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1975 Jensen Interceptor Convertible Mark III Serial Number 1736


Lead photograph of 1975 Jensen Interceptor Convertible Mark III Serial Number 1736


Make   Jensen Model   Interceptor Series III
Year   1975 Serial #   1736
Engine #   4T13549/75 VIN   2311-1736
Engine Type   Chrysler 440 Chassis Type   
Build Sequence #    Number Built    467 Convertibles
Body Type   Convertible Body Builder   Jensen
First Owner   California Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   California


1975 Jensen Interceptor Convertible Mk III s/n 1736. S4 model, the last of the Interceptor convertibles, built in August 1975 and features the very late leather-trimmed dash with a walnut face and center console. It also features cast alloy wheels, an electric-hydraulic power top and rear windows, electric door windows, reclining front seats, power steering, air conditioning, a wood-rimmed steering wheel, a stereo with twin speakers, reversing lights and an electric clock, every possible option ever offered on the Interceptor convertibles.

The 440 Chrysler engine has been fully rebuilt and fitted with aluminum cylinder heads, an aluminum intake manifold, steel billet rods and a forged crank. The engine was over-bored to 451 C.I.D. and completely rebuilt, balanced and blue printed and then dyno tested producing 483.7 ft lbs of torque @ 3,500 rpm and 367.0 hp @ 4,700 rpm. The TorqueFlite automatic transmission was also rebuilt. Extremely nice dark-blue-metallic paint over a very straight body, excellent chrome and excellent black leather with a black canvas top. Fitted with a Becker Mexico radio and complete with the original owner’s handbook and workshop manual. Also fitted with 17″ wheels that duplicate the original wheels with Continental Sport Contact 235/50 ZR 17 tires. Includes the original 15″ factory-supplied cast alloy wheels and tires.


1975 Jensen Interceptor Convertible, Series III, type S-4: new in Havana (Tobbaco brown) with a gold painted coach-line stripe. Beige leather and beige top with a fawn headline. Original engine # 4T13549/75.

1975, August build date.

1975, September, shipped to the US by Jensen.

1990, spotted by Richard Calver, the Jensen Guru, in California.

2003, owned by Syd Silverman, Rye, NY 10580.

2003, 16 July, invoice by Hudson Historics, 61 Water Street Ossining, NY 10562, to Syd Silverman, start-work deposit for engine rebuild, body work and transmission rebuild (sublet), invoice #1690. Total invoice: $9,624.65.

2003, 13 Sept., engine work description to Sid Silverman; Chrysler 440-Jensen: dyno test, speed (rpm): 3500, CB Trq: 477.7, CB Pwr: 361.0, speed (rpm):4700, CB Trq: 410.1, CB Pwr: 367.0.

2003, 17 Sept., engine work by Hudson Historics, billed to Syd Silverman, invoice #1858, disassemble, clean, inspect, reassemble to specifications and dyno test Chrysler 440 engine, bore block + .030; boil block; magnaflux engine components; 2 aluminum cylinder heads, complete set head bolts, pair of “Mopar” chrome valve covers w/ hardware, 16 pushrods, cam and follower kit, aluminum inlet manifold, timing chain & gear set, set of cam bearings, timing cover, distributor cap, rotor, ignition wire set, spark plugs, aluminum water pump, set of steel billet rods, set of forged pistons w/ rings and pins, set of coated engine bearings and gasket set. Total invoice: $9,410.12.

2003, 17 Sept., engine work by Hudson Historics, billed to Syd Silverman, invoice #1859, set of adjustable rocker arms, two alternator/air conditioning drive belts, forged crankshaft, prepped and balanced, vibration damper, complete set of new engine hardware and two motor mounts. Total invoice: $1,920.59.

2003, 25 Sept., engine work by Hudson Historics, billed to Syd Silverman, Invoice #1870, Freight and/or customs charges - outbound - torque converter balancing; reconditioned transmission with exchanged rebuilt torque converter with a twelve month or 12,000 mile warranty. Total invoice: $2,084.57.

2003, 25 Sept., engine work by Hudson Historics, billed to Syd Silverman, invoice #1871, remove power brake booster, pedal, etc. disassemble and package for shipping for new unit exchange. Prepare car to install transmission, engine, etc. Total invoice: $1,703.31.

2003, 01 Oct., engine work by Hudson Historics, billed to Syd Silverman, invoice #1895, booster, fuel pump, antifreeze, racing 20W50-Qt and oil pressure switch. Total invoice: $813.70.

2003, 01 Oct., engine work by Hudson Historics, billed to Syd Silverman, invoice #1896, assist in installing engine in chassis, assist pulling out engine for oil fitting refits, assist in aditional assembly and 4% Fee for miscellaneous parts. Replaced engine mounts, help fit brake switch and bracket, installed engine and check fit. Oil pump fittings are too close to the frame rail. Removed engine & oil pump, fit fuel pump, vapor filter and new hoses, get brass fitting needed to clear frame. Installed fitting in oil pump housing and refit oil pump. Fit engine and hook up gearbox, cross member, linkage, cooler pipes, neutral safety switch, engine mounts etc., fix threads on starter stud, fit new oil psi sender, repair wires to starter and oil sender. Changed fuel filter and hose, redo brake booster hoses, replaced fitting in intake manifold for vacuum booster, throttle linkage, kickdown linkage. Made up of #10 oil hose and fit to the oil filter housing. Fit a/c compressor, make spacer for a/c bracket and bolt in place. Replace brake booster hose and vacuum tee, put on exhaust manifold heat shields, paint frame inside engine compartment. Install engine parts - mounts, etc. Install auto transmission in chassis.Total invoice: $4,723.84.

2003, 08 Oct., body work by Hudson Historics, billed to Syd Silverman, invoice #1926, auto body shop work: repairs to rocker panels and floor boards, both sides. Touch up paint work. Rust proof areas needing attention. Total invoice: $2,169.00.

2003, 09 Oct., engine installation Hudson Historics, billed to Syd Silverman, Invoice #1927, work on carburetor linkage adapter and adjustment of cable, linkages and kickdown. Adjust and check belts and all fluid levels. Replaced both oil psi sender and oil light switch, top up fluids, check fans, test drive car. Removed throttle pedal and make up bushings. Polish shafts and install. Check out transmission psi/kick down. Order part. Total invoice: $2,787.61.

2003, 09 Oct., Hudson Historics, billed to Syd Silverman. Total invoice: $43.78.

2004, 30 Sept., invoice #SSJ01, Syd Silverman, Rye, NY 10580, (May thru September), starter, gear reduction, diagnose/road test per list. Check for horn inoperative. Note no power to relay. Check AC temp control switch. Trace to poor connection at alternator feed. Repair connection. Air horn OK but weak, regular horn only one working, one inoperative. Lube horn compressor, OK. Clean connections at regulator horns, OK. Change/flush brake fluid. Flush and bleed system. Road test for rattle, trace to loose top links on right side, lube and tighten. Test, repair miscellaneous other rattles to correct. MECHANICAL: fuel filler hose was really soft, cracking. Install new fuel filler hose to tank. Install new AC switch. Install new connectors to replace broken switch. Road test OK. Note, poor hot start. Install new power mate starter to correct hard hot start. Change oil and filter. Lube. Check all fluids. Fabricate, install dead pedal in driver’s footwell. Remove seat. Reinstall repaired driver’s seat. Re-glue rear bumper rubber. Setup vehicle and degrease, power wash, scrub undercarriage. UPHOLSTERY: disassemble, remove seat pad. Replace foam with high density. Replace seat pad. BODY/PAINT: Mask Convertible top. Wet block sand, compound and polish, hand glaze rear deck lid and quarters. Total invoice: $3,443.62.

2004, 15 Oct., Automotive Restorations Inc. 1785, Barnum Ave. Stratfort, CT 06614, Syd Silverman, Rye, NY 10580, (May thru September), METALWORK: Remove carpets. Replace rusted driver floor sections. Fabricate steel and weld. Prime and seam seal. Assemble interior. Total invoice: $1,032.50.

2005, 02 Nov., Donovan Motorcar Service Inc., 4 Holmes Road, Lenox, MA 01240, Syd Silverman, Rye, NY 10580, Troubleshoot non starting. Charge battery. Replace alternator. Check running condition. Repair vacuum lines to distributor. Set timing. Adjust carbs. Replace fouled spark plugs with hotter plugs. Repair choke. Adjust idle. Replace windshield, A-post and vent window seals with new seals. Change oil & filter. Alternator, rebuilt; new spark plugs; oil filter, HP1; 5Qts. oil; Incoming shipping charges; miscellaneous shop supplies; EPA Waste Disposal Fee. Total invoice: $1,761.00.

2007, December, sold to current owner.

2008, 03 Jan., Nostalgia Cars UK Ltd, Units 10 & 11 Creech Mills Industrial Estate, Creech St Michael, Taunton, Somerset. TA3 5PX United Kingdom, 1 Becker Mexico 7948, 1 ipod Adapter Lead and 1 Harness. Total invoice: £1080.47.

2008, 18 Aug., as per ebay Motors: as handsome an automobile as you will find. The engine, a powerful Chrysler 440 ci V8 with a TorqueFlite transmission, was completely rebuilt by previous owner in 2003 at a (documented) cost of $25,000 in addition to some cosmetic work at a cost of $10,000. Present owner spent an additional $2,000 to bring the car to its present condition. Chassis condition is excellent and mechanical condition is like new. Additional features include air condtioning (Sanden), power steering, power windows, power roof, and limited slip rear. The beige leather interior and dark blue exterior make this unique classic an understated head turner. The car is located in Florida. Buyer is responsible for independent inspection as well as for vehicle pick-up or shipping.

2008, 11 Sept., Omega Motorsports, Inc., 2040 Saint Johns Bluff Rd. S., Jacksonville, FL 32246, A/C-repaired wiring for A/C system, check car over. Total invoice: $376.64.

2009, 20 Aug., Madera Concepts, 55 - B Depot Road, Goleta, CA 93117, Specializing in exquisite walnut burl dashboard interiors, Reveneer, 6 Pc. Jensen Interceptor - Complete set, Custom Charge - Fill holes on lower console, Reveneer, Shift Knob, 1 Pc. Radio/ Shift Console Custom Charge, Wood Type and Mold Charge for Console BW. Total invoice: $1,555.50.

2012, January, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s Ferraris-Online LLC.

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