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1995 Ferrari F50 Serial Number 103497


Lead photograph of 1995 Ferrari F50 Serial Number 103497


Make   Ferrari Model   F50
Year   1995 Serial #   103497
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   F 130 B Chassis Type   F 130 B
Build Sequence #    Number Built   32nd of 349
Body Type   Spyder Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   Becquet Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   California


Assembly #20584. Giallo Modena.


S/n 103497. F50. Euro model. Assembly #20584. 32nd of 349 built. Giallo Modena.

New 12/95 New thru Pozzi (Ferrari France) to first owner, Msr. Becquet, France.

1996, 28 Sept. – 26 Oct. for sale in FML by broker P. Scar SA, Switzerland. Yellow with black interior. 670 km. European taxes paid.

Then to second owner, Andrew Pisker.

1999, 05 July, at Maranello Sales Limited, Egham, GB., for service. Yellow with black, plates are 6006 D, GB, LHD.

1999, 27 July, FOC meet at Silverstone, yellow with black, 6006 D, Andrew Pisker, GB, LHD.

1999, 03 Dec., inspected and photographed by M. Sheehan while on a two week tour inspecting many cars in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, and England. What’s to say, a near new F50!

2001, April, sold to Jim Bradwell, an Englishman living in Spain.

2001, 25 July, as per e–mail from Jim Bradwell, owner of this car:

Subject: Ferrari F50 for sale
I saw your advert for the F50 for sale. I have number 32/349 in Giallo fly which only 8 or 9 cars exist in this colour. Are you interested in this car. It has never been raced and is in Spain at the moment, but was registered and tax paid in the U.K. It is with full history and all the bits with 9,000,kms on the clock.
Jim Bradwell

2001, 30 July, e–mailed back:

Subject: RE: Ferrari F50 for sale
Yes, please advise more.

2001, 30 July Jim Bradwell replied:

The car has just been serviced this week and all the tyres replaced at a cost of 3,000 U.S., the paintwork is in perfect condition and has 9,700.kms on the clock,
Jim Bradwell.

2001, 14 Aug., e–mail from Jim Bradwell:

Subject: Sorry for the late reply:
The car is immaculate and the colour is without a doubt the best colour for this car. In the Ferrari club outings my friend has a red one and when the two stand side by side no one looks at the red car. In this colour it the bees and knees of Ferrari inspiration.

2001, 28 Aug., sold to an American dealer.

2001, October, converted to US and California EPA and DOT specifications by G&K, California.

2001, 06 Dec., 1/2 page ad in the Ferrari Market Letter.

1995 Ferrari F50 Euro model s/n 103497. Fly yellow with black. EPA and DOT legal and California legal. Recent major service and new tires. Only 6,000 miles. Never tracked or abused. Well documented history. Comes with all original documentation and accessories come with the car. $625,000.

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