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1990 Ferrari Testarossa Serial Number 86183


Lead photograph of 1990 Ferrari Testarossa Serial Number 86183

We are pleased to offer 1990 Ferrari Testarossa s/n 86183. This is an exceptionally clean and highly detailed Black on Tan Testarossa with a very straight body, excellent paint, unusually nice Tan leather and has just completed a fresh “0–miles” photo–documented full engine–out cam belt service, with all belts, tensioners and fluids replaced and the front brake calipers rebuilt. Total invoice was $9,263.45. The Testarossa was the first of the top–of–the–line Ferrari GT cars built from the drawing board with full USA emissions and safety features incorporated and well integrated, making them very user–friendly with real–world A/C and effortless performance. With only 17,185 miles, this Testarossa has a well documented ownership and service history from the first dealer service.

Photograph of Front right viewPhotograph of Front viewPhotograph of Front left viewPhotograph of Rear right viewPhotograph of Rear viewPhotograph of Rear left viewPhotograph of Right side viewPhotograph of Left side viewPhotograph of Front left wheel detailPhotograph of Rear left wheel detailPhotograph of Rear right wheel detailPhotograph of Front right wheel detailPhotograph of Engine from rear rightPhotograph of Engine from rightPhotograph of Engine from rearPhotograph of Engine from rear detailPhotograph of Engine from rear leftPhotograph of Engine from rear left detailPhotograph of Driver's door panelPhotograph of Interior from leftPhotograph of Driver's seatPhotograph of Interior overall from leftPhotograph of Speedometer & odometerPhotograph of Interior overall from rightPhotograph of Passenger's seatPhotograph of Passenger's door panelPhotograph of Jack kit in front compartmentPhotograph of Spare tire in front compartmentPhotograph of Manufacturer's platePhotograph of VIN stamping on steering columnPhotograph of VIN stamping on chassisPhotograph of Assembly number platePhotograph of PaperworkPhotograph of Service records
Engine out service
Photograph of Engine block during engine–out service