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1981 Ferrari 512 BB/LM - Spares package 1


Lead photograph of 1981 Ferrari 512 BB/LM - Spares package 1

Spares package 1 is at Carobu Engineering. It contains 512 BB/LM engine numero interno F102B000 024. It was rebuilt by Carobu in 2002, and kept as a ready–to–go spare engine with no fuel injection or metering unit. This engine was raced in 2000/2001 and then rebuilt in the Fall of 2002 as a long block and hasn’t been run since the rebuild so… it is a “fresh” engine that will produce about 460 hp, standard for a factory 512 BB/LM. The rebuild cost was about $17,000.

Additional spares with Carobu include a new (unpainted) lower front nose panel, all inner framework, brake and air ducting, both body side panels, two door frame an skins, all new NACA ducts, steering rack, oil hoses and coolers, etc.

512 BB/LM engine # 024 and all spares in this package are available for $45,000.

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Photograph of Engine, fuel cells, oil cooler, steering rack, etc.Photograph of Engine — numero interno F102B000 024Photograph of Engine numero internal stampingPhotograph of Nose, hood, radiator, ductingPhotograph of Body panels, doors, dashPhotograph of Body panels, doors, dash