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1970 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 C.prv Serial Number 13367


Lead photograph of 1970 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 C.prv Serial Number 13367


Make   Ferrari Model   365 GTB/4C.prv
Year   1970 Serial #   13367
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   Tipo 251 Chassis Type   Tipo 508
Build Sequence #    Number Built   3rd of 6 built
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   Chinetti/NART Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Europe


New to Chinetti. 1 of 6 competition conversions authorized to race in the Shell Challenge and the Tour de France. (12467, 13367, 13855, 14065, 14141, 16717) A normal Euro model production car, sold new in 1970 to first owner in Milano. Converted to competizione for Chinetti by Diena and Carrozzeria Sport Auto, Bastiglia, Italy in April–May, 1974.


S/n 13367. 365 GTB/4 C. Early European model. Plexiglass covered headlights, early style radiator, alloy door skins.

1970, sold new in Italy. Italian model, NOT a USA model! Dark blue.

1974, Feb., Dr. Harry Jones agreed to buy a NEW 365 GTB/4 C from Chinetti but by Feb., 1974 production had stopped and so Chinetti bought a four–year–old street model Euro model Daytona.

1974, March, purchased from owner in Milano as a used car in good running and driving condition by Luigi Chinetti for Dr. Harry Jones.

1974, March, 4 hours of Le Mans, run in two separate two hour sprint races with Dr. Harry Jones and Marcel Mignot. Marcel Mignot was the “school” driver for the ACO and so he was able to approve and license Dr. Harry Jones for the upcoming 24 hours of Le Mans.

1974, April–May, the conversion was done by Diena in Modena and Carrozzeria Sport Auto in Bastiglia. The engine was delivered in “Stage I” competition specifications and so was down on horsepower compared to the latest “Stage III” 1973 delivery competition Daytonas.

1974, April, Al Roberts rented a small garage near Le Mans and was able to rebuild the engine to Stage III competition specifications with higher compression pistons, competition camshafts, etc… 1974, 24 Hours Le Mans, entered by NART, driven by Marcel Mignot and Harry Jones. 16th on distance, covering 3638.968 km (2261.150 miles) at an average 151.623 km\h (94.214 mph). Race #57.

1975, 1–2 Feb., 24 Hours of Daytona with Jones, Mignot and Grandet. R# 56. DNFed.

1975, April, Sebring 12 hour IMSA race with Jones and Mignot, r#87, 9th OA.

1975, 14–15 June, 24 Hours Le Mans, entered by Marcel Mignot, driven by Mignot, Jones and Gurdjian. 13th on distance, covering 3997.871 km (2484.162 miles) at an average 166.577 km/h (103.506 mph). Race #48.

This midnight blue Daytona was only 4633m (5067 yards) behind the only other Daytona at this race. S/n 13376 suffered from low oil pressure and a loss of power. This was a chassis that was already old. Fitted with a new engine since its American racing campaign. Its performance in practice was good: Mignot achieved 29th best time, 4′20.1″, which represents a speed of 188.789 km (117.308 mph).

In the middle of the night compression was so low that the car was difficult to restart after pit stops. The engine would spin and spin, but not fire.

1975, the car was shipped back to the USA, but was shipped COD with a big bill attached with a lien from a French bank! The car sat in port Everglades for many many months while legal wrangling went on between Dr. Harry Jones and the French bank.

1977, Dr. Harry Jones won the legal battle and his car was returned to him, but he was so fed up that he sold the car to Preston Henn.

1978, 24 Hours of Daytona with Henn, Sahlman and Satullo, Race #94.

1979, Sebring 12 hour race, driven by Janet Guthrie, Lynn St. James and Bonnie Henn. Painted red and raced as the Ms. Budweiser car.

1979–2000, in storage.

2000, October, sold to new owner.

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