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1986 Ferrari 412 Serial Number 62939


Lead photograph of 1986 Ferrari 412 Serial Number 62939


Make   Ferrari Model   412
Year   1986 Serial #   62939
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type    Chassis Type   
Build Sequence #    Number Built   576 built in total
Body Type   Coupe Body Builder   Pininfarina
First Owner   McCoy Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   California


Total production of the 412 series was 576 cars with 270 5–speeds and 306 automatics.


S/n 62939. 412. Euro model. 5–speed. Dual A/C. Now US legal.

1986, 01 Apr., as per Ferrari Factory Invoice number 1579, sold new through FAF otorcars, for Factory delivery, to Michael J. Mc Coy, 3721 Charlescrest Drive, Lawrenceville, Georgia, US.

Delivered on plates EE 325 AK.

1986, 06 May, Italian delivery insurance issued by Societa Assicuratrice Industriale.

1986, 23 Sept., EPA release issued.

Delivered complete with radio, air conditioning, electric windows. Color Grigio Met. FER 700/C with Tabacco 846 Autolux leather. Price $65,100.

1995, 14 Apr., at Michael Sheehan’s European Auto Sales.

1995, 16 May, sold to Japan. While in Japan the car was repainted.

2002 December, the owner had the clutch, pressure plate and bearings replaced.

2003, January, the front brake pads were replaced. The car comes with an original Japanese registration, which is the equivalent of a California pink slip.

2003, February, the Japanese owner shipped the car back to Michael Sheehan’s European Auto Sales on consignment.

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