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1969 Ferrari 365GTB/4C Conversion Serial Number 12681


Lead photograph of 1969 Ferrari 365GTB/4C Conversion Serial Number 12681


Make   Ferrari Model   365 GTB/4C.prv
Year   1969 Serial #   12681
Engine #   12681 VIN   
Engine Type   251 Chassis Type   605
Build Sequence #    Number Built   1 of 10 Roelofs conversions
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   Europe Current Owner   Current owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Virginia


One of ten “Hot-Rod” competition Daytona conversions built by Piet Roelofs in Holland. Each is built identically to the fifteen Factory built competition cars but with substantial engine, brake and suspension updates. 365 GTB/4C s/n 12681 features the same competition style modified plexiglass covered headlights, fender flairs and competition wheels as featured on the original Factory built cars. It also has the front fender air dams, front and rear spoilers, racing grille, lightened hood, outside fuel filler, rear brake scoops, engine cold air box, lightened doors and hood and trunk safety latches as used on the Series III Factory cars. The Daytona engine is virtually bulletproof, even in racing specifications, and the engine in s/n 12681 is updated with modern lightweight pistons, Carrillo rods and much improved cam profiles. Competition headers are fitted. The engine in 365 GTB/4C s/n 12681 features a fresh $31,510.70 rebuild by Ted Wenz’s Savannah Race Engineering with zero track time and produces 483 hp at a very-livable 7,700 RPM with 348 ft lbs of torque at 7,000 on the Superflow Dyno! Piet’s shop manufactures and has fitted one of their new and much stronger transaxle cases in 365 GTB/4C s/n 12681, while replacing the bearings, synchros and shift forks as needed while apart. A pair of the much stronger steel side plates was also installed. 365 GTB/4 C s/n 12681 is also fitted with the close ratio 4th and 5th gears.


S/n 12681. 365 GTB/4. Euro model. 1969, sold new in Europe.

1972, imported into the USA.

1977, offered by Thorobred Motorcars, Arlington, VA. Burgundy with black interior. Air and alloy wheels.

1978, owned by Richard Ernst Watkins, Richmond, VA.

1979, owned by Carl Caskey, GA/Saudi Arabia. Purchased from Foreign Cars Italia, Greensboro, NC.

1979, at FAF Motorcars, Tucker, GA Nov/Dec 1979. Burgundy with black interior. Air and Borrani wire wheels.

1980, November, Foreign Cars Italia, Greensboro, NC. Taken back in trade from Caskey. Burgundy with black interior. Brand new Daytona Seats, new Borranis wires. Asking price $42,500, “needs new paint”.

1983, October, purchased from Foreign Cars Italia by Richard Bryan, Knoxville, TN. Odometer reading at the time was 71,074 km.

Prepared for racing by Richard Bryan, roll cage fitted, engine upgraded to a 365 GTB/4 Daytona Competizione. Painted red. Not completed.

1984, June, offered for sale in FML 0911–0924 by Bryan, asking $42,500. Car is a restoration project, totally disassembled. NASCAR type roll cage, numerous new competition parts such as cams, pistons, recaro racing seats.

1985, to Eygelsheim, Rotterdam, Holland, exported it to Holland.

1985, sold to Mr. Booker from Amsterdam.

In 1985/86 the car was restored and the final work done to rebuild it as a full competition Daytona by Piet Roelofs, Holland. Red with a white interior.

As per later fax from Piet Roelofs:

“We had the engine on the Dyno and we’ve installed a short ring/pinion. Mr. Booker did two seasons of club racing at Zandvoort with this car. After this we have overhauled the engine and put Carrillo–rods in. It is 455 hp at 7800 RPM on the Superflow Dyno. Booker did only one race and some testing with this engine. The car has a rollcage, sprinkler, 90 liters fuel cell (2 years old), special AP front brakes, special shocks/springs, FIA racing seats, original cold airbox, special oil cooler and a twin master brake cylinder system, with adjustable front rear”.

1988, 14 Oct., in Holland. Registered on plate DE–22–91.

1995, Competizione conversion owned by Rudy Booker, NL. Red with black interior. Plates DE–22–91.

1995, Piet Roelofs converted the car in the spring of 1995 to further competition specs.

1996, 22 June, at the Italia a Zandvoort, Circuit Park Zandvoort, the Netherlands. Registered on plates DE–22–91. Race number 3.

1996, 14–15 Sept., at a FCN Ferrari V12 Meeting, Zuid Limburg, the Netherlands. Race number 3.

1997, 29 Apr., at a FCN Driving Test at the circuit of Zolder, Belgium. This was the last time it was seen “in public”.

1999, 15 Feb., as per Piet Roelofs, this car is original plexiglas Daytona.

1999, 16 Feb., as per fax from Piet Roelofs the interior is black.

2000, 6 June, as per conversation with Piet the car is in his shop. The transaxle cases on Daytonas are the weakest link so Piet is installing one of his new and much stronger transaxle cases in the car and rebuilding the gears, synchros, etc while it’s apart. It will also have a pair of the much stronger steel side plates installed.

2000, 03 Aug., as per call from Piet Roelofs the car is still with Piet. It is not sold. It is getting the new and updated gearbox with the new stronger housing. So… the gearbox is new, new, new. It does not have the close ratio 4th and 5th gears. It does have the 8x43 rear gears, a very very short ratio gearbox. At 8,500 rpm they will do 250kms or about 145 mph.

The motor has only one race so it needs nothing. It is a very strong series III engine and needs nothing. The radiator is standard with a modified top tank. Has a separate oil cooler and they never have a problem with oil temperature.

It has the big “period” brakes, big roll bars, harder springs, the latest shocks, all the suspension updates, etc.…

The interior is a racing interior, but not “full race“. Yes, he has the original seats. They have new tan leather on them.

In Piet’s opinion the car needs, in principal, nothing. He thinks the wheels are new, but our client wants them painted. The paint on the car is good, but not perfect. For a racing car the paint is very good or even perfect.

2001, 01 Sept., 12681 sold to new owner in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Car shipped to the US, shipping charges and Customs duty paid. Car kept in full competition specifications with a full competition engine with 455 hp at 7800 RPM on the Superflow Dyno!

Fitted with new black leather Daytona “street” seats, full carpets and power windows, polished wheels and a highly detailed engine compartment. Cam covers re–finished with red wrinkle finish. Headers removed and “aluminized”. Cold air box polished. Street legal exhaust system fitted. Registered for the street with Arizona Historic vehicle plates. Arizona title and registration with the car.

2003, 14 Apr., test driven by Michael Sheehan in Scottsdale, Arizona. A rocketship with a very linear horsepower curve that comes on at 4,000 rpm and doesn’t stop right up to 8,500 rpm. A very fast Daytona. This Daytona also has an extremely smooth gearbox with very close ratios and very quick shifting. This Daytona has much improved AP front brakes, modern springs and shocks and the suspension pickup points are modified for a much improved roll center and a suspension geometry far superior to the original Factory built street or competition cars.

Ready for very rapid street use or eligible for the US Historic Ferrari Challenge.

2003, October, sold to a client in Seattle.

2004, January, engine rebuilt by Carobu Engineering.

  • High compression JE forged pistons, 82mm
  • Crankshaft cleaning (remove all plugs) and Magnaflux
  • Resize con rods (Carrillo), replace bushings and bolts
  • Balance assembly
  • Replace flywheel/clutch with aluminum racing unit (Tilton)
  • Design and grind special camshafts
  • Cylinder head flow testing and porting along with manifold matching
  • Shim-under bucket valve train conversion with 7mm valve stems, Titanium retainers and racing springs
  • Dyno tuning and testing for best power
  • Carb rebuilding/jetting

Finished with 343.77 lb ft of torque at 5900 rpm with 467.41 hp at 7700 rpm.

Total bill app. $38,000.

2004, October, part of a tax trade by M. Sheehan for two clients.

2004, 07 Dec., to Mike Sheehan.

2005, 31 March–03 April, raced by M. Sheehan at the Ferrari Historic races at Fontana. 2990 lbs, race ready. Springs, shocks and sway bars too soft.

2005, April, race prepared by Cavallo Motorsports, aka Motion Products West after race at Fontana, weigh reduced from 2990 lbs to 2820 lbs. New sway bars, springs and shocks fitted. Total bill app. $15,000.

2005, 10–12 May, raced in the Ferrari Historic Challenge at Las Vegas. Now much faster and easier to drive. Now a front runner.

2005, May, race prepared by Cavallo Motorsports, aka Motion Products West after race at Las Vegas, transaxle rebuilt and gearbox changed from short-ratio to close-ratio gearsets. Weigh reduced from 2820 lbs to 2690 lbs.

2005, 24–26 June, raced in the Ferrari Historic Challenge at Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. Now a very fast and well-sorted race car. DNFed. Fuel pickup.

2005, 05–07 July, raced in the Ferrari Historic Challenge in Lime Rock. Now a very fast and well-sorted race car. Class winner.

2005, 05–07 Aug., raced in the Ferrari Historic Challenge at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, A very fast and well-sorted race car. Class winner.

2005, 29 Oct., one of three feature cars at Concorso Arizona.

2006, January, raced at the Cavallino Classic, DNFed. Mechanical issues.

2006, March to 2007, December, 365 GTB/4 C s/n 12681 was put on hold because of family medical issues.

2008, March, engine finished and race prepared by Carobu engineering. Freshly rebuilt with zero track time, producing 493.3 hp at 7,800 RPM with 348 ft lbs of torque at 7000 on the Superflow Dyno!

2009, May, sold by Mike Sheehan’s to current owner.

2009, July, tested at Road America by new owner with 3:90 gears, wrong gear set. Revs too high.

2009, December, tested at Sebring by new owner with 3:90 gears, wrong gear set. Revs too high.

2011, June, engine rebuilt by Ted Wenz, Savannah Race Engineering. Dyno tested at 483 hp at a very-livable 7,700 RPM with 348 ft lbs of torque at 7,000 on the Superflow Dyno.

2011, August, tested at Laguna Seca, rev limiter set to endure-spec at 7,500 rpm. Suspensions, brakes dialed in.

2013, January, shown at the Daytona 24 hour race weekend.

2013, January, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s

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