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1995 Ferrari 456 GT Cabriolet Serial Number 101250


Lead photograph of 1995 Ferrari 456 GT Cabriolet Serial Number 101250


Make   Ferrari Model   456 GT Cabriolet
Year   1995 Serial #   101250
Engine #    VIN   ZFFSP44A7S0101250
Engine Type   F116B Chassis Type   F116CL
Build Sequence #   3rd Number Built   3
Body Type   Cabriolet Body Builder   Pininfarina/Straman
First Owner   Kirk Current Owner   Current owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Texas


1995 Ferrari 456 GT Cabriolet s/n 101250. One of three 456 GT Cabriolets built by Straman & Company in 1995–97. Excellent Ferrari Rosso Monza paint with very good tan leather. Rod Drew at F.A.I. completed a $8,739.72 30k cam belt service, all fluids changed, and fine tuning of the pop-up headlights and headlamp motors just over a year ago, in April, 2014. There are also near new rear shocks and actuator, four Pirelli 255 x 45 x 17 ZR front and 285 x 40 x 17 ZR rear P Zero tires and a four wheel alignment with less than 1,600 miles. 456 GT Cabriolet s/n 101250 is also fitted with K40 radar, a Tubi exhaust system and Scuderia fender shields. Needs nothing and will pass any reasonable pre–purchase inspection. 18,652 miles. Has all books, tools and leather case, and service records including the cam belt service and all recent work.


S/n ZFFSP44A7S0101250. 456 GT. 6 Speed. USA model. New in Rosso Monza with tan leather.

1995, January, build date. Assembly No. 18308.

1995, 29 June, sold new by Continental Auto Sports, 420 E. Ogden Ave., Hinsdale, IL, 60521–3611 to Donald Kirk Corporation, 201 Juniper Court, Streamwood, Illinois, 60107. Window sticker price $207,030.

1996, 07 Nov., oil service by Continental Auto Sports. No charge. Mileage: 5,525.

1996, December, delivered by enclosed carrier to Straman’s shop in Costa Mesa, CA. Converted by Straman into a 456 Cabriolet. One of three cars done, s/n 100281 in black with tan was the first car. 456 s/n 100890, in blue with tan, was the second car. This car, s/n 101250, in red with tan, was the third and last 456 Cabriolet built by Straman. Cost of conversion in 1996: $50,000.

1997, June, cabriolet conversion finished at Straman’s shop. Picked up by the owner who drove it home to the Chicago area.

1997, 10 July, Tubi exhaust system and fuel valve fitted by Continental Auto Sports, total invoice: $4,195.89. Mileage: 8,133.

1997, 08 Oct., warranty work including A/C, front suspension squeak, seat back handle, by Continental Auto Sports, no charge. Mileage: 9,616.

1999, July, identified as 456 GT on FNA Notices of Recall 167 and 168.

1999, 09 Sept., fuel line update, heater line update, spoiler operation actuator, trunk release, by Continental Auto Sports. Total invoice: $1,669.78. Mileage: 12,327.

2001, 22 May, replace battery, by Continental Auto Sports. Total invoice: $163.09. Mileage: 12,723.

2002, 23 Apr., check wire loom assembly on right side of dash for ignition switch into dash, replace wiring loom and ignition switch, suspect internal failure in switch causing wires to get hot. Replace internal electrical portion of switch, test complete electrical system for proper operation and overloads, replace removed trim. Includes sublet complete interior for all new leather. Test fuel gauge and tank, replace fuel sending unit, by Continental Auto Sports. Total invoice: $16,243.28. Mileage: 13,214.

2002, 24 Apr., repaint front and rear bumper, repair all dents, scratches and imperfections on entire body as needed, for a dent–free, scratch–free, as–new body, by Custom Cars Unlimited, La Grange, IL. $10,156.63

2003, 08 Sept., repair left rear power window, by Continental Auto Sports. Total invoice $1,751.25. Mileage: 14,076.

2004, 03 Aug., repair power top wiring at relay box, check rear spoiler light, replace spoiler lift motor assembly, adjust passenger side window, repair wiring from key buzzer to power seats, by Continental Auto Sports. Total invoice: $2,674.46. Mileage: 14,276.

2005, November, Ferrari 456 GT Cabriolet conversion s/n 101250 offered by Continental Auto Sports, authorized Ferrari dealer for Hinsdale, IL. Rosso Corsa with beige interior. Full power top, full timing belt service is included with the purchase, books, tools and records. 14,900 miles.

2005, 17 Nov., 30k belt service completed by Continental Auto Sports. Hinsdale, IL. Total invoice just under $7,000.

2005, December, sold to Carlo Cervino, a restaurateur, in the San Francisco area.

2006, 09 Dec., sold to M. Sheehan by Ferrari of San Francisco.

2006, 11 Dec., pre–purchase inspection, excellent compression, from 195 lbs – 210 lbs with leakdown at 2% – 6%, by Dino motors, for M. Sheehan. Total invoice: $497.50. Mileage: 16,785.

2006, December–2007, January, four new Pirelli 255 x 45 x 17 ZR front and 285 x 40 x 17 ZR rear P Zero tires fitted. Full 30k cam belt and cam seals service done. New rear shocks and shock actuator fitted. Right rear power window motor rebuilt. Four wheel alignment. Total invoice: $10k. Mileage: 16,810

2007, January, offered by Mike Sheehan’s with recent major service work.

2007, 23 Feb., sold to David Milligan, IL. 16,850 miles.

2009, October – 2010, January, 30k cam belt and cam seal, all fluids serviced, new spark plugs, side windows and folding top mechanism fine tuned by Rod Drew’s F.A.I., Costa Mesa, CA. Total invoice: $7,585.02

2010, January, sold to Mark McKenzie, TX, by Mike Sheehan’s, 17,203 miles.

2010, 14 July, serviced at Moorespeed, 2131 Theo Drive Austin Texas 78723. Invoice number: 3598. Check engine diagnostics, hook engine up to computer to retrieve errors and fix. Total invoice: $100.00.

2011, 30 Apr., serviced at Moorespeed. Invoice Number: 3874. Install fuel pressure gauge to system, R&R enough of rear trunk assembly to access fuel tank and fuel pump wiring, route and connect fuel pump harness, run car and verify proper pressures, evacuate A/C systems and recharge, towing. Total invoice: $673.77.

2013, 04 Oct., serviced at Moorespeed. Invoice number: 6192. Install mid-tronics vat tester, check and verify CCA as specified, verify charging system with and without loads within specifications, verify diode ripple test, check general condition of battery, replace battery, check engine light, cel, diagnostics, and pull codes. Total invoice: $573.04.

2013, December, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s

2014, 04 Jan., sold to current owner.

2014, 02 Apr., Rod Drew at F.A.I., cam belt service, all fluids changed, fine tuning of the pop-up headlights replaced right headlamp motor. Detailed. Total invoice: $8,739.72.

2015, July, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s

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