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1991 Ferrari F40 Serial Number 89769


Lead photograph of 1991 Ferrari F40 Serial Number 89769

We are pleased to offer 1991 Euro model F40 s/n 89769. This late model Euro version F40 was recently imported from Japan and has just completed a 30k cam-belt service and safety inspection by Ferrari of Newport Beach at a cost of $6,352.36. S/n 89769 is Classiche certified with the Red Book in hand, confirming matching engine, transaxle and components and no previous damage. Thanks to extensive research by John Amette, who runs the Classiche department for Ferrari of Newport Beach, Ferrari of San Diego and Ferrari of Washington, we can confirm that the Euro model F40s are both lighter and faster than the US F40s. Officially, the listed dry weight for the US F40 was 2827 lbs while the listed dry weight for the Euro F40 was 2717 lbs, for a 50kg or 110 lb difference. In reality, the US F40s weighed 2969 lbs so the Euro F40s were actually 209 lbs lighter. The transaxle final drive ratio on the US F40s is 10/29 while the final drive ratio in the Euro model F40 is 11/30, which gives a slightly higher top speed in the Euro F40s. Additionally, the US F40s have single skin aluminum fuel tanks with the fuel pumps mounted internally, whereas the Euro F40s have rubber fuel cells, which are less prone to fire in a bad accident, but require replacement every seven years. New fuel cells have been ordered for F40 s/n 89769 and will be installed by Ferrari of Newport Beach before delivery. The US F40s have seats with reclining back rests and an annoying passive restraint seat belt system, whereas the Euro F40s have a form-fitting single piece seat (which comes in three sizes) and a three-point diagonal seat belt system. Also worth mentioning is that the Euro F40s had the option of a variable ride height system which raised the front suspension to go into or out of steep driveways, and the US cars did not have this option. F40 s/n 89769 currently has 32,097 kms = 19,944 miles.

Unlike many Euro model F40s, s/n 89769 has an exceptionally well-documented ownership and service history from new, with no damage, no stories and lots of original documentation. Sold new by Cornes & Co. Ltd., the Ferrari distributor and dealer for Japan. Comes with the “Shaken” or annual vehicle safety inspection or MOT book with the services signed off. Comes with the service invoices from Cornes & Co. Ltd., the Ferrari distributor for Japan. Comes with the Classiche Red Book; the full set of owner’s handbooks, including the original warranty card signed off by Cornes & Co. Ltd., and the leather carrying pouch. Also comes with the full toolkit with the carrying pouch, the plastic fuses and bulb holder, the spare-in-a-can and a second set of keys. Over the last three years, Cornes & Co. Ltd. has installed new medium size seats ($9,712.03), fitted all new tires, Installed a new clutch assembly, rebuilt the brake system, installed new brake rotors, completed the Classiche certification ($5.969.20), installed updated Quantum shocks with the front lift kit (after the classiche inspection was completed) and rebuilt the transaxle and limited slip ($80.883.50). Comes with the original factory Koni shocks and front suspenison lift kit. Just last month, Ferrari of Newport Beach completed a 30k cam-belt service and safety inspection at a cost of $6,352.36. We have all PDFs of invoice on file, call or e-mail for copies.

F40 s/n 89769 was repainted by Cornes & Co. to the appropriate high standards, is nicely detailed and looks like a ready-for-delivery new F40. Cosmetically, the carbon fiber nose, tail, front and rear valance and all other components are in as-new condition inside and out, and the front lights and lenses all carry the correct date codes confirming they are original to F40 s/n 89769. The interior is immaculate, with new medium sized seats installed by Cornes & Co. for the Classiche inspection. The floors, door panels and sills are nicely finished in carbon fiber, with minimal blemishes to the clear protective film applied to the sill area. The dashboard, switches and instruments are free of wear and damage. The front compartment carbon fiber is in good condition and all visible frame components are nicely detailed. The engine compartment and components are a visual feast that exudes performance.

The F40 is, quite simply, one of the most iconic, legendary, uniquely styled and highest performing cars ever made. The F40 was both the last Flagship Ferrari commissioned by Enzo Ferrari himself before his death in 1987, and the last of the no computers, non-active suspensions, no driver’s assist, no power steering, no power windows, no-frills driver’s car. As computer-driven automobile design progresses further and further away from the mechanical honesty of these older cars, enthusiasts appreciate the stunning good looks and visceral driving experience of the F40s. Performance remains awesome, thanks to the light weight and a 478hp twin-turbocharged 2.9 liter V8. 0-60 is good for 3.2 seconds and the top speed is good for 200mph plus.

F40 s/n 89769 comes complete with all books, including the owner’s manual, the original warranty book and warranty card listing the sale date on 22 July, 1991, the handbook listing all dealers worldwide, plus the original leather carrying pouch. Includes the full Factory tool roll, all tools, the wheel lug wrench, tow hook, fuses and fuse box and the spare Halogen bulbs, still in their box, plus the Factory spare-in-a-can. Highly detailed and needs nothing. We welcome a detailed pre-purchase inspection. If you want an unusually well-documented, recently serviced, pride-of-ownership lightweight F40, this is it. Like all F40s, this example has tremendous presence, yet can be enjoyed with a reasonably clear conscience, unlike some examples that have not yet turned over the fourth digit of the odometer. Ferrari Classiche certification book included. As today’s Ferrari collectors turn to the “supercar set” with a 288, an F40, an F50 and an Enzo, the F40 remains as the best priced of the group. Priced to sell at $1,095,000 or best offer, seriously for sale. Not for sale in California.

Photograph of Front right viewPhotograph of Front viewPhotograph of Front view – lowPhotograph of Front left viewPhotograph of Rear right viewPhotograph of Rear right view – lowPhotograph of Rear viewPhotograph of Rear view – lowPhotograph of Rear left viewPhotograph of Rear left view – lowPhotograph of Right side viewPhotograph of Left side viewPhotograph of Front left wheel detailPhotograph of Rear left wheel detailPhotograph of Rear right wheel detailPhotograph of Front right wheel detailPhotograph of Front right view – lids openPhotograph of Front left view – lids openPhotograph of Right side view – lids openPhotograph of Left side view – lids openPhotograph of Engine from rear rightPhotograph of Engine from rearPhotograph of Engine from rear leftPhotograph of Engine bay detailPhotograph of Driver's door panelPhotograph of Driver's seatPhotograph of Interior overall from leftPhotograph of Pedal assemblyPhotograph of GaugesPhotograph of Interior overall from rightPhotograph of Passenger's seatPhotograph of Passenger's door panelPhotograph of Telaio platePhotograph of VIN stamping on steering columnPhotograph of Assembly number platePhotograph of Paint labelPhotograph of Undercarriage – frontPhotograph of Undercarriage – midPhotograph of Undercarriage – rearPhotograph of Tool roll, spare-in-a-can, Red Book & owner's manualsPhotograph of Tool roll – openPhotograph of Spare-in-a-canPhotograph of Owner's manuals & leather pouchPhotograph of Owner's documentation in Japanese & key fobPhotograph of Classiche Red Book coverPhotograph of Classiche Red Book main pagePhotograph of Warranty card