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1981 Ferrari 512 BB/LM "Silhouette" Serial Number 35527


Lead photograph of 1981 Ferrari 512 BB/LM

We are pleased to offer 1981 512 BB/LM factory built silhouette racer s/n 35527. A N.A.R.T. car, this 512 BB/LM features a double Le Mans race history. 512 BB/LM s/n 35527 was race prepared and fitted with multiple upgrades by Motion Products. The engine was rebuilt by Motion Products and features titanium rods; aluminum flywheel; forged 11.5–1 racing pistons; racing grade piston rings; ported cylinder heads; titanium retainers and high lift camshafts with journals. The Lucas fuel injection system and fuel distributor were rebuilt and tested by Kinsler. The engine was dyno tested and tuned for best power and torque with 526 horsepower at 7,750 rpm with the maximum torque of 399 lb/ft at 5,774 rpm.

The original 512 BB/LM engine is also with the car. It was rebuilt at the end of 2001 and has had only two races since the rebuild. 512 BB/LM s/n 35527 comes with multiple gear sets and drop gears, special transfer gears, main shafts, two near new sets of BBS wheels and an older set of BBS wheels. It also has a spare lower nose.

A lighter (and faster) second series 512 BB/LM, this car won the 2001 U.S. Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge in the Disc Brake class and could easily do the same in the 2003 European Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge.

1981, 13 June, Le Mans 24 hours. Race # 49. Entrant N.A.R.T. Morton, Cudini, Gurdjiian. DNF.

1982, 19 June, Le Mans 24 hours. Race # 72. Entrant N.A.R.T. Cudini, Morton, Paul. 9th.

Priced right in today’s market, with both engines and all spares, at $575,000.

Photograph of Right side viewPhotograph of Front viewPhotograph of Right rear viewPhotograph of Front right viewPhotograph of Rear viewPhotograph of Left rear viewPhotograph of Right front viewPhotograph of At speed — Todd Morici drivingPhotograph of At speed — Todd Morici drivingPhotograph of At speed — Todd Morici drivingPhotograph of At speedPhotograph of Engine from rear — high viewPhotograph of Engine from rear — low viewPhotograph of Engine from left rearPhotograph of Engine from right rearPhotograph of Engine — left sidePhotograph of Engine — right sidePhotograph of Motion Products Dyno SheetPhotograph of Motion Products Dyno ChartPhotograph of Interior from rightPhotograph of Interior — driver’s sidePhotograph of Dashboard, steering wheel, gaugesPhotograph of Interior and dashPhotograph of Interior — right sidePhotograph of Interior — right sidePhotograph of Interior — consolePhotograph of Interior — left sidePhotograph of Left front suspension and ductingPhotograph of Left front suspensionPhotograph of Left front viewPhotograph of Left front nose detailPhotograph of Front chassis detail — from left sidePhotograph of Nose view from front — hood offPhotograph of Front chassis detail from right sidePhotograph of Right front suspension detailPhotograph of Right front suspensionPhotograph of Nose detail from right frontPhotograph of Nose detail from right sidePhotograph of Chassis detail from right sidePhotograph of Chassis number stampPhotograph of Engine in car — Numero Interno stampingPhotograph of Original engine — Numero Interno stamping