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1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Serial Number 14229


Lead photograph of 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Serial Number 14229


Make   Ferrari Model   365 GTB/4
Year   1971 Serial #   14229
Engine #   14229 VIN   
Engine Type   251 Chassis Type   605
Build Sequence #   464 Number Built   1,284
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   MacLeod Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   California


1971 USA Model Ferrari 365 GTB/4 s/n 14229. An extremely nice USA model Daytona. One owner from new, for thirty–eight years! Serviced from new by the authorized Ferrari dealer for Seattle. Just fully serviced and highly detailed. Stunning in new and un–blemished Rosso Rubino 106-R-83 (very dark red). Very nice black leather seats and door panels. Extremely nice gray carpets. Runs extremely well, pulls strong to redline with near perfect syncros. Excellent Michelin XWX tires on “as–new” Borranis wire wheels. Michelin XWX spare on an “as–new” Borranis. Better–than–new very elegant very dark red paint. Excellent original leather. Mechanically superb with a fresh $29,770.97 service. Fly in for an inspection and test drive, this is a stunning Daytona that will not disappoint.


S/N 14229, 365 GTB/4, Berlinetta, Chassis Tipo 605, Motor Tipo 251, Gearbox Tipo 605, Assembly Number 469, Body Number 464, 1971 USA production.

Identified as 365 GTB/4. Destinazione Clapp, MCM, USA. Assembly sequence no. 469, body no. 464. Fitted with a/c. (H. Raab "Ferrari Serial Numbers Part I, 2nd ed").

Delivered originally to Modern Classic Motors, Reno, NV per Ferrari Circolare Tecnica No. 174.

Gary MacLeod and his wife bought a pair of 365 GTB/4 Daytonas new, s/n 14229 and s/n 14769, ordering them through Bill Harrah’s Modern Classic Motors, for $24,000 each.

The family bought 365 GTB/4 s/n 14229 in red with black through Modern Classic Motors. Gary’s uncle, Steve Clapp, picked 365 GTB/4 s/n 14229 up new from the factory, used it in Europe for a month, and then had it flown to Seattle.

The family also bought 365 GTB/4 s/n 14769 in silver with black new from Modern Classic Motors, this Daytona was for Gary’s wife.

Owned and serviced from new by Gary MacLeod. Serviced by Grand Prix Motors which later became Ferrari of Seattle.

2001, 07 Mar., major service for Gary MacLeod by Ferrari of Seattle. New battery; new windshield ($2,200); all engine, gearbox, coolant and hydraulic fluids changed; lubricated door hinges, latches, fuel filler door, window cables and park brake; sublet rebuilt alternator, installed new voltage regulator and sublet rebuilt amp gauge; torqued heads, adjusted valves, timing chain, rebuilt carbs; serviced distributors, replaced plug wires; sublet re-core radiator; charged A/C; new brake pads; detailed car for delivery: $15,802.97.

2005, 31 Nov., serviced for Gary MacLeod by Ferrari of Seattle. New battery; all engine, gearbox, coolant and hydraulic fluids changed; new plugs; new coolant expansion tank cap and thermostat switch; rebuilt front calipers and installed new flex lines; detailed car for delivery: $5,000.00.

2006, 24 Jan., serviced for Gary MacLeod by Ferrari of Seattle. Replaced both motor mounts; sublet wire wheels for refurbish; four wheel alignment; new ball joints; rebuilt both distributors: $6,838.38.

2008, 22 Dec., car dropped off by Gary MacLeod at Ferrari of Seattle for inspection and sale.

2009, 11 Mar., to Mike Sheehan’s Gary Macleod died during purchase negotiations.

2009, March – May, full pre–purchase inspection and major mechanical service and all new paint by Bill Pound Automotive. Degreed cams, set valves, rebuilt carbs, rebuilt distributors, rebuilt A/C, new front exhaust cans, re–hung exhaust, all new hangers, flushed and refilled all fluids, recharged A/C, new shifter bushing, new battery, rebuilt heater motors and fan motors, adjusted emergency brake, disassembled and re–assembled for paint, massive chassis and under–hood detail: $29,770.97.

2009, June, offered for sale by Mike Sheehan’s

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