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1984 Ferrari 512 BBi Serial Number 48725


Lead photograph of 1984 Ferrari 512 BBi Serial Number 48725


Make   Ferrari Model   512 BBi
Year   1984 Serial #   48725
Engine #   00764 VIN   ZFFJA09B000048725
Engine Type   F 110 A Chassis Type   F 102 BB
Build Sequence #    Number Built   1,007
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   Texas Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Illinois


1984 Ferrari 512 BBi s/n 48725. One fastidious owner for eighteen years. Well maintained and well documented. Euro-spec without the usual ugly Federalized bumpers, side markers, and power killing catalysts and smog equipment. Twenty-eight years old so exempt from the dreaded EPA and DOT regulations. Superb black paint over a mirror-straight body. Extremely nice black leather interior, black insert stripes and dash. Has “as-new” Michelin 240/55 VR 415 TRX tires. Highly detailed engine compartment and under hood. Recently completed an engine-out cam belt and fluid service by Rathmann Auto Works, Inc., Poway CA. Has the owner’s manual and the correct thin spare. Comes with a fifty-page loose-leaf binder documenting eighteen years of service records. 31,791 miles. Has the original Pioneer radio, Pioneer booster and Pioneer door speakers. With a full set of books, pouch and tools this Boxer should bring home the tin at your next Ferrari Owner’s Club meet. We welcome a detailed pre-purchase inspection.


1984, 07 Mar., imported by Ferrari of Houston, 6541 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77074 entered port of Houston, customs entry date.

1984, 25 July, Customs entry number 84-501137-7, Ferrari of Houston, P.O. Box 60546 AMF, Houston, TX 77205, Import Certification Lab, Test Laboratory Address: 421 East Cerritos, Anaheim, CA 92805. 1984 Ferrari, BBi 512. Mileage: 147.

1984, 08 Aug., DOT release.

1984, 27 Sept., United States Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C. 20460, EPA File: 12753. The vehicle described on the attached approved EPA “Test Report Form” has been tested and shown to be in conformity with Federal emission requirements.

1987, offered for sale in Ferrari Market Letter, MDR Enterprises, Santa Monica, CA. Black with black leather. 16,000 miles.

1991, 20 Dec., Bobileff Motor Car Company, 9924 Mesa Rim Rd., San Diego, CA 92121. Balance owner’s four wheels/tires Total $76.83.

1992, offered for sale in Ferrari Market Letter, Mohr Imports, Seaside, CA. Black with black leather. Black headliner. CA car, in storage four years. Engine pulled, inspected & rebuilt as necessary; suspension taken down, inspected & reassembled for show. New Connolly leather on dash; previous owner had car resprayed in black lacquer. Shows 18,000 miles but only 100 miles on engine.

1993, January, a no-sale in the Barrett-Jackson Auction, Scottsdale, AZ.

1993, April, offered for sale in the FML by The Chequered Flag, Los Angeles, CA.

1993, October–1994, January, offered for sale in Ferrari Market Letter, Auto Toy Store, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

1994, 1984 Ferrari Title Renewed, Houston TX 77057.

1994, 19 Aug., Auto Toy Store Inc., 1624 E. Sunrise boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304, Sold to Vaile Shelton, Houston TX, 77057. 1984 Ferrari BBi 512, Boxer, Black, with 20,434 miles, VIN 48725.

1994, 09 Sept., Jaguar Motor Imports, 96 N.E. Loop 410 at Jones Maltsberger, San Antonio, TX 78216. One Year Safety Inspection, Change oil & filter, check all fluid levels, check & air up tires. 12 NGK plugs. Total invoice: $651.77.

1994, 20 Dec., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Replaced leaky fuel injection accumulator. Tightened all belts. Repaired exhaust. Removed front rotors, machined and re-installed. New pads, packed bearings. Replaced all defective shocks. Corrected clock, horn and interior lights circuits. Corrected A/C water leak. Corrected door locks. Adjusted fuel injection and cleaned fouled plugs. Mileage: 20,904. Total invoice: $5,277.36.

1995, 07 June, Bobileff Motor Car Company. Refinished all mat black areas (around bottom & bumper) with black gloss. Mileage: 21,133. Total invoice: $1,628.28.

1995, 30 Oct., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Detailed exterior, aligned front end, Installed 2 window switches, installed A/C I.D. plate. Mileage: 21,319. Total invoice: $1,334.18.

1996, 18 Sept., Extreme Detailing. Detailed, polished & waxed. Interior cleaned & leather conditioned. Total invoice: $125.00.

1996, 18 Nov., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Oil & filter change. Change A/C & leak check. Mileage: 22,041 Total invoice: $967.79.

1997, 06 Apr., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Replaced: mainshaft, transmission shift boot, gasket set, valve shims, valve seals, rear seal, front seal, cam drive bearings, timing belts, CV clamps, pilot bearing and air box mounts. Mileage: 22,408. Total invoice: $13,827.18.

1997, 01 Aug., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Paint integrals, 4 wheel trim rugs, nose emblem. Refinished exterior body as aneroid 6,125 in Black. Replace all leather with black. Refinished wheels. Modified front spoiler to accept lamps and welded up side markers. Total invoice: $17,032.34.

1998, January, Bobileff Motor Car Company. Assembled bottom end of motor and replaced cam drive. Installed motor in chassis hookup. Removed & installed seats, dash and door panels. Total invoice: $6,335.67.

1998, 28 Jan., Keith Collins, 2207 South Union Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90007-1842. 1984 Ferrari 512 BBi 2pc set: Black mats w/ Medium Gray Horse. Total invoice: $458.00.

1998, 06 Feb., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Mounted wheel & tire, painted wheel. Installed new oil cooler hoses. Mileage: 22,875. Total invoice: $2,064.95.

1998, 03 Apr., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Replaced leaky right cam gasket. Oil & filter change. Mileage: 23,123. Total invoice: $102.97.

1998, 22 July, Bobileff Motor Car Company. Inspected A/C, checked for leaks, repaired and charged system. Re-checked for leaks. Replaced cam cover gaskets. Mileage: 23,775. Total invoice: $297.59.

1998, 25 Sept., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Repaired dash squeak and front & rear lid squeaks. Cleaned ashtray inserts, Cleaned & detailed ashtrays. Checked water leak. Mileage 23,134. Total invoice: $796.07.

1998, 23 Nov., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Re-covered steering wheel. Total invoice: $395.87.

1999, 1984 Ferrari Title renewed in Houston TX 77057.

1999, 15 Jan., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Replaced 2 wheel decals, fluids & filters okay. Flushed coolant and transmission fluid, pressure coolant system and bled brakes. Total invoice: $444.59.

2000, 1984 Ferrari title renewed in Houston TX 77057.

2000, 03 Apr., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Replaced clutch & freed up frozen throw out arm. Mileage: 27,317. Total invoice: $3,254.61.

2001, 1984 Ferrari Title renewed in Houston TX 77057.

2001, 14 Mar., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Removed starter, installed new bendix spring, replaced injectors, pressure checked coolant, oil filter flush brakes, coolant, clutch. Mileage: 27,394. Total invoice: $1,774.86.

2001, 04 Apr., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Replaced A/C compressor & evaluate, change. Mileage: 27,394. Total invoice: $829.23.

2002, 1984 Ferrari Title renewed in Houston TX 77057.

2002, 03 June, Bobileff Motor Car Company. Replaced electronic 16N with MSD unit. Removed left cam cover, replace bad gasket, cleaned area, road tested & re-checked oil leak. Mileage: 27,881. Total invoice: $1,323.47.

2003, 1984 Ferrari Title renewed in Houston TX 77057.

2003, 23 Oct., Steve Maxwell Exotic Car Service, 8494 Commerce Ave. Suite AA San Diego, CA 92121. Engine out service, replaced fuel accumulator, 2 air filters, 2 oil filters, 15 qts 20w50 oil, 4 Gallons of coolant, 2 tensioner bearings and 2 timing belts. Mileage: 28,353. Total invoice: $4,587.32.

2004, 1984 Ferrari Title renewed in Houston TX 77057.

2004, 09 Apr., Steve Maxwell Exotic Car Service. Parts: MSD 7A series for twelve cylinder, MSD coil and used distributor shaft. Mileage: 28,418. Total invoice: $1,401.19.

2004, 16 Apr., Pioneer stereo repaired, the unit was found to have bad components and multiple bad capacitors and solder joints. Total invoice: $562.79.

2005, 31 Jan., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Replaced right rear CV joint, oil and filter change. Total invoice: $1,909.40.

2006, 10 Mar., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Engine out service. Replaced timing belts. Installed 4 Tires. Mileage: 29,684. Invoice No. 13107. Total invoice: $5,712.34.

2007, 01 Mar., Bobileff Motor Car Company. Oil Filter, turn signal wiring and fuse box. Mileage: 29,868. Invoice No. 13642. Total invoice: $709.43.

2007, 09 Apr., Coker Tire Company, 1317 Chestnut St. Chattanooga, TN 37402-4418. 4 240/55 VR 415- Michelin TRX Black, Total invoice: $1,955.61.

2007, 21 Nov., Terstate Battery of San Diego, San Diego, CA 92126-6304. Total invoice: $334.12.

2008, 15 Mar., E.A.C. 14035 Kirkham Way, Poway CA 92064. Annual fluid service. Mileage: 30,595. Total invoice: $419.34.

2009, 03 July, E.A.C. 3 year major service, designed & constructed exhaust. Mileage: 30,957. Total invoice: $3,642.45.

2012, 27 Feb., Rathmann Auto Works, Inc., 14035 Kirkham Way, Suite 106, Poway, CA 92064. Engine out major service. Detail service. A/C service. New tensioner assembly, timing belts, fuel filter, air filters, exhaust gasket, oil drain back hose and water pump seal. Invoice No. 670, total invoice: $6,264.95.

2012, April, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s

2012, April, sold to current owner.

2012, September, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s

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