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1969 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Serial Number 12863


Lead photograph of 1969 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Serial Number 12863

365 GTB/4 Spyder Conversion s/n 12863. (1969 European model production). Nicely detailed black lacquer on a very straight body. Good tan leather interior. Has Borranis wire wheels and fitted with the pop–up headlights. Engine and transaxle rebuilt and will pass any reasonable mechanical inspection. Near new exhaust. Excellent condition throughout. Priced right at $129,000.

Photograph of Front right viewPhotograph of Front viewPhotograph of Front left viewPhotograph of Right side viewPhotograph of Rear viewPhotograph of Rear left viewPhotograph of Engine from rightPhotograph of Engine from leftPhotograph of Interior from leftPhotograph of Interior overallPhotograph of Interior from rightPhotograph of Trunk with spare tire