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1968 Maserati Ghibli Coupe AM 115 Serial Number 652


Lead photograph of 1968 Maserati Ghibli Coupe AM 115 Serial Number 652


Make   Maserati Model   Ghibli
Year   1968 Serial #   652
Engine #   AM 115-652 VIN   AM 115 * 652
Engine Type   4.7 litre dry sump V-8 Chassis Type   Tubular Frame
Build Sequence #   326 of 1,149 Number Built   1,149
Body Type   Coupe Body Builder   Ghia
First Owner   Unknown Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   California


1968 Maserati Ghibli Coupe s/n 115-652, an unusually user-friendly example of the iconic 60’s era Italian supercar. Maserati Ghibli Coupe s/n 115-652 has had only two owners in the last thirty-eight years, and was restored by Claus Groth. Claus had it stripped and painted, the engine was rebuilt and Claus did the meticulous finish work and assembly. Claus Groth was well-known in the Maserati world for being a diligent and accomplished engineer for the Maserati cause, solving many design flaws and missing-parts issues. As just two examples of his dedication, Claus published an updated electrical circuit diagram which is orders of magnitude better than the version in the Factory manual, and that is still offered for sale by MIE, based on this very Ghibli. Additionally, the current owner still has engineering drawings of the windshield wiper bushings Claus had made at local machine shops. The current owner also has the compiled Ghibli information binder with part numbers, exchanges, drawings for unobtainable parts Claus Groth had made and other information. In 1997, Ghibli s/n 115-652 was sold to the current owner, an engineer who has lovingly maintained it for the last two decades. Ghibli 115-652 has been shown at Concorso Italiano a dozen times in the past 20 years, and has been across the stage at Concorso twice to win awards, plus double enteries at both the Hillsborough Concours twice and the Palo Alto Concours.

Ghibli s/n 115-652 is finished in period-correct Alfa Rosso Amaranto (Burgundy metallic) with black leather, and is fitted with the elegant Borrani wire wheels, the original ZF five-speed gearbox, power steering and A/C. The twenty five year old paint is in amazingly good condition except for the usual very minor stress cracks where the rear glass meets the roof line. The body is very straight with excellent panel fit and the doors close like Italy’s answer to a Swiss vault. The hood, the front bumpers and lights, the rear deck and rear lid all fit as new and all glass and chrome are in excellent condition. The frame, the floor pan and all lower panels are rust, dent and damage free. The black leather interior and black carpets have an excellent patina with only minor surface wear and compression due to use. The seat bolsters remain full and firm. The dashboard features an expansive array of instruments and a wood trimmed wheel. The top dashboard surface is finished in a contrasting fabric material consistent with the original specifications. The center console houses the original Becker Mexico radio.

Under the hood, the very nicely finished 4.7 liter quad-cam engine is nicely sorted and has been restored with the correct factory finishes, including proper hosing, wrinkle finish cam covers, proper air cleaner paint and correctly bundled hoses. As yet another illustration of Groth’s attention to detail, in the info-binder there is a paint-code for the deep red Trident emblem in the middle of the airbox. The engine fires to life quickly, with an excellent raspy punch. Power in all gears is quite impressive, delivering on the torque promise of the race-bred engine. The ZF gearbox is smooth and reliable, the 4.7 liter quad-cam delivers acres of torque at low RPMs and willingly uses all four Weber carbs to deliver a very strong top end. The suspension and brakes have been sorted out very nicely, so Ghibli s/n 115-652 is a pleasure to drive in city traffic or the highway. Comes with the original tools, tool roll, jack and jack kit plus an MIE reprint of the owner’s manual, the parts manual, the service manual, the electrical system schematic and the information binder compiled by Claus Groth.


1968, sold new, first owner unknown. (Note: Coupes were only even numbers – so this car #652 is 326th of 1,149).

1979, sold to Claus Groth, a well know and fastidious Maserati Club member and restorer who then lived in Stow, Ohio.

1979, 14 May, serviced by Fischer Bros. Foreign Car, Ohio, total invoice: $380.00.

1979, 21 Aug., serviced by Remich Custom Paint, Ohio, total invoice: $1,804.00 for paintwork.

1980, 30 Jan., serviced by Dayton Wire Wheel, Ohio, rebuild and polish rims and replace spokes with stainless spokes, total invoice: $818.00.

1980, 08 Apr., serviced by Royal Radio, Ohio, repair original Becker radio, total invoice: $30.00.

1980, 27 May, serviced by Fred Sunoco Sports Car Service, Ohio, rebuild carburetors and clutch slave, total invoice: $200.00.

1980, 01 June, serviced by Jerry’s Auto, Ohio, rebuild A/C, reseal input shaft, total invoice: $40.00.

1982, 08 Sept., serviced by S B Sports Cars, Ohio, Compression test, valve adjust, carburetor work, total invoice: $181.00

1982, 10 Oct., serviced by Johnson Welding, Ohio, repair handbrake lever, total invoice: $7.00.

1983, Claus Groth moved to Woodland Hills, California.

1983, 05 July, serviced by Cochran Coachcraft, California, carburetor work, total invoice: $169.00.

1984, 28 June, serviced by Wally’s Automotive, California, A/C service, total invoice: $300.00.

1986, 01 Nov., serviced, A/C recharged, total invoice: $41.40.

1987, 03 Jan., serviced by West Valley Sports Car, California, carburetor work, total invoice: $450.00.

1987, 18 Mar., serviced by Commercial Radiator Service, gas tanks cleaned, total invoice: $40.00.

1987, 25 June, serviced by European Auto Service, California, carburetor work, total invoice: $444.43.

1988, 10 Aug., serviced by Aldos Auto, Calfornia, carburetor work and exhaust hangers, total invoice $167.00.

1989, 27 Feb., serviced by Advanced Engine Management, California, carburetor work, total invoice: $808.00

1989, 01 Oct., serviced by Custom Paint Body, California, sew and install new hood liner, total invoice: $40.00.

1991, 18 Jan., serviced by Castillos Crank service, grind crank main bearing journals, total invoice: $45.00.

1991, 01 Feb., serviced by Valley Head Service, valves and cylinder head rebuild, misc. engine rebuild, total invoice: $1,000.00

1991, 07 Nov., serviced by Commercial Radiator Service, clean and repair radiator, total invoice: $125.00.

1992, 08 Jan, serviced by Casa de Chrome, chemically strip, brass plate, polish and rechrome all parts, total invoice: $1,659.00.

1992, 01 June, parts from Kyle Fleming, multiple receipts for engine rebuild, total of all invoices: app $1,000.00.

1993, 01 June, complete strip and repaint by Cook’s Corner, total invoice: $3,500.00.

1993, 10 Nov., new headliner by Roman Custom Upholstery, total invoice: $149.00.

1993, 30 Dec., A/C system rebuilt and serviced Frigiking, total invoice: $241.00.

1994, 24 June, alternator rebuild, total invoice: $50.00.

1996, 08 Nov., California DMV registration renewal for Claus Groth, 10/8/96 to 10/8/97.

1997, 21 Mar., serviced by Bob’s alignment, front suspension toe alignment, total invoice: $25.00,

1997, 17 May, smog test at Econo-Lube, passed, the last of the California Smog tests for 1974 and earlier vehicles.

1997, 24 May, Bill of sale, transfer ownership to current owner.

1997, 24 May, Odo. Disclosure, California DMV title transfer, 45,205 miles.

1997, 11 July, serviced by European Auto Service, align drive shaft, total invoice: $101.00.

1997, 01 Aug., purchased parts from Kyle Fleming, new Ducellier blower motor, total invoice: $43.40.

1997, 23 Oct., serviced by Auto-Scientific, carburetor work, total invoice: $1,949.10.

1999, 18 June, serviced by Auto-Scientific, locate, drill idle jets, carbs adjust.

1999, 31 July, serviced by Veloce Speedesign, Carburettor tuning, total invoice: $90.83.

2001, 13 Aug., serviced by Veloce Speedesign, finalize re-tune/jet carbs + ignition. change idle jets, set CO, repair #1 accel pump, new plugs, coil, coil wire, total invoice: $990.

2013, October, serviced by the owner, new quieter curved-blade SPAL fan, new relay, fuses, new tires (Vredestein) on polished, balanced wheels, new tubes, brakelights - new bulbs and bases restored heater shutoff valve returned to original type, new spark plug wires, new radiator hose clamps — (Cheney lookalikes, more correct) radiator cleaned/boiled and new SPAL thermostat, change radiator top hose - now silicone 52,800 miles, flushed and re-filled cooling system.

2014, May, serviced by the owner, quieter curved-blade fan was no good! Returned to louder, straight blade for improved static pressure, added 1/4″ SPAL gasket to straight fan - quieter as a result 53,000.

2015, 09 Jan., serviced by the owner, oil and filter change - Wix filter and Castrol GTX 20W-50 drained, refilled power steering system (Valvoline Dexron3 maxLife synthetic ATF), all new steering joints, tie rod ends and track rods (x2) = 6 joints total, coolant flush, re-fill. Checked gearbox oil level (Amsoil 80W-90) 53,181 miles.

2015, 16 Jan., serviced by the owner, installed a new bonnet prop, Sachs part # SG226002, which works amazingly well.

2015, 19 Sept., serviced by the owner, adjusted steering box, replaced front brake hoses, painted calipers, new bleed screws, bled brakes (front only = front reservoir) all now ATE SuperBlue fluid, mileage 53,394.

2016, 13 June, serviced by the owner, new battery, Interstate MTP-27F - old one had failed cell.

2017, 18 Mar., serviced by the owner, oil and filter change - Baldwin B7 filter and Castrol GTX 20W-50.

2017, March, on consignment with Ferraris-Online LLC.

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