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1998 Ferrari F40 LM GTE Serial Number 84503


Lead photograph of 1998 Ferrari F40 LM GTE Serial Number 84503


Make   Ferrari Model   F40 LM GTE
Year   1998 Serial #   84503
Engine #   007 VIN   
Engine Type   Tipo F120 B Chassis Type   Tipo F120 B
Build Sequence #    Number Built   Number 4 of 6 built
Body Type   Belinetta Body Builder   Michelotto
First Owner   Caiola Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   Yes Current Location   Australia


The fourth (by serial number) of six F40 GTE (E for Evoluzione) built in 1995–98 with the 3.5. and 3.6 litre Evo engine. The Evo I had a 3.5 liter while the Evo II had the 3.6 litre engine. Fitted with a 36.9 mm restrictor instead of the 38 mm used in 1995.

Horsepower remained the same at 635 hp and torque remained the same at 75 mkg at the same revs, to make the engine less violent when on the boost.

The chassis stiffness was improved and a new larger rear wing was fitted.

The most important improvements were the huge carbon disc brake (380 MM thanks to the new 18” wheels) and the sequential 6 gears X–Trac gearbox.


S/n ZFFGJ34B000084503. F40 LM GTE. An Evo II car.

1996, October, as per article in Automobiles Classiques by Pierre Dieudonné (Belgian driver and well documented journalist, author of the Cavalleria book on F40 LM), written just after the win at Anderstop by F40 LM GTE s/n 74405. (translation from French by Pierre Goossens:)

“ At this point, (Oct. 1996) four F40 GTE (E for Evoluzione) have been built. (No s/n mentioned but I believe 74045 – 82404 – 83405 – 90001). Re: the engine, after the first Evo in 1995 (from 3 litre to 3.5 litre), the 2nd Evo (3.6 litre) comes for the 1996 season due to a rule change (admission restrictor of 36.9 mm instead of 38 mm in 1995) to keep the same power rate (635 hp) and torque (75 mkg) at same revs, and to make the engine smoother for using.”

The chassis torsion stiffness is 33% improved and there is a new larger rear wing (with rounded pillars) giving more downforce and a lower drag.

Apart of the noticeable progress with handling and engine, the most important improvements are the huge carbon disc brake (380 MM thanks to the new 18” wheels) and the sequential 6 gears X–Trac gearbox.”

1998, 18 May, order confirmation and invoice from Michelotto G. & C. S.N.C. to Wide World of Cars. (See invoice in sales file).

1998, built by Michelotto to A.C.O. Le Mans 1996 Specifications. Engine Tipo F120 B # 007, 3,600 c.c.. Transaxle Tipo F105 sequenziale 6 velocia # 001.

1998, 8 Sept., as per invoice from Michelotto G. & C. S.N.C. to Sig. Alberto Pedretti, Wide World of Cars, Spring Valley, New York, confirmation that s/n 84503 was built to A.C.O. Le Mans 1996 Specifications with Engine Tipo F120 B # 007, 3,600 c.c., with Tipo F105 sequenziale 6 velocia # 001. (See invoice in sales file).

1998, 18 Nov., invoice from Wide World of Cars, E. Route 59, Spring Valley, New York to Benny Caiola, 35 Westward Lane, Pelham Manor, NY, 10803, for F40 LM GTE s/n ZFFGJ34B000084503. (See invoice in sales file).

2001, 9 Jan., per fax from Jean Sage re: the F40s, the reluctant racer article, delivered to Wide World of Cars in the USA for a collector on 11 May, 1998.

2002, 08 Aug., spoke with Kevin Chuck, service manager at Wide World of Cars, Spring Valley, New York. Benny Caiola, the owner of F40 LM GTE s/n 84503, no longer wants to drive the car.

As per Kevin he has the dyno sheets. The car has four boost settings:

At 1.83 bar the 3.6 litre engine is 646 CV HP at 7500 rpm or about 720 SAE HP.

The second boost setting is 2.05 bar.

The third boost setting is 2.25 bar.

The fourth setting is for qualifying only and is 2.4 bar.

Kevin also has the build sheets and all setup sheets.

Yes, the trans is the X–Trac sequential, almost the same as a 333 SP. Yes, it has the carbon brakes and 18 inch wheels.

On the setup sheet the weight is 2250 lbs. The fronts wheels are 11 1/4 X 18 and the rear wheels are 13 X 18.

The F40 LM GTE wheels are identical to the wheels on Benny’s F40 LM.

Benny has both an F40 LM and the F40 GTE. The F40 GTE is lighter, has more power, much more torque, a much stronger 6 speed gearbox and has a much improved Magneti Marelli engine management system. Unlike an F40 LM, The electronics on an F40 LM GTE share nothing with the street car.

Body panels are thinner and lighter carbon fiber. The wing is about 4” wider and is about 18” long or deep as opposed to the 12” wide rear wing on an F40 LM. The aerodynamics are much improved and the 3.6 litre Evo 2 was about 9 seconds a lap faster than the 1995 version Evo 1 at Le Mans.

The car may have some minimal spares. Might come with a second set of wheels and tires, wheel lugs, quick disconnect, etc…

Kevin does have the software for fuel injection programming.

Overall condition is very good but not flawless as this car has had some limited and slow pace track time.

2002, 22 Aug., sold to a well known collector in Australia.

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