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2003 Ferrari Enzo Serial Number 134282


Lead photograph of 2003 Ferrari Enzo Serial Number 134282

We are pleased to offer 2003 Ferrari Enzo s/n ZFFCW56A430134282. Finished in black with black this Enzo has only 234 miles and is ready for immediate delivery. The Enzo, built in a limited run of only one hundred examples for the US market, is the ultimate evolution of the supercar concept, developed for road use, yet epitomizing the most advanced technology of Formula 1 racing.

Ferrari developed the Enzo as an integrated system designed for unparalleled performance, in which even the limits of the performance achievable by the driver are enhanced, thanks to a man–machine interface until now only found in Formula 1.

Photograph of Front viewPhotograph of Front right viewPhotograph of Rear right viewPhotograph of Rear viewPhotograph of Right side viewPhotograph of Front view from abovePhotograph of Left side viewPhotograph of Rear view with doors openPhotograph of Engine bay through the rear windowPhotograph of Engine bayPhotograph of Engine bay from leftPhotograph of Engine bay from rearPhotograph of Engine bay from rightPhotograph of Engine bay - suspension closeupPhotograph of Front view with doors openPhotograph of Interior from leftPhotograph of Pedal assemblyPhotograph of Instrument clusterPhotograph of Steering wheelPhotograph of Climate control podPhotograph of ConsolePhotograph of Interior from rightPhotograph of Right side front fenderPhotograph of Left side Scuderia ShieldPhotograph of Right tail-light areaPhotograph of Right rear fender scoop areaPhotograph of Right rear wheel closeupPhotograph of Tail detailPhotograph of Assembly number tagPhotograph of Left front wheel areaPhotograph of Limited production sequence tagPhotograph of Right front scoop areaPhotograph of Left tail-light areaPhotograph of Wheel detailPhotograph of Pininfarina design emblemPhotograph of Wheel detailPhotograph of Telaio platePhotograph of Your new car key