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1981 Ferrari 512 BB/LM - Spares package 2


Lead photograph of 1981 Ferrari 512 BB/LM - Spares package 2

Spares package 2 is at Motion Products. It contains a third (street) 512 BB engine, numero interno F110A000 574, rebuilt to BB/LM specifications by Motion products and fitted with Lucas fuel injection and a modified oiling system. The engine core cost and rebuilt was $70,000. The metering unit, fuel injection, dyno testing and transmission costs were another $40,000. Attached are examples of a dyno sheet from an identical 512 BB/LM engine rebuild and dyno tested by Motion products at 523 hp at 7,500 rpm and 396 ft lbs of torque at 5,800 rpm.

In additional to the engine a massive amount of spares are included in the package with Motion Products including a complete full painted spare body, racing wheels, roll around wheels, spring sets, racing shocks, pit radios, new brake and cooling system parts, fueling equipment, etc.

All original brakes, oil coolers, air jacks, seats, shocks, springs, sway bars, etc, are also with the car.

512 BB/LM engine # 574 and all spares in this package are available for $85,000.

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Photograph of Engine - numero interno F110A000 574Photograph of Engine numero interno stampingPhotograph of Engine, body panels, wheels and tiresPhotograph of Hood panelPhotograph of Right side panelPhotograph of Tail panelPhotograph of Nose panelPhotograph of ClutchPhotograph of Spare stub axlesPhotograph of Gear setsPhotograph of Gear sets, roller bearings, spline shaftsPhotograph of Spline shafts, transmission shaft, bearingsPhotograph of Gear oil, gear sets, spline shafts, bearingsPhotograph of Oil filters, wiper arms, water pump, belts, fuel line, hosesPhotograph of Belts, wiper arms, spark plugs, water pumpPhotograph of Fasteners, sway bar mounts, spark plugsPhotograph of Water pump, oil filters, spark plugsPhotograph of Fuel linesPhotograph of Fasteners, temp senderPhotograph of Gear oil, spline shafts, transmission shaft, bearingsPhotograph of Fuel pumps, fuel linesPhotograph of Washer bottle, spark coil, ignition box, fuel pumpPhotograph of Oil coolerPhotograph of Air jacksPhotograph of Exhaust pipesPhotograph of Exhaust pipesPhotograph of New spare brake rotorsPhotograph of Brake pads, rotorsPhotograph of RotorsPhotograph of New spare brake hatsPhotograph of Steering rackPhotograph of HalfshaftsPhotograph of Sway barsPhotograph of SpringsPhotograph of ShocksPhotograph of Original air jacksPhotograph of Front support bracketsPhotograph of Oil tank, original rear bulkhead inner coverPhotograph of Original bulkheadsPhotograph of RadiatorPhotograph of Door windowPhotograph of Rear side windowsPhotograph of Side mirrorPhotograph of RimPhotograph of Wheel halvesPhotograph of Wheels and tiresPhotograph of Wheels and tiresPhotograph of TiresPhotograph of Front wheels and tiresPhotograph of Wheels and tiresPhotograph of SeatPhotograph of SeatPhotograph of Radio equipmentPhotograph of Gas can