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2002 Ferrari 360 Spider F1 Serial Number 128967


Lead photograph of 2002 Ferrari 360 Spider F1 Serial Number 128967

We are pleased to offer 2002 Ferrari 360 Spider s/n 128967. This is a well optioned and very well documented 360 Spider, as good-as-they-get with 33,557 miles, and comes with a no-questions CARFAX and all paperwork since new, including the service invoices all the way back to the window sticker. From new in excellent Rosso Corsa 322 D.S. with tan leather on the electric (a $1,891.00 option) Daytona (a $1,977.00 option) seats, a beige upper dash (a $630.00 option) and a matched tan leather covered steering wheel (a $308.00 option), with a tan leather color matched upholstered roll bar (a $355.00 option) and a color matched leather rear shelf and door molding (a $1,752.00 option), complete with a beige top. Other options included red Calipers (a $623.00 option), a 6-CD changer (a $1,024.00 option) and a pre-wired battery charger (a $759.00 option). The window sticker suggested retail price was $186,398.00.

360 Spider s/n 128967 has had only three well documented owners, and comes complete with two sets of keys and remotes and all seven books and manuals, the window sticker listing all options, the original warranty card listing the selling dealer and the Ferrari flashlight, all in their leather pouch. Comes with the full set of factory supplied tools in their leather case plus the spare-in-a-can and the Factory red car cover in its matching carrying bag. The paintwork is in excellent condition other than a small crack under the front bumper. The wheels are excellent overall with none of the usual curb-rash. The beige leather is in excellent condition with almost no wear to the driver’s seat bolster. The interior trim is in excellent shape with none of the typical stickiness common on the 360 Ferraris. The dashboard and carpets are in excellent condition with no shrinkage on the supple leather dash. The engine compartment and trunk both reflect a cared for and well maintained Ferrari.

When it debuted at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2000, the 360 Spider was a quantum leap forward in top-down performance and technology thanks to its lightweight all alloy chassis, its flowing body lines and its very user-friendly power top. Performance was breathtaking thanks to the 360’s five-valve 3,586cc V8 producing 400 hp at 8,500 rpm. A new traction-control system was standard and top speed was an impressive 186 mph, with a 0-60 mph time of 4.5 seconds. The 360 was also the most aerodynamically sophisticated street Ferrari yet built, with the coupe version making nearly 400 pounds of downforce at 180 mph, without the use of an external wing. By the time production ended in 2004, the 360 had become the best-selling Ferrari ever. Breaking with previous Ferrari V8 tradition, the 360 can be serviced with the engine in, which translates into reduced maintenance costs.

360 Spider s/n 128967 has been with the current owner for over six years and was last treated to a cam-belt service at Cauley Ferrari, West Bloomfield, Michigan in May 2011. The cam belt service with new cam belts and ancillary belts plus fluids and filters was $2,524.20. 360 Spider s/n 128967 is everything that a modern Ferrari should be – extremely fast, exotic to own, stunningly attractive and a user-friendly driver’s car. A cam-belt service will be due in the next year and so 360 Spider s/n 128967 is priced accordingly at $74,500. We welcome a pre-purchase inspection.

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