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1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Serial Number 14037


Lead photograph of 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Serial Number 14037


Make   Ferrari Model   365 GTB/4
Year   1971 Serial #   14037
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   251 Chassis Type   605
Build Sequence #    Number Built   many
Body Type   Spyder conversion Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   Kane Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   California


365 GTB/4. Euro model. Sold new in England. Now a Spyder conversion.


S/n 14037. 365 GTB/4. RHD. Now LHD. Now a Spyder conversion.

1971, 18 Feb., new to Terrence Kane. “Spruce Wood”, Warren Cutting, Kingston Hill Surrey, England.

1972, FOCGB Register, listed as owned by T. R. H. Kane, England.

1972, October, car repainted.

1972, 5 Oct., to Town End Chemical Works. Black Lane, Eramley, Leeds LS13 RES England.

1972, November, 12,000 mile service.

1973, November, rear exhaust fitted.

1973 December, new battery fitted.

1974, June,18,000 mile service.

1974, August, new rear tires fitted.

1974, October, oil pipe from engine to cooler fitted.

1975, February, new HT Cable fitted.

1975, May, new clutch fitted, new fuel pumps fitted, a/c serviced.

1975, June, new front and rear brake pads fitted.

1975, September, repair to and painting car doors. Necessary as there was rust was found inside the doors.

1976, 20 Sept., as per letter to Clive Sherwood from Town End Chemical Works.

Log book and MOT certificate forwarded to him. 2 sets of spare keys. Mileage is true. Service history. Car purchased from Kane by the Chemical Works with speeds of 9,000.

1978, 16 Aug., application for duplicate registration made by Clive Harry Sherwood, Lydiate House, Lydiate Ashford, Bromsgrove B61 0QL.

1985, 12 Aug., at Bob Houghton’s shop in England for mechanical service.

1985, 15 Aug., title to Charles Shields.

1985, Aug. 18, purchase date. 28,475 miles on odometer.

1985, 31 Aug., sold to Charles Shields, Esq. by Nostalgia products. $23,500.

1985, September, as per Mark Konig, Sales Manager, Maranello Concessionaires, confirmed and identified as RHD 365 GTB/4.

1985, 18 Sept., laden for shipment to US from UK.

1985, 3 Oct., sent to North Side Motors, Chicago for repair. Estimate of $2,500. Conversion in order to meet US specs.

1986, 6 Feb., DOT released.

1986, 16 Sept., EPA released.

1987, FOCGB Register, listed as previously owned by R. Leach.

1987, FOCGB Register, identified as Spyder conversion done by Autokraft in England. Done correctly as per factory with steel wheel wells and inner panels, etc…

1987, 16 Apr., purchased from Charles Shields, Crystal Lake, Illinois by European Auto Sales. Purchased for $115,000.

1987, 21 Apr., sold to Terry Kramer, Honolulu, HI. $150,000. 28,535 miles.

1988–1991, FOCUSA roster, listed by Terry L. Kramer, Honolulu, HI.

1987, 2 Dec., major service at European Auto Sales, Costa Mesa, CA. $5288.15.

1991, 20 Jan., serviced by Bill Pound for Frank Piluso. $11.505.14.

2000, 3 June, for sale in FML by Bill Pound, 909 245 6017.

Black with new tan leather interior. Borrani wire wheels. 29,321 miles. Beautiful car. $135,000.

2000, 20 July, as per call from Bill Pound the car is owned by Fred Piluso, who we know as we sold the car to his partner, Terry Kramer. Fred still lives in Hawaii. For sale. Has a new leather interior. Very nicely detailed. $11,000 just spent on the car. Exceptionally nice. Please pick it up and market it for Fred.

2000, 25 July, picked up by M. Sheehan. Great car. Runs and drives as they should. Excellent body, paint, interior. Has all the nice bits such as (later type) tools, correct owner’s manual, a correct pouch, jack kit, etc…

2000, 12 Aug., for sale in FML by M. Sheehan. Half–page ad on p. 27.

Gorgeous black paint with new tan leather. $11,000 in recent service work. Runs, drives, and looks just as it should. Euro model with plexiglass covered headlights. No smog equipment. 8″ Borranis all around. Original pouch, owner’s handbook, parts book, and later model tool kit. Definitely priced to sell at $135,000.

2000, 28 Aug., as per very detailed mechanical inspection, the car needs two tie rod ends, one ball joint, and the clutch is at the end of its life. Also needs the air horn motor rebuilt or replaced, correct wiper blades, A.C. recharged, two rear tires and heater control repairs.

2000, 15 Sept., picked up by Bill Pound, mechanic, for repairs prior to sale.

2000, 17 Oct., sold to current owner.

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