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1967 Ferrari 365 California Serial Number 10327 GT


Lead photograph of 1967 Ferrari 365 California Serial Number 10327 GT


Make   Ferrari Model   365 California
Year   1967 Serial #   10327 GT
Engine #   10327 GT VIN   
Engine Type   Tipo 217 B Chassis Type   Tipo 598
Build Sequence #    Number Built   13th of 14 built
Body Type   Spyder Body Builder   Pininfarina
First Owner   Cohen Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   California


It has sometimes been claimed that s/n 10327 is one of only two 365 California Spyders without the additional pop–up headlights. Gerald Roush of the Ferrari Market Letter has a copy of a Luigi Chinetti Motors repair bill from February 1968 for parts purchased directly from Pininfarina to fit a new front upper nose panel to the car. So… almost certainly had pop– up lights removed at that time.


S/n 10327. LHD. Pininfarina job no. 99659.

1966, 5 Nov., entered Pininfarina to have body built.

1967, 28 July, officially delivered to Luigi Chinetti Motors. Original color Rosso Chiaro. Original interior white leather.

1967, sold new to Arthur Cohen of the Electric Regulator Corporation, Norwalk, Connecticut.

1968, 28 Feb., parts ordered from Pinincar, the parts department at Pininfarina, by Luigi Chinetti Motors, to repair damaged nose.

1970, 15 Sept., sold to James Ettinger.

1978, 17 Feb., purchased by Harley Cluxton from Dick Fritz at Amerispec. Title was in the name of James Ettinger who bought the car 1970, 15 Sept. Previous title was in the name of Arthur Cohen of the Electric Regulator Corporation, Norwalk, Connecticut.

1979, April, for sale by the VIP Toy Store with 27,000 miles on the odometer.

1979, July, Cavallino magazine featured this car in issue no. 6.

1979, sold to JEM motors, Hollywood, California.

1979, with Palm Beach Motor cars, owned by the Taylor Family.

1979, sold to Al Garthwaite, Paoli, PA, USA. Plates ALGAR 3.

1989, 11 June, s/n 10327 appeared at the Turner Ferrari Festival in Mitchellville, Maryland on plates ALGAR 3 and was owned at the time by Al Garthwaite who was the money man and partner of Luigi Chinetti in the 1960s.

1993, Jan. 23, sold by Michael Sheehan of European Auto to Steve Hamilton, Nevada.

1994, original pop–up headlights refitted and upper nose panel redone by Mike Regalia, Regalia Coach.

1997, May 22, Steve called. The car now has 33,000 original miles. The front few feet of the car are in bare metal. The rest of the car is the original bright red paint with a vanilla interior. The pop–up headlights are now back in, but…the electrical hookups have never been done.

1997, 17 June, as per long talk with Richard Anderson, the executor of the Chinetti trust, apparently they have a full file on the car, approximately 1” of paperwork from new.

1997, 21 June, – 1998, 31 Jan., listed for sale in FML Volume 23 no 3, by Mike Sheehan. Red with vanilla interior. An extremely original example of the last of the coach built Ferraris and the last of the California Spyders. 33,000 original miles. Patina personified. $495,000. 1/4 page ad.

1998, sold to a client in Seattle, Washington.

1999, 26–27 Nov., This car at the Auto Salon and Auction at the Waldorf Hotel, New York, lot #037. Estimated low at $550,000. High at $650,000. Bid to $500,000. Not sold.

2000, 11 Dec., as per e–mail from Jim Ettinger,

Subject: 365 California #10327

Dear Mr. Sheehan

Edvar helped me locate you. I was recently searching though my deceased father’s possessions and found the owners manual for the 365 California #10327. Area you interested in seeing the manuals? Jim Ettinger.

2001, 10 Sept., as per call from owner, yes, he really did turn down a bid of $500,000 for the car at the Auto Salon and Auction at the Waldorf Hotel, New York, 26/27 Nov., 1999, lot #037.

The car is in Encinitas at the shop they use for their classic car work getting new paint from bare metal. It will be repainted in the original dark red or burgundy. It will be for sale after the paint work and interior are done.

2001, 13 Sept., drove to San Marcos, inspected and looked at the car. Started instantly, ran well, but work had just begun, so… nothing much to photo.

2001, 19 Sept.,e–mail from G. Roush to telaio,

Subject: 365 California Spyder S/N 10327

Hello 365 California spotters:

Perhaps this explains the “conversion” from pop–ups to no pop–ups.

In February 1968 Luigi Chinetti Motors ordered from Pininfarina a left front fender complete, left bumper, left headlight assembly complete, left parking light complete, complete grill assembly, upper front nose panel and lower front nose panel–all for S/N 10327.

2001, Sept.–Oct., dis–assembled and painted matched to original dark red–almost burgundy factory colors. Repainted in the same dark red or burgundy. Excellent paint with much attention to detail.

2002, Jan.,–Feb., interior redone in tan leather and matching carpets. Scheduled for completion mid–February.

See July/August, 1979, pages 36–38 detailed article by Gerald Roush with photos by John Lamm, showing Chuck Queener driving. Photos feature 365 California s/n 10327 GT.

See Cavallino #82 Aug/Sept., 1994, pg. 36–44 for very detailed article by Marcel Massini on all fourteen of the 365 California Spyders.

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