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1997 Ferrari 333 SP Michelotto Serial Number 016


Lead photograph of 1997 Ferrari 333 SP Michelotto Serial Number 016


Make   Ferrari Model   333 SP Michelotto
Year   1997 Serial #   016
Engine #   112 VIN   
Engine Type   F130E Chassis Type   F130E
Build Sequence #   1st Number Built   25
Body Type   Sports Prototype Body Builder   Michelotto
First Owner   Fredy Lienhard Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Australia


1997 Ferrari 333 SP Michelotto s/n 016, a LISTA and MOMO team car driven by Fredy Lienhard, Didier Theys, GianPiero Moretti and Maro Baldi, supported and campaigned by Kevin Doran. 333 SP s/n 016 has fourteen well-documented races in the 1997-1999 IMSA Series with eight top five finishes and a 1st at Watkins Glen. One of the few well-raced 333 SPs never hit hard and still with its original tub! This stunning racer has been carefully maintained through a decade of dealer and museum storage and was fully serviced in 2011 at an authorized Ferrari dealer by an experienced Ferrari-trained tech with extensive 333 SP experience. Full service again in July-August of this year by Maranello Motorsports with a full gearbox overhaul, an engine service and a full suspension overhaul and crack test, with no track time since being serviced.

A well maintained and purpose-built endurance sport race car that will last a lifetime as a club and private track day racer. Maintained by a very qualified race shop, no track time since a full service and safety check, turn-key and ready to go. Comes with a huge spares package including a new spare nose and under-tray, new spare side pods, a new spare tail, over a dozen spare gear sets, extra right and left radiators, a set of spare headers and race-mufflers, a rear wing pedestal and high-downforce kit, a spare set of 16″ wheels and four spare sets of 18″ wheels. Also comes with the very rare original Dell laptop and the original Magneti Marelli Wintax software for Windows and all the laptop and software user manuals plus the original Ferrari 333 SP Technical Manuals. Fitted with a very late Evoluzione engine # 112


S/n 016. 333 SP. Built and sold by Michelotto in 1997 to Fredy Lienhard. The new price was $585,000 minus body or engine. The first of the “Michelotto continuation cars”. Always raced as #27, owned by Lista racing and MOMO Racing, and was supported at races by Kevin Doran Racing and Moretti racing. Generally entered by Lista racing (Lista Cabinets). V-12 in 65 degree V, capacity: 3997 cc/243.87 cu in, Horsepower: 650 bhp/11,500 rpm. Camshafts: 4 DOHC. Valves: 5 per cylinder, in titanium. Ignition: Weber Marelli digital electronic. Gearbox type: sequential mechanical shift. Clutch: 4 plates, metallic. Body construction: Carbon fiber and nomex composites. Chassis construction: Carbon fiber composite and aluminum honeycomb. Weight with oil and water: 862 kg/1900 lb. Front suspension: Independent, pushrod. Rear suspension: Independent, pushrod. Front wheels: Light alloy, 16″ x 12″. Rear wheels: Light alloy, 16″ x 16″. FIA options include 18″ wheels offered in 1997.

1997, 27 June, sold new to Fredy Lienhard, Lista racing (Lista Cabinets) CH. The new price was $585,000 USD minus body or engine.

1997, 13 July, at Sears Point, race #27, driven by Lienhard/Theys, finished 6th.

1997, 31 Aug., at Mosport, race #27, driven by Moretti/Theys, finished 4th.

1997, 20 Sept., at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, race #27, finished 6th.

1997, 28 Sept., at Pikes Peak International Raceway, race #27, driven by Lienhard/Theys, finished 5th.

1997, 18 Oct., at Sebring, race #27, driven by Lienhard/Theys, finished 2nd.

1997, 26 Oct., at Laguna Seca, race #27, driven by Lienhard/Theys, finished 5th.

1998, May, at Lime Rock, driven by Lienhard/Theys, finished 2nd.

1998, June, at Atlanta, driven by Lienhard/Theys, DNFed.

1998, August, at Mosport, driven by Lienhard/Theys, finished 5th.

1998, August, at Watkins Glen, driven by Moretti/Theys/Baldi. Moretti’s last race, finished 1st.

1998, October, at the 10 hour at Road Atlanta, driven by Theys/Baldi. DNFed.

1998, October, at Laguna Seca, driven by Lienhard/Theys, finished 5th.

1999, 10 Apr., at the Superflow 12 hour Sebring, used as a spare car.

1999, 05 July, as per Dave Siebert who managed the 333 SP effort in the IMSA series, it is for sale or will be shortly.

1999, 06 Oct., as per long conversation with Dave Siebert, this car is owned by Freddy Lienhart in Switzerland. It is for sale through his agent Didier Theys.

1999, 09 Nov., as per long conversation with Gerry Jackson, this car has been sold to Stan Ross, Ohio.

1999, 13 Nov., as per call from Gerry Jackson he was at Beverly Hills Ferrari earlier today and was told s/n 012, the ex-Lienhard car, was in their body shop being painted. It is now American owned. Gerry also said that the sister Fred Lienhard, Lista Racing car, s/n 016, was in the workshop and being serviced. It was definitely s/n 016 since it was a Michelotto Evoluzione car with the 18″ Speedline “look-alike F1” gold wheels and was fitted with the latest Yokohama tires. It would seem that Giacamo sold s/n 012 to Conrad and that s/n 016 was about to be for sale.

2000, 24 Feb., as per conversation with Stanley D. Ross, Ohio, was to be raced in the 2000 Grand-AM Season with driver Bobby Brown, not raced.

2000, April, as per conversations with Stan Ross, Stan did buy this car from Fredy. It is fitted with a very late engine # 112.

2003, sold to Rudy Junco.

2004, 26 Aug., as per e-mail to Rudy Junco. Subject: Your 333 SP s/n 16: Hi Rudy. I’ve heard that your 333 SP might be for sale. Please let me know if it is indeed for sale and if so, the price. Need one for a tax trade. Look forward to your reply. My regards, M. Sheehan.

2004, 27 Aug., as per reply from Rudy, Subject: RE: Your 333 SP s/n 16: Dear Mike: Always good to hear from you. My 333 is not currently for sale. However, I do promise that if I ever decide to sell it, that I will immediately let you know. Best regards, RJ.

2005, 27 June, has spare wheels, two noses, new paint. Has about 250 miles since rebuild by Kevin Doran.

2005, August, as per Bud Bennett, sold to Kurt Schultz. It came with Airbox with radiators, 250 miles from new condition by Micheletto. 1 set of wheels, some drive line parts some suspension arms, gearbox was also fresh at 250 miles rebuilt by Doran, entire car was rebuilt by Doran 250 miles ago. As per Bud he painted the entire car and fitted the spare nose and sidepods at the same time. Has Electric power steering, a 9k option just for the unit. Regards Bud Bennett.

2006, 19–22 Jan., XV. Cavallino Classic Kurt Schultz.

2008, 10 Nov., as per e-mail from Kurt Schultz: Good morning Mike, Our car comes with five sets of Speedline wheels, a large variety of gearing, side pods and front bodywork in new condition as well as other items like spare axles, low downforce wing, etc. Gearbox was r & r’d by Kevin Doran 4 hours ago and all gear spacing is set at 22 mph steps between gears with the top speed at 183. Bodywork is set up for maximum downforce, 3500 psi at 150 mph. Currently, Michelin ALMS Audi R 8 spec tires are fitted, low time.

2011, 06 Apr., as per Kurt Schultz the 333 SP now has the high down force kit and comes with 28 gear sets, two radiators, two spare side pods, a complete nose and a spare rear lid. Also has the computer with all software. Comes with five spare sets of wheels.

2011, 17 Apr., 333 SP sold by Mike Sheehan’s to current owner, Melbourne, Australia. Spare parts included but not limited to 28 gear sets, two radiators, two spare side pods, a complete nose and under-tray, a spare rear lid, four sets of spare 18″ wheels, one set of the 1995-96 16″ wheels and other parts. Also included are the original Dell Latitude CP laptop containing software and the MT 940 User Manual v. 2.0, the Magnetti Marelli Telemax AX Junior 16/12/97 (Version 1.34 onwards) User manual, Magneti Marelli Wintax for Windows 3.1 User Manual and the Ferrari 333 SP Technical Manual 1995.

2014, August, on consignment with Michael Sheehan’s

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