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1981 Ferrari 512 BB Serial Number 35761


Lead photograph of 1981 Ferrari 512 BB Serial Number 35761


Make   Ferrari Model   512 BB
Year   1981 Serial #   35761
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   F 102 B Chassis Type   F 102 BB
Build Sequence #    Number Built   929
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   Ottis Chandler Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   California


1981 Ferrari 512 BB s/n 35761. European model. Fastidiously well maintained and well-documented. Euro-spec as Enzo intended. Finished in superb Rossa Corsa paint to a higher-than-new standard, with no black “Boxer bottom”. Extremely nice tan leather interior with black “insert” stripes and an “as-new” dash. Only four owners. New to Ottis Chandler. With Skeets Dunn of Rancho Santa Fe for twenty-five years. In Japan the last three years. Extremely well detailed and better-than-new engine compartment. Fully serviced, only needs a new set of XWXs. Has all tools, briefcase, owner’s manual, parts book, pouch and the thin spare. Only 23,695 original miles. This car is exceptionally nice and needs absolutely no excuses made.


S/n 35761. 512 BB. 1981. European production. Carbureted model.

1981, imported and legalized by Vern Lindholm’s Ferrari Compliance, Santa Ana, CA.

1981, 24 Apr., offered in the Ferrari Market Letter by Ron Tonkin, Portland, Oregon. Solid Ferrari red with tan leather. Brand new, 50–state legal.

1981, sold new to Ottis Chandler, Publisher of the LA Times newspaper.

1982, sold to Werner Hodgkin, a Bond broker in L.A.

1984, 8 Aug., sold to Skeets Dunn from Grand Prix Classics. 6,700 miles.

1984, 15 Aug., invoice no. 10309 from Bill Pound Automotive, San Diego, CA. Tune up. Remove & replace nose and rear wing. Clean grille & fans. Recharge A/C. Lube, oil, & filters. Check clutch. New rear tires. Total invoice $2,006.07.

1985, March, major engine service by Bill Pound Automotive, San Diego, CA. $2,800 in labor. $2,461 in parts and other misc. repairs. Total invoice $5,779.55.

1986, listed in the Ferrari Owner’s Club roster by C. A. “Skeets” Dunn.

1986, 10 Feb., change engine oil filters. Remove all wheels & tires & scrub. Balance wheels. Remove minor dent in door. Repair rear spoiler, paint engine covers. Paint wheels. $1,227.90.

1986, 10 Feb & 18 Feb., invoices. Total repaint with panels removed & painted.

1988, 21 Nov., serviced by Ferraris Only in San Diego. New tires put on. Five new tires. Total invoice $1,035.

1991, 5 May, replace rear shocks, diagnose & repair engine misfire at Ferraris Only in San Diego, CA. Total invoice $1,475.

1994, still with Skeets Dunn, now has 17,155 miles.

1996, 30 Apr., car at Scuderia Stirlina in Lake Ellsinore for service. Change oil & filters. Remove & replace rear brake calipers. Fit new brake piston seals. Remove & repaint rear inner fenders. Total invoice $970.

1997, 27 June, car at Symbolic Service in La Jolla. Car in for some minor repairs & also replace axle boots, check oil leaks & replace differential seals. Engine service. Labor $1,575 & parts at $426. Total invoice $2,035.

1997, car passed smog test in CA. 18,000 on odometer.

2001, 12 Mar., with Bill Pound for service. Engine out service, change all fluids, remove clutch slave cylinder and rebuild, flush clutch and brake hydraulic systems through. Remove front valance and replace horn motor. Remove exhaust system. Total invoice $2,700.36.

2001, 16 Mar., with Bill Pound for service. Dismantle both heads, lap in valve seats, fit viton seals, re–assemble, fit cams, and adjust valve clearances. Strip rear frame section to bare metal, mask & prime, paint semi gloss black. Steam clean motor, remove upper plates, cad plate and nickel plate crank case nuts. Exhaust to jet coat. Total invoice $1,170.

2001, 29 Mar., with Bill Pound for service. Labor to finish motor assembly, make up new coolant hoses, fit to motor, install carbs, paint and mount coolant reservoir, refit sway bar, bead blast mounts and refit, fit motor into car, hook up oil and coolant hoses, fit new plugs, refit distributor cap and wires. Total invoice $1,895.

2001, 5 Apr., finish assembly of car. Refit exhaust. Re–mount rear body section hinges and rear lower valance. Align exhaust pipes. Refill clutch fluid and bleed system. Fill all fluids, check for leaks. Refit rear body section. Balance wheels. Total invoice $1,250.

2002, 27 July, FML, Volume 27, number 15. Offered by Skeets Dunn. Red with tan interior. In private collection since 1984. Original owner/importer Otis Chandler. Immaculate condition. Books included. 20,000 miles, rebuilt at 15,000 miles.

2002, 31 July, as per conversation with Skeets, now has about 19,000 miles. Motor rebuilt at about 15,000. New clutch. Has Goodyear 245/60/15 on the back and a 215/60/15 on the front. A very fast carbureted car. Has an all Euro exhaust system. Just serviced. Euro bumpers. Repainted complete. All red, no boxer bottom. Black carpets. Has all tools, all books, pouch, etc…

2008, June – September, with Bill Pound for a total engine overhaul, as Skeets didn’t like the usual Boxer puff–of–smoke on cold start. Engine overhaul, water pump rebuild, brake calipers rebuild, $23,352,00 plus all new cylinder sleeves by L.A. Liner, invoice $2,369.33 and new J&E pistons, invoice $1,800. Total rebuild just under $30,000. Rear frame area, engine compartment and all mechanical items painted or detailed while apart.

2009, August, September, major carburetor service being done by Symbolic Service, San Diego, CA. Rebuild carbs, $1,799.73, charge A/C, new steering rack, $2,063.38. Sublet carbs, $1,401.36.

2009, September, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s

2009, 11 Nov., sold to current owner, Japan.

2010, serviced upon arrival in Japan: water pump leakage repaired, timing belt changed and adjusted, front fender packing, short circuit repaired, mirror control switch repaired, retractable headlight repaired, retractable headlight switch repaired, a/c recharged, repainted rear spoiler, f/r suspension adjusted, f/r brakes repaired, mission mount adjusted, clutch adjusted, new windshield installed, distributor repaired, carbureters rebuilt, speedometer overhauled, battery disconnect switch installed, front license plate frame fabricated, protective body coating applied. Approximately 33,300 USD.

2013, April, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s

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