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1992 Ferrari F40 Serial Number 92501


Lead photograph of 1992 Ferrari F40 Serial Number 92501


Make   Ferrari Model   F40
Year   1992 Serial #   92501
Engine #   30061 VIN   ZFFMN34A7N0092501
Engine Type   F 120 A Chassis Type   F 120 A
Build Sequence #    Number Built   1,311
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   USA Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Louisiana


1992 USA model F40 s/n 92501. A late model USA version F40. Fitted with big Brembo brakes that work. Has Brembo master brake cylinders and big Brembo rotors backed up with 18″ Kineseis modular wheels with near new Michelin Pilot Sport tires. Has a Tubi street exhaust. Well documented ownership and service history from new. No damage, no stories. All paperwork and receipts on file. Excellent body fit and paint. Has the owner’s manual, the parts book, the warranty book and warranty card and the operational supplimental book plus the original leather carrying pouch. Has the tool roll and tools. Also has the factory spare–in–a–can and the Factory car cover in it’s carrying bag. Comes with the Factory stock wheels and tires, the stock exhaust, stock brake rotors and calipers and master cylinder assembly. 15,912 original miles. Both front seats just upholstered. One–of–the–last US model F40s built and highly–detailed.


S/n 92501. Full VIN ZFFMN34A7N0092501. December 1991 build date. 1992 USA version. New to Algar, Authorized Ferrari dealer for Pennsylvania. Engine # 30061. New in Rosso Corsa FER 300/12 paint. Assembly # 09754.

1992, 25 Feb., Certificate of Origin issued by Ferrari North America, Inc., for F40 s/n 92501, made to Algar Enterprises, P.O. Box 167 1234 Lancaster Ave. Rosemont, PA 19010.

1992, October, Steve Harris Imports purchased car from Algar for Herb Korthoff.

1992, 15 Oct., sold new by Steve Harris Imports to Herb Korthoff, Park City, Utah, 84060–4559.

2001, 26 Nov., serviced by Steve Harris Imports, 808 South Main St. Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101 for Herb Korthoff: performed service as per manual. Replaced timing belts & tensioners. Replaced cam. Seals & O–rings. Replaced dry coolant hoses. Rebuilt Waterpump. Total invoice $6,845.43. Mileage 6,397.

2002, March, sold by Herb Korthoff to second owner, Tim Gendreau, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

2002, 12 Mar., serviced by Steve Harris Imports, 808 South Main, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101 for second owner, Tim Gendreau: performed Pre–purchase inspection, see attached checklist & notes. Total invoice $548.99. Mileage 6,439.

2002, 20 Mar., as per fax from Sean Harris to Tim Gendreau:

Thank you for phone call. I am pleased to provide you with some history for your files on your F40. This car was originally delivered by Ferrari North America to Algar in PA in February of 1992. We then purchased the car from Algar for Mr. Korthoff. Here is a copy of the original Certificate of origin (MSO) as well as the contract of sale when we sold the car to Mr. Korthoff in October of 1992. Call me with any other questions.

2002, 28 Mar., serviced by Scottsdale Ferrari, 6725 E. McDowell, Scottsdale, AZ, 85257 for Gendreau: Cooling system & fans, check cooling system, add coolant, bleed. Install Tubi Muffler (customer supplied). Remove stock muffler, install tubi. Total invoice $450.28. Mileage in/out 6,493/6,500.

2003, 8 Jan., Arizona Certificate of Title issued to Gendreau Investments Enterprises LLC.

2004, 26 Feb., serviced by Scottsdale Lotus, 8355 E. Raintree Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260, for Tim Gendreau: Remove and replace clutch, resurface flywheel. Total $6,014.44. Mileage 7,379.

2004, 27 Oct., serviced by Scottsdale Ferrari for Tim Gendreau: Compression Test & Mech. Inspection. Total invoice $468.08. Mileage in/out: 7,451/7,469.

2004, December, sold to third owner, Brendan Gallaher.

2004, 16 Dec., Smog Check Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) , K.J. Automotive 1716 S. La Cienega Blvd. L.A., CA 90035. Mileage 7,488.

2004, 17 Dec., serviced by Blackhorse Motors Inc., 17245 Cienega Blvd.: change timing belts & tensioners. Total invoice $4,818.78. Mileage 7,488.

2005, 19 Sept,. serviced by The Auto Gallery 21301 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91364, Invoice No. 1065, for Brendon Gallaher: set and diagnose with Weber ignition diagnostic computer, found Weber computer. Total invoice $1,497.22. Mileage 7,595.

2005, 19 Sept., serviced continued by The Auto Gallery, Invoice No. 1065, for Brendon Gallaher: perform Engine Compression and Leak down test, found #2 cylinder coil pack weak/inop, power module, remove inter coolers and intake manifold/throttle bodies to inspect, remove engine timing belt covers to inspect cam timing, found belts over tighten, re–tension belts, replace cylinders 1–4 fuel pump, replace spark plugs, replace engine oil and filter, perform front and rear wheel alignment. Total invoice, $9,275.64. Mileage out 7,595.

2006, 15 Feb., serviced by The Auto Gallery for Brendan Gallaher, Invoice No. 1929: inspect engine cam seals for oil leakage, belt/timing. Total invoice $2,814.17. Mileage in/out: 7,666/7,712.

2006, 06 Mar., sold to current owner. Mileage 7,727.

2006, 23 Mar., serviced by Sportscar Italiano, 1390 Rollins Rd. Burlington, CA 94010 for fourth owner: evacuate and charge A/C, detail compete, pre–purchase inspection, supply a new factory red car cover. Total invoice $2,503.00.

2007, 02 Feb., serviced by Lindsey Automotive Inc. 2501 Delaware Ave. Kenner, LA 70062: install Brembo brake upgrade dual master cylinder assembly. Total invoice $1,681.00.

2007, 05 Mar., serviced by Lindsey Automotive Inc.: check A/C system, charged & tested for leaks, replaced compressor fitting O–rings & Schrader valves, charge system. Total invoice, $638.91.

2007, 07 Dec., serviced by Lindsey Automotive Inc.: replaced cam belts, cam belt tensioner rollers, R&R camshafts for cam housing seal & cam seal replacement, adjusted valves, replaced cam cover gaskets, end plate gaskets and seals, replaced fuel filters, cleaned & gapped spark plugs, rebuilt water pump with one piece seal, replaced front crank seal. Total invoice $6,975.76.

2008, 09 Aug., Lindsey Automotive Inc.: charge A/C system. Total invoice $155.51.

2008, 01 Nov., serviced by Lindsey Automotive Inc.: oil & filter service, check all fluids, tire pressures, lights, belts & hoses, A/C, mount and balance 2 rear tires. Total invoice $1,451.15

2010, 18 Mar., Alden’s Trim Shop, 2620 Bainbridge Ave., Kenner, LA.: re–cover two seats in red Nomex fabric. Total invoice $1,522.50.

2010, 22 Apr., Alden’s Trim Shop: re–cover head liner panel. Total invoice $396.94.

2010, May, offered by Michael Sheehan’s www.Ferraris–

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