and very serious about purchasing this car. It is very clean and yet a very drivable vehicle, which is important to me.”

2001, 01 Aug., Sold to current owner.

2003, 02 Dec., offered for sale by M. Sheehan, of at $267,500.

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