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1979 Ferrari 512 BB Serial Number 27001


Lead photograph of 1979 Ferrari 512 BB Serial Number 27001


Make   Ferrari Model   512 BB
Year   1979 Serial #   27001
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   F 102 B Chassis Type   F 102 BB
Build Sequence #    Number Built   929
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   Angell Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   USA


A fanatically well documented, restored and sorted 512 BB. The best 512 BB we have ever offered! Red/tan, of course, dyno’ed at 363 hp, with dyno sheets. They don’t get any better!


S/n 27001. 1979 512 BB. Scaglietti #: 281. Build date January 12, 1979. Colors: Colore Esterno Carrozzeria; Rosso Chiaro 20 - R - 190, Colore Interni; Pelle Beige VM 3218. Certificato di Identificazione Nr. 0001761.

1979, 09 Apr., purchased by Dr. William Willson Angell. Dr. Angell ordered and purchased from the Ferrari dealer, Monaco Motors - Gabriel Cavallari, 11 Rue Rue Princesse Florestine, Monaco.

1979, 09 May, Monaco title issued. At the time Dr. Angell was a partner in the Institut Arnault, Tzanck, 06700, St. Laurent du Var, France. Dr. Angell was in France working as a visiting doctor at the Institut.

1979, May, Dr. Angell drove to Seville, Spain to visit friends. In route there was a short and minor sparks in the fuse panel. He made temporary repairs in route by rewiring the electrics through the clock to keep the car going.

1979, 14 July, exported from Cadiz, Spain to San Francisco, CA.

1979, 06 Aug., received at Berth 11, Oakland, CA. The US Customs entry # 169577 was assigned 1979, 10 Aug. The declared value of the car was $49,140. Import tax of $1,474.20 was paid.

1980, January, modified for EPA – DOT certification by Dino Enterprises, 1341 17th Ave., San Francisco, CA, 94122; 415-566-4608. The Owner of Dino Enterprises was Paul Paoletti. Actual EPA – DOT testing and certifications done by Olson Engineering, 15442 Chemical Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92649; 714-891-4821.

It should be noted that as an American working in Europe on a special medical knowledge transfer visa, Dr. Angell was allowed to bring the car into the USA without being required to meet DOT safety requirements. Therefore, the car never had Federalized bumpers, side marker lights, door crash bars, etc. added. The EPA Clean Air Act conversion requirements were the only modifications required. Only a handful of Ferraris were imported under these circumstances.

1980, 07 Aug., all conversion worked completed and certified, per letter from Dino Enterprises to US Customs.

1980, 17 Sept., EPA authorized US Customs to release the car to Dr. Angell.

1982, 24 Aug., repair invoice #1718 from La Jolla Ferrari for miscellaneous work and a new clutch; invoice $1,706.21. Mileage was 9,636 km (5,974 miles).

1982, 03 Nov., repair invoice #2515 from La Jolla Ferrari for new tires and battery; invoice $592.88. Mileage was 9,636 km (5,974 miles).

1982, 07 Nov., Dr. Angell sold the car to Ferrari of Los Gatos, CA.

1982, November, Ferrari of Los Gatos, consigns or brokers the car to Ferrari of Walnut Creek, CA.; Owner: Narotam “Nims” Dhillon.

1982, 20 Nov., David R. Mackie, 1074 Lucot Way, Campbell, CA., 95008, purchased the car from Ferrari of Walnut Creek for $85,000. The week after Mackie took possession of the car, Ferrari of Walnut Creek filed into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Mackie was subsequently contacted by the IRS and FBI regarding the car. They claimed the car was ill–gotten gains pursuant to certain criminal activities of Dhillon, and that Mackie should return the car to the IRS. Since Mackie had already paid for the car, but had never received a title, his attorney advised hiding the car until the issues were resolved.

1983, January, Mackie moved the car to Incline Village, NV to be hidden in a friend’s barn. Per Mackie:

“I had the car in Incline Village, NV. I used to drive it about 3 or 4 times a year but only about 10 miles at a time. I remember a family of mice living under the spare tire.”

The car was in storage over eight years.

1991, 06 Oct., Mackie secured a clear title. CA Title # 17991092688; CA plate # 1CKT756. Mackie’s son subsequently replaced the original radio with the current Pioneer unit. Original radio is unaccounted for.

1999, February, Mackie moved to Austin, TX. Car had major service done at Ferrari of Dallas around April of 1999. Cost approximately $6,000 to rebuild the clutch, replace hoses, cam belts, brake lines, carb rebuild, etc. Texas plates: C65GSN.

1999, 27 Aug., traded to Barrett Jaguar, San Antonio, TX for a new XK–8 convertible. Mackie advised he traded because he wanted strong A/C, ABS, P/S and a convertible.

1999, 14 Oct., purchased by Mel Spillman, 40 Donore Sq., San Antonio, TX., 78229. TX. Title # 01511136445084938, issued 10/23/99. Texas plates: G30RVB. Purchased for $63,750.

1999, November – June 2001, Spillman retained Tom Speer to manage a concours restoration.

2001, July, Spillman arrested for multiple felony theft charges.

2001, December, Sold at Sheriff’s Auction by Jim Custer, a Bexar County Texas Assistant District Attorney, to Mike Sheehan in a package of six Spillman cars (F40 s/n 87454, 308/288 GTO conversion s/n 34555, 365 GTB/4 s/n 14279, 512 BB s/n 27001, a Lola 332 F5000 car and a Shadow DN–5 F1 car.

2001, 12 Dec., as per long conference call with Tom Speer, the mechanic who worked on the car, the car was stripped and painted in new red paint at a cost of $10,000; over $10,000 additional was spent on disassembly, cleaning, inspection, reassembly, etc.; and then there were over $5,000 in service charges for re-upholstering the dash, machine work and plating.

Over $20,000 was spent with Ted Rutland for six new shocks, all new suspension bushings, new clutch and pressure plate, new J&E pistons and rings, all new main and connecting rod bearings, new gasket set, new plug wire set, cam belts, water hoses, all the pieces to rebuild the transaxle, ad infinitum.

The brakes were also rebuilt, of course. New Michelin XWX tires were ordered and the wheels were sent out and repainted.

The carbs were sent to a shop specializing in the three barrel Weber carbs since they are standard on all carbureted 911 Porsches. They were in the process of being rebuilt and would soon be ready to go on the car.

2002, 07 Feb., Mike Sheehan retained Carobu Engineering to remove, disassemble and inspect, then reassemble the engine. Engine Dyno’d at 363 BHP. Rebuild completed by Bert Wehr. Total invoice: $11,307.

2002, 09 Apr., sold to current owner.

2005, May, offered for sale by Mike Sheehan’s

Note: The above vehicle information is complete and accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time it is posted to this website. Corrections or additional information is always appreciated.