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1979 Ferrari 512 BB Serial Number 30713


Lead photograph of 1979 Ferrari 512 BB Serial Number 30713


Make   Ferrari Model   512 BB
Year   1979 Serial #   30713
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   F 102 B Chassis Type   F 102 BB
Build Sequence #    Number Built   929
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   Germany Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Oregon


1979 Ferrari 512 BB s/n 30713. Superb original Rossa Corsa paint finished in all Rossa Corsa with no black “Boxer bottom”. This Boxer has a near flawless body and very nice Parchment leather seats with black piping on the seats and light tan carpets. Correct Euro bumpers and no sidelights.


S/n 30713. 512 BB. European Model. Carbureted model. Now US EPA and DOT legal.

1979, sold new in Germany.

1981, May, imported into the US and converted by Dick Fritz, Amerispec.

1982, July, EPA and DOT conversion finished and releases issued.

0wned by Jim Oppenheimer, Melrose Park, Illinois.

1986, shown by Jim Oppenheimer at the FCA National Meet, Palm Beach, Florida.

1989, owned by Aldo Macioce, A.T.S. of America, Brighton, MA and offered for sale by him.

1990, purchased by Ron Tonkin at a Rick Cole auction. Kept as part of the Ron Tonkin collection.

1996, offered by Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo, Portland, OR. All red with cream interior. 16,600 km. EPA and DOT. (FML 2111)

2000, sold to the current owner. Had 17,000 kilometers or (10,563 miles) at the time of purchase. Full 30,000 mile (including belts) service done by Ron Tonkin Ferrari, authorized Ferrari dealer for Portland, Oregon as part of purchase deal.

2000, 04 Dec., all new BFG Radial T/A tires fitted at a cost of $378.00.

2003, July, serviced by Dick Guthrie of ATD, 1015 S.E. Main St., Portland, Oregon. Brake rotors machined, radiator repairs, carbs cleaned, $1,093.85.

2000 to 2004, the current owner uses Red Line synthetic oil in the car, waxes the car only with Zymol wax, only hand washs it (no brushes!!!), and uses Connolly Hide Food on the leather regularly. He always warms the car up for 5 minutes before driving it, then gives it VERY light throttle until the oil temp is above 80° C. The A/C blows cold; the car doesn’t overheat; it runs beautifully, tracks straight and true, and is an absolute dream to drive.

As per the current owner: This 512 BB has never seen redline as long as he has owned it. Because the owner lives in Oregon, it has seen rain a couple of times. When in the garage, it sits under a flannel Exoto car cover with the battery on a trickle charger.

2004, 19 Jun., offered for sale by Michael Sheehan’s

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