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1990 Ferrari F40 Serial Number 86878


Lead photograph of 1990 Ferrari F40 Serial Number 86878


Make   Ferrari Model   F40
Year   1990 Serial #   86878
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   F 120 A Chassis Type   F 120 A
Build Sequence #    Number Built   1,311
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   Ferrari of Beverly Hills Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Arizona


S/n 86878. USA version. Fitted with wind–up windows.


1990, October, seen at the factory. Fitted with wind–up windows.

1990, sold new by Ferrari of Beverly Hills. Never driven.

1999, early, sold by Ferrari of Beverly hills to Nedra Roni, with only 343 miles.

Serviced by Ferrari of Beverly Hills.

1999, January, serviced at 343 miles. Full 30K service including belts.

1999, March, serviced at 928 miles. Tubi exhaust fitted.

1999, June, serviced for fluids only.

1999, November, serviced at 4100 miles. New clutch.

2001, at Southwest European Autosales in Arizona with 5831 miles.

2001, July, sold to a new owner, California.

Harley Cluxton inspected the car for the new owner and gave a glowing report mechanically.
Info from Harley Cluxton (480)991–5320:

  • Overall Paint/Finish and Cosmetics = 7–8.
  • Finish is Bright but could be color sanded. Typical F40.
  • No scratches.
  • Right door has slight bubbling under vent. Factory.
  • Slight nicks in skirts that Naz will fix.
  • Nose is good.
  • Nose undertray (a 1–1.5 piece) is scarred.
  • Slight scrape under nose that Naz will fix.
  • Tool Bag is complete.
  • No Track.
  • No off–road excursions.
  • Wheels are excellent with no curb damage.
  • Some clear coat crazing on rear wheels (factory).
  • Tires are original and hard. Should be replaced.
  • Driver’s window scratched slightly. Could be removed.
  • Windshield is very good. Car probably never to speed.
  • Headlights/Taillights great.
  • Interior overall is good.
  • Plastic still on sills.
  • Nomex seat covers are fairly worn. Normal for 5k miles.
  • Carbon is good.
  • Dash material good.
  • Good door fit.
  • Window fit is good.
  • This is an exceptional car to drive. A 9.5 out of ten.
  • Excellent oil pressure.
  • Linkage is great.
  • Brakes are great with no pull.
  • Excellent boost.
  • Steers very well.
  • Very strong motor.
  • Good temperature. Stayed cool in 111–degree heat.
  • A/C is the coldest he had experienced in an F40.
  • Cam seals leaking. Need to be degreased. No big deal.
  • Overall, Harley recommends the car. One of the 2–3 best that he has driven. Thinks the price (290K) is fair.
  • Currently 5831 miles.

2001, 4 Aug., wrecked on Mulholland drive.

2001, December, as per e–mail from the former owner:

Regarding the crash: I have no recollection of the accident. One minute I was driving, the next I was in the hospital being informed that I was involved in a bit of a fender bender. Actually, a head–on collision with a Jeep Cherokee on Mulholland drive. Nobody was cited by the Police.

As per the former owner:

What an amazing car to drive, though. Was most impressed with the directness of the steering and how light and neutral the car felt. As a pure driving experience, it was perhaps the best I’ve come across to date.

2001, 15 Dec., e–mail from former owner when asked why the Fireman had gone berserk and cut the top off:

The rescue guys (went) full–Straman and cut the top off to get me out. I was resting at the time, and if they’d simply tapped me on the shoulder I’d have climbed out. Oh, well.

2001, 29 Dec., advertised in the Ferrari Market Letter, 1/2 page ad, as follows:

1990 F40 s/n 86878. USA model.
Wrecked. Needs complete “lift–up” nose, dash and roof (cut off by over zealous firemen). Minor damage to left front frame rail. Perfect for conversion to a track car. We have available at extra cost all parts needed to convert to an F40 LM or F40 LM GTE. A bargain at $115,000.
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2002, January, sold to a new owner in Arizona who will convert it to an F40 LM/F40 LM GTE.

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